Friday, May 26, 2017
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Are You Great Or Are You Nothing But A Worker Bee?


I used to think that everyone had it in them to be special but I was wrong.

I used to think that we all had the potential to be great, again I was wrong.

Maybe I was projecting how I think and feel about myself on to other people. Maybe I was being overly optimistic, living in a reality I created for myself.

I really believed that every single human being had the ability to unlock powerful energy that was locked away inside of them. I thought there was higher levels of awareness that we all could reach, but that was a lie.

Fact is the majority of people in the world are just average or below and that’s the harsh truth.

7d767c947ee598336b6864dda9d3e525It’s only a couple of great ones that are born every generation, and those great ones are so great, that they make the impossible look easy. They make it seem like everyone is capable of pushing the envelope, but everyone isn’t capable of that. People are only capable of being great on their level.

Some people are great at being below average, others are great at not trying at all, so I guess people do have greatness in them after-all, but it’s restricted to their awareness.


For this system to work, the majority of people must not have the skills to get themselves into a position of power. People must be conditioned to be content, conditioned to be just ok, conditioned to play it safe.

Without average people, a person with a vision could never get anything done because average people are obedient. Average people think average thoughts, have average relationships, take average vacations, and have average results. There is a ceiling in terms of their creativity, so it’s only so-far that their thoughts can go. They need to be told what to do.

The reason they are average is because of fear. They are programmed to always run towards safety.

Being lazy is a form of safety, so is procrastination. If you don’t dream big, you won’t fail big. It’s the thought of failure that makes people average.b26aec65b21fe52d3970d151338cf944

It’s a sad reality, but everyone won’t be progressively great, but in hindsight, if everyone was great, being great wouldn’t be unique. If everyone was great, being great wouldn’t have any value to it, it would have the same energy as being average. I guess the universe has a funny sense of humor, because people who are great, need other people to have less confidence, less intelligence, and less drive, for the status of what we consider great, to mean something.


When you visit a place like New York City you’ll see an amazing sky line, phenomenal architecture subways, and endless infrastructure. Great minds designed New York, but worker bees built it.

Worker bees built the Roman Coliseum they also built the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Fact is, great minds, need worker bees to manifest their vision. Without worker bees, great minds wouldn’t have the space to evolve, because they would be forced to be the worker bee.

We cannot all be great or nothing would ever get accomplished. Everyone can’t be a boss, everyone can’t be GOD, everyone can’t be an amazing or intelligent person, there must be a balance.

We only need a few intelligent people, a few GODS, a few bosses, an a few people with an amazing charismatic personality.


I don’t think people are born great, I think that’s a decision that was made when a person came to a particular cross-road. I also think being average, and below average, is also a decision that was made when a person found themselves at particular cross roads.

It’s up to you to decide who the hell you are. It’s up to you to become totally self-aware, accepting the responsibility to travel inward to see if you have the burning desire for something more.

I’m contradicting myself a little bit because I said in the beginning that I felt, not all people are born with greatness in them. I still believe that, but I also believe that a person that wasn’t born with greatness in them, can gain more awareness, and decide to become great.

I guess I’m on the fence about this.

Anyway, Are you a great person or an average person? Only you know that, and you better choose wisely, because history will only remember one of them.






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