Be Married To Yourself

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April 9, 2015
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April 17, 2015

Be Married To Yourself

From the moment we are born, everything and everybody is trying to get our attention. If it’s not teachers, then it’s our mothers and fathers, if it’s not them then its society, our peers, our jobs, everything!  I think the main reason people can’t live forever, is because of exhaustion, we basically die from being tired.

Paying attention requires us to push our energy outward, then we come to find out the things we pay attention to, usually results in a  one-sided relationship, with no return on investment. It’s very interesting that no one really teaches us how to pay attention to ourselves, there really isn’t a manual when it comes to self-reciprocity.





So I want to talk about how we can marry ourselves, being faithfully committed to ourselves first, before we commit to anything else.








This is “MY” personal belief, this is a thought that I’m committed to, there is no deity outside of us. Things we are looking for is already pre-coded inside of our being. I think the reason we die so early is because our spirit is exhausted, we don’t water it, we leave it unattended, because we were taught that everything we are looking for is somewhere else, we look up in the clouds, instead of in the mirror.

From my observation, all life comes out of something, plants come out of the ground, babies come out of a mother, all forms of life start inside, and then it comes out, so why wouldn’t our development process as people do the same thing? It only makes sense, that everything we are looking for is inward.

The highest form of communication is MARRIAGE, because it binds things together so it becomes one, instead of being separate parts. This world teaches us dogma, we cling to the opinions of man, when this happens we become separate from our real nature, we begin to think that things that are foreign to us can save us. We look for things outside of us thinking that somehow something outside of us can reattach us back to our original essence, but I believe this is a huge mistake.

When we are born, we are born perfect, without blemish, the moment we become imperfect is when we become other things, but when you are being your true self there is no sin. You don’t  owe any one an apology when you’re being authentically you; you are not responsible for the feelings of others when it comes to you being naturally YOU.

You are religion, the only traditions and rituals that you should acknowledge, are the ones that you create. You are not a slave to the times, when you’re married to yourself. Understand that only time that exist, is your own internal clock, your schedule is written in your DNA, all we have to do is listen to it, when it talks to us.

You are all things, every person that ever existed on this planet, is an ancestor of yours, you can tap into their experiences, whenever you need answers for something, the only way to accomplish that is to go inward. When you go inward, all things are one. There is no space or time, there is no boundaries on your creativity, you have unlimited access.

You are all things, you have a relationship with every living organism on this planet, you’re not separate from anything. When your married to yourself, you’ll never take the actions of others personally, everyone must own their individual path.

You are all things, you’re love, you’re hate, you’re a genius, and confused simultaneously. You’re not a body with a spirit, you’re a spirit with a body, so don’t ever buy into what these people are selling you. Your birth place is the stars, you’re immortal, you don’t have a beginning or an end, and you’re the mystery writing your own history.

You’re the kingdom of heaven. What have you ever received in return when you gave attention to things that aren’t related to your essence? No institution can exist, if you paid no attention to it, there is no other GODs if you don’t believe in them. Things need our attention to be relevant,  what if you poured that same energy into something more tangible, YOU.

When you marry yourself, it’s not being selfish; it’s actually being selfless, because the deeper you go into your own being, you’ll realize that the only purpose we have is to share. When you nurture yourself, you’ll end up nurturing others.

Be honest with who you are, that takes bravery! Don’t be afraid of being misunderstood, fear normalcy. Fear not growing, fear not asking why, fear living in the image and likeness of other people. Fear slavery, a slave needs an emancipator, when a person is free; they look in the mirror for their liberation.

This world doesn’t belong to you, so don’t exhaust yourself trying to have ownership over the lives of others. Your only responsible for your own legend, yes it’s true that one person can change the world, but that only works when you are the CHANGE.  Your creativity can be a blueprint for others, but your mission is to reach your highest capacity, not to run around saving people. People have to develop the will to save themselves, committing to be a savior of others, is vexation of spirit.

In reality though this message isn’t for everyone, I understand that the matrix needs a certain amount of people to be dead for it to function, so I’m only speaking to the living, I’m only talking to those that know without knowing, hear without out hearing, and see without using physical eyes.

Eat, pray, and love. Eat well so your body knows that you love it. Pray not with words, but with behavior, and love on the spot, don’t hold anything back, love is not something linear, it has no rules, be the wizard, be all things, be GOD, “BE”









Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
I said what I said....


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