Becky Is Better In Bed

Dream Big Or Die Small
December 5, 2016
Every Woman Needs At Least One Good Trick
December 7, 2016

Becky Is Better In Bed

I was having a conversation with another sista who was downing interracial relationships. Although I am supportive of BLACK love, unity and sustaining the black family I disagreed with her. Honestly, I didn’t give a fuck Tyrone was banging Becky. It was obvious that black women have this sense of ownership when it comes to the BIG BLACK DICK.

Really, just cause we have the same skin tone Becky can’t share in it? Yeah, I know all about how Black men died behind white women and got lynched, beat and incarcerated but, that shit is still happening RIGHT NOW in the hood from ratchet ass baby mamas. There are so many unnecessary deaths behind these bitter hoes, side bitches and angry hateful black women. Now back to the topic. Where was I? Oh yeah, the Big Black Dick.

Did it ever occur to you that BECKY worships the dick a little more than the sistas do? Think about all the shit sexually Becky is willing to do that is considered taboo in the black community. How we’ve been trained up in church that missionary style is considered classy. Boring! How often are we getting on our knees cupping his balls and sucking dick like pros? How often are we gagging on his dick to the point our gag reflexes feel like its gonna jump out of our throat?

Do you even make eye contact when you’re sucking it? Probably not, cause we are too busy trying to look cute and make a point that we ain’t no hoe, unwilling to separate having slutty sex from selling pussy. Two different things. How often do we volunteer to suck our man dick without it seeming like a chore? I guarantee we coined the name BLOW JOB cause it felt like work and not sex.

Becky doesn’t give a fuck, Becky will suck the soul out of a nigga dick, Becky won’t run from a lil pre cum or even complain about coming in her mouth. BECKY ACTUALLY want’s him to! Not Kiesha tho, god forbid he nuts in her face. A moment that was supposed to make him feel like a king has now become a domestic violence situation. Let’s face it, Becky is willing to worship the BLACK DICK in ways us BLACK WOMEN won’t.

She embraces anal and the way he dominates her. Keisha gotta think a nigga gay if he want’s to fuck her in the ass. So now what does she do? She challenges his manhood because her dumb ass has been conditioned to think that’s WHITE GIRL or PRISON shit. Becky will let you grab her by the throat and pull her hair, Keisha worried about her 200.00 install of the latest indian Remi being pulled out.

Becky will fuck you in the hot tub, shower or rain. Keisha don’t wanna get her hair wet. Let’s face it, these white girls winning and the BIG BLACK DICK will always find them because overall they’re just a better fuck. They go Star Trek on a nigga dick and take him to places he’s never been without the judgement or the criticisms. The black dick gets to explore, be free and treated like royalty.

They get to do every thing that Keisha made him feel bad about doing. Becky will watch a porn with her man trying new moves and learning techniques. Keisha will sit back hating and offering commentary about the girl saying “that’s nasty”, “what a hoe” and “she ain’t that cute” comments.  You see, Becky will forever take your man because Becky is just better sexually in everything she does. No restrictions, no taboos, no judgements. We could all take notes from Becky, because Becky is just better in bed.




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Mrs. Five-Five
Mrs. Five-Five
Peace I’m Mrs Five -Five also Known as Brooklyn the Creator of Bang em Like Becky and a Professional Adult Lifestyle Concierge. I run my Adult business LV Greyhouse from no other than sexy ass SIN CITY. Where naughty behavior is highly rewarded. So, if you got a fantasy, question or idea hit my G.MAIL. don't be shy I'd love to hear it. I like to consider myself a Certified people watcher. I love to observe human behavior especially when it’s involving Eroticism. I often question what makes us tick and why we do the things we do. No two people are the same and if they tell you we are, that’s bullshit! I’ve been happily married for over 16 years never divorced and keeping things spicy in the bedroom means keeping your man happy. People usually come to me for answers about sex, exploring the human psyche or relationship advice. I’m no cookie cutter blogger and I base my views on real world scenarios. I have over 16 years Adult experience from filming, photography, social scenes and lifestyle. I look forward to opening your minds to my flavor of life no matter how taboo. I even look forward to your messages, feedback and questions. Maybe you’ll learn something new about yourself in the process. So come talk to Mrs Five- Five cause i’m listening.


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