Blacc Chyna Doesn’t Know How To Hoe

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May 13, 2017
August 21, 2017

Blacc Chyna Doesn’t Know How To Hoe




Hoes make the world go-round, always have always will! Hoeing is the highest level of hustling a female can do because it deals with finesse, but it’s an art to it, and unless a female studies the art of hoeing, she won’t be anything but a renegade hoe. Blacc Chyna is  a messy hoe, a rebellious hoe, a hip-hop hoe, but most importantly she is a game goofy hoe. Only people brought up in hip-hop culture give her an A+ with her hoeing, but when it comes to the game, and the people who really know the game and live it, smh…..THIS BOBBLE HEAD BITCH GETS AN F-.




I love hip-hop, but I’m not in-denial about the culture’s code and customs. Fact is, there are no codes and customs, it’s anything goes, no rules, no accountability, and the only time the hip-hop community stands in solidarity together on a consistent basis, is when it comes NIGGERISM.

NIGGERISM, is a concept that represents doing everything backwards. It’s an actual science! It’s a specific behavioral trait, that takes many years to master. To master NIGGERISM completely, without cutting any corners, the initiates, must commit to ruining their lives as fast as they can.

If the initiate practices any self-restraint, any responsibility, or any discipline, he/she will get their NIGGERISTIC privileges revoked.

Blacc Chyna is a hip-hop honey! She moves and talks like a chick that fucks nothing but rappers! She doesn’t appear sharp at all, but it doesn’t seem like that because she has one million girls that want to be just like her. It’s the blind leading the blind, but when the leader has over 13 million Instagram followers, it’s hard to convince someone, she isn’t winning.

She is winning though, but at what? She is wining in the fame department, no doubt  about that, she makes headlines, but making headlines, isn’t smart hoeing, making headlines devalues hoe dollars.

Hoeing is something that should be done clandestine, it doesn’t belong in the mainstream. This is why I call her a hip-hop hoe, because she operates with no rules, just like the culture of hip-hop does. She is completely game goofy, here’s why……

  • HOES ARE SUPPOSED TO KEEP A LOW PROFILE- Good hoes move in silence. The only way you would know she’s a hoe, is if your part of her clientele list. Good hoe’s often have clientele list of very important men, that pay handsomely for discretion. Some of these men are business men, others are high-profile athletes, and others are politicians, but the thing these men have in common with each other is, they’re typically married men with a lot to lose! These men, have a lot at stake, so good hoes must protect their clientele, because if they’re protected she can always look forward to them being an income stream. Loyalty is something that people pay top dollar for.


Black Chyna should be thinking long-term, not short-term. If her pussy is something that she is interested in using for the rest of her life to leverage, she must restructure her hoeing. Potential clients don’t want to invest in a hoe that doesn’t keep a low profile! She seems like a liability, and anyone that has big shit popping, will keep their distance from her. Does she want fame or career? Seems like she wants fame, if so the bitch needs to be an actress, because good hoes stay behind the scenes.

  • NEVER FUCK UP A CASH COW–  ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTETNION…… For some reason people think attention is food! People assume attention is something that can be deposited in a bank, well it can’t! Everyone is looking for a sponsor, whether they know it or not, and when you find one, it’s important to hold on to them for dear life. When you find someone who has access to capital, the relationship ends when the money ends, period! In this case Rob Kardashian has access to capital that won’t run out anytime soon, unless it’s a global economic collapse. She chose attention over career.


Tricks never like to be treated like tricks, they will hate a hoe for that. A good hoe makes a trick feel like he’s ZAAAADDDDDYYYYYY. That type of ego boost keeps the money flowing. She isn’t about her money because if she was, she would always be in control of Rob’s mind. A trick wants to be controlled! A trick wants to be a slave, but again… trick ever wants to feel like their tricking! Black Chyna, is playing a game, she isn’t really trained in. It seems like she got there by accident, and not strategy. If this is true, then Black Chyna is nothing but a renegade hoe. She is a female hoeing because she doesn’t have anything better to do with her life, but she isn’t good at it. A hoe is a business woman first! A true business woman would never fuck up millions of dollars.

  • FUCK YOU CASH– This game is about fuck you cash, period! It’s the type of cash that allows a person never to kiss ass! It’s the type of cash that enables someone never to bite their tongue! Fuck you cash allows people to be totally in control of their own destiny! Fuck you cash never runs out, it’s real cushion


The Kardashian family has a  net worth of almost 500,000,000.00!  That’s five hundred million people, five hundred million! If you really think about it, she only got pennies on the dollar! She got nigga pennies from this family! It was a whole lot more where that came from, and she failed to secure the most important thing……….FUCK YOU CASH………     Blacc Chyna is a hip-hop hoe with expensive taste so whatever money she does have, can be gone in a year because her overhead is extremely high. She played her hand wrong, all wrong, like most renegade hoes do. She failed to see the big picture.




Do you really think Blacc Chyna can beat Kris Jenner? I mean seriously, this isn’t about Rob! Rob is an idiot but his mother is a cold bitch! Waters run deep with her in L.A

Do you really think Blacc Chyna can win a custody battle in L.A, for her baby?  Please! that’s Kris baby! Even if Kris didn’t want her grandchild she would battle Blacc Chyna just because of her competitive nature. Mothers are extremely protective of their son’s, and I never seen Kris take an L!  If Rob has full custody of the baby, how the hell is this a win for Blacc Chyna?  That means she doesn’t have the baby, and she burnt an important bridge in LA. The quickest way to break a rich person’s pocket is lawyer fees and the IRS.  I doubt Blacc Chyna has deep pockets for a custody battle…




The problem with the current landscape of young America is, people are missing game! Even the older people are missing game! Everyone wants attention for the wrong reasons. It’s about capital, and anything that becomes a liability towards the main agenda, must go!

In reality though, we all don’t have the same agenda, some people are here by accident, and I believe Blacc Chyna is one of them. She has no clue what’she is doing. In fact, she seems like a chick that has mental illness, but the pussy is good, so she gets by. She isn’t a business woman, and she offers no true value, but the people who follow her, don’t see it like that because they themselves aint about shit, because if they were, she wouldn’t be on anyone’s vision board.




The purpose of hoeing is to get money! Not just get money, retire from the game!  Every female isn’t going to go to Harvard, every female isn’t going to be a house wife, nah that fairy tale shit only exists in the movies. Fact is, a lot of bitches are from the bottom, and the only way they can navigate out of their situation is slinging pussy, and that’s totally fine, but it’s rules to this shit. Every time someone breaks the rules, it undermines the game, and makes it hard for people that really live it, so here is a couple of hoe rules, that should never be broken.

  1. Never reveal who your clientele is
  2. If you’re not going to have a pimp, at least have a male advisor( men know men, better than women do, and vice-versa)
  3. Never fuck up a cash cow
  4. Remain mysterious
  5. Never let a trick knock you up
  6. Take your earnings and build your future
  7. Set yourself up, to have younger hoes under you. Never hoe for more than 10 years
  8. You don’t sell pussy, you sell an experience
  9. Good hoes are educated
  10. Break a trick until everything is gone
  11. Have a friend to hoe with



Everything in life we do has to have standards! You can’t just wing it on auto pilot, it’s a science to everything. Blacc Chyna isn’t the chick to follow. Shit, J-Lo has a great hoe career, so did Josephine Baker. They used their pussy, mixed in with slight talent, and the game worked for them. It’s much better if you’re a hoe with talent, that way your talent can be a front for something more sinister! Lead with your talent, and bring everything full circle with your hoeing.



Tricks like Rob Kardashian don’t come around  often, but if you find a man that dumb, and you fuck it up, you’re fucking retarded.






Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
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