8 reasons why you will NOT achieve your New Year’s goals

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October 9, 2017
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February 8, 2018

8 reasons why you will NOT achieve your New Year’s goals

New year,new goals huh? Nope stop lying to yourself.

When the New Year comes around, you swear to yourselves and others that you going to change. You have 20 goals you would like to achieve in the next 12 months. This year you will go as hard as a 57 song Chris Brown album baby!

But then after the first 30 days life kicks in. The fire fades and you find yourselves caught up in the motions again losing steam. What happen? You were lying to yourself, that’s what happened.

8 Reasons Why You Won’t Achieve Your Goals This Year

1. You don’t enough stamina or energy

It takes consistency to achieve a goal. With consistency you will need stamina both mental and physical. It is not a sprint but a marathon. There is nothing exciting nor glamorus about the process of archiving goals so having high energy will be something needed to get things done. There are plenty of plant based blogs, fitness blogs, or just general healthy eating blogs out there as well as books. If you are not eating and drinking properly, taking the right supplements, getting quality sleep, and exercising you will not finish this race.

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 2. You want the result but not the process

It takes time to build a sustainable business. It takes time to transform your body. It takes time to achieve any goal you desire. Don’t get caught up in “Make 6 Figures in 60 days” or “Build a Butt in 30 days” programs. Stop allowing folks to sell you a dream. (They are the ones truly living their resolutions by cashing in on your need for instant gratification.) This digital age is creating an illusion of NOW results. Sorry to burst your bubble but the process of change, will never change (pun intended) no matter what age we are in. There will NEVER be a substitute for good old fashion work ethic. To achieve any worth while goal you have to pay the price.

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3. You refuse to fight your demons

The biggest fight you will face when trying to change is the inner battle that goes on inside of your head.  I have struggled with chronic depression and mild anxiety since 5 years old. But I don’t allow that issue to stop me anymore.  For instance, I conquer those demons by making sure my nutrition is on point,  reciting  poetic affirmations, and taking action toward my purpose even when I don’t “feel like it”. Your demons might be abandonment, sexual abuse, heartbreak, over eating, etc take your pick. We all have shit we battle on a daily basis. The difference is successful folks don’t allow those issues to rule them.

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4. You won’t take uncomfortable action

Do you really want to do what it takes to change? Most of us have been program to be comfortable. And being comfortable means failure. You can’t grow in known, over used soil. As I mentioned above, I am all for affirmations especially in the form of music and poetry. But affirmations alone won’t do much if they are not acted on. Your self talk  is suppose to pump you up and motivate you to get out there and act! Yes you actually have to send that email pitch. Yes you have to make that phone call to that potential client. Yes you actually have to invest in the equipment and/or service you need to start your business. Yes you actually have to get up early and go to the gym. Stop procrastinating the hard stuff! You have to take ACTION and do the uncomfortable thing if you want a new reality.

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5. You lack focus

You want to accomplish losing weight, starting a business, starting a blog, making six figures, get out of debt, find the love of your life, and travel to 3 countries all in 12 months? Get real. Seriously. This goes back to point one about wanting results but not wanting the process that comes with it. Shit takes times. You have to be monogamous to one goal first before you move on to the next (for all you pro poly folks out there). Focusing your energy on ONE target will get you ahead faster than spreading yourself thin among many. Usually that one goal allows all other areas to fall into place naturally and gives you the resources needed to delegate tasks to others to assist you in helping you grow your other goals. Having too much on your plate is a form of procrastination. It is also self sabotage as you are setting yourself up for failure before you even begin.

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6. You are holding on to expired relationships

I remember I went to the movies with friends I hadn’t seen in years. I was excited to catch up and see what everyone was up to. And even more excited to take a break from the grind and relax a bit. And while the movie was great, the conversation afterwards wasn’t. I found myself silent while my “friends” talked about the latest celebrity gossip.  I immediately realized I had out grown them. Ten years ago I would have been all in that conversation but for the last year all I can think about is the direction I am going in.  They weren’t toxic not because they were negative; they were toxic because they were still stuck in the same high school like mindset. Some relationships come with expiration dates. If you keep consuming food past it’s sell by date you will spoil any chances you have of having a successful year.

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7. You have no purpose for your resolution

What is a resolution?



  1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.

  2. the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter

What are you resolving? Do you even know the reason why you want to change? To have a resolution means to solve something that is not working for you. Are you even aware of what didn’t work for you last year or are you winging it? When you have no purpose as to why you want to accomplish a goal, you will have no sense of urgency. Without a sense of urgency there will be  nothing to keep you going when obstacles come your way.

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8. You think you know it already

People write books, do webinars, Facebook lives, live workshops, online courses, and blogs all giving you information to help assist you in your goals. You have to pay for that either with your time, cash, or both in order to know what they know.  Yea I know, everyone knows it all; blah, blah, blah.  This “I don’t have to be humble” mantra is bullshit. Yes be confident in yourself and your abilities. And no NEVER become humble in order to downplay your skill and make others who aren’t doing shit feel comfortable. But sometimes you do have to humble yourself if someone is 10 steps above you. It’s funny because it is now becoming a trend to be basic as hell and not do anything but still think you don’t need to be humble. This is why I believe in secret societies because once a majority of people get a hold of a concept, it becomes misunderstood and comes with a false sense of entitlement. But I digress. The point of this is to be open and willing to sit at someone’s feet how knows more than you because they can actually save you a few steps along the way. The best display of confidence is when someone knows what areas they are lacking in because they have no need to prove anything to the world. In the words of the beautiful Lisa Nichols “I had to kill my Ego. I had to kill my ‘She-Ego’ everyday and sit at the fit of someone and ask them OK what do you know?”

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The Game: Be Offended or Change Direction

It’s my hope that you found this article rather insulting I hope that it pissed you off. Anger is passion and passion is movement. Maybe it will be a “New Year, New You” after all; prove it to me. Even better, prove it to yourself.

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