Black Emotions

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July 23, 2018
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September 21, 2019

Black Emotions

Who do I blame for black people being so emotional? Is it the fault of single black mothers? Is it the fault of trash black fathers? Or is the fault of the black church? Who the hell is going to be accountable and take this major L? I need to point my finger at someone! I can always point the finger at the white man of course, but that target is too easy. Whatever I throw in the white man’s direction will stick, because black Americans aren’t ready to be accountable for their mentality, so I’m going to let the white man off the hook, just for a today. On second thought maybe not, I’ll figure out how to clap at cracka’s somewhere in this article, just so I don’t get called a coon, by some black niggaz with strange Egyptian names. WHO’S AT FAULT FOR BLACK PEOPLE BEING SO EMOTIONAL? Someone got to hold this stadium size L…..

The United States of America is strictly business! Everything revolves around money. The black experience in America is a financial experience, believe it or not. Black Americans were on the wrong side of history in America, in terms of the economic health. The abuse, the lynching, the marginalization, humiliation, and second-class citizenship is because of the lack of finances. During slavery blacks were the money. After the Emancipation Proclamation, white men did everything in their power to cripple black people from getting paper. They put fear into black people, and black people had no way to channel that fear at the time, outside of negro spirituals. Blacks and their descendants always looked at their treatment from whites, as a moral issue, but it’s not. Maybe on an individual basis, it’s a moral issue, but when it comes to the collective, it’s a business issue. Some way, some how black people have been tricked into thinking their feelings matter! Everything is about feelings, EVERYTHING! It’s interesting because black people couldn’t use their feelings anywhere in nature and get results. In nature feelings, will get you eaten quickly! If you feel like a snake shouldn’t bite you, or a lion shouldn’t hunt you, then you’re absolutely-positively-batshit crazy. Nature has rules, but so does our world, ours is just a concrete jungle, but nothing is different. There’s predator and then there’s prey. Globally black people are the prey, but why?



The black church has failed black people, period! It has kept them extremely comfortable. I give the black church credit during the civil rights struggle for doing its part making sure black Americans were politically active, but the political agenda for black people have came and went. It’s not about a redistribution of wealth, or working together to pull resources, now it’s about prosperity messages, that have more to with people having haters than actual real movement. Black churches have adopted concepts from the documentary the “THE SECRET” and made that the center of their teachings. “THOUGHTS ARE THINGS” they are, but if that’s the case there would be more logic and reason in their sermons. If thoughts where things like many of them claim, why do church members dance wildly and cry crocodile tears when their favorite song comes on? People speak in tongues in church but never speak up for themselves in society! This is pure madness, nothing less than emotional sorcery. The black church is a place to emotionally purge, but I believe this is where the program begins. Black American Christianity isn’t a belief system built on intelligence. It’s built on feelings and it starts early on. Children see older members express themselves emotionally, crying …..kicking…screaming…..snotting…..and then they mimic the behavior. Black people apply the same emotional approach to everything. Crying, kicking, screaming, and snotting when it comes to business and politics. Niggaz want to cry their way into power, and snot their oppression away, hoping one day other groups of people will have a change of heart. The church is under developing black people, and I don’t see that changing any time soon, because let’s be honest…….


I’m not mad at that though. I’m not a hater at all! If the pastor can keep making money off niggaz, year after year, generation after generation, shit….IT IS WHAT IT IS, but no-one should be surprised when black people keep coming up short! The black church controls black America’s emotional intelligence.



African American’s aren’t natural people……” OUCH”

                                                                          *I SAID WHAT I SAID* 

Africans Americans are an idea created in the minds of Europeans. Africans Americans don’t have a culture outside of white culture. Black people get married the same way whites do. Black people eat, pray, and have the same overall concerns as white people. Black people have a western education just like white people and acknowledge the same holidays as white people. There is really know difference between black America and white America, in terms of ideology, wants, needs and concerns. The black man is really a white man, and the black woman is running behind the black man, protecting the black man from self-destruction. Black people are white people except when it comes to money. When it comes to money, white people are in their dealings, and black people are in their feelings. Black people inherit fear, white people inherit confidence. Black people subscribe to multiculturalism at the expense of their own group, but white people only subscribe to that idea when it come to turning different cultures into customers.

Black people are desperately trying to be recognized as humans by whites, but white people could care less about black people’s overall humanity! White people are more concerned with artificial intelligence governing over it’s negro creation, while they travel to mars in search of alien life to have an orgy with, hoping to produce a new species. 

African-Americans only exist on paper. It’s a harsh reality when you think about it actually! Black People are nothing more than whatever current legislation is passed. Black people are never in control of their design, so being hyper emotional is hard-wired into African-American reality. Black people in America cannot see the world through a different lens, except emotions. It’s social engineering at play! Black Americans have a predictable behavior and response to all situations that affect their lives, because it’s designed that way.



The reason I believe black Americans are so emotional is because of their relationship to reading. Being denied the ability to read for many generations has underdeveloped black people to critically think. Black people are very prone to impulsive behavior, and I believe that’s because of their lack of logic. Also, black people function in extreme group think, so it’s very hard for black people to form opinions, idea’s, and individual core values independently. All the feelings black people have  are collective. The dominate idea black people subscribe to is niggerism.  Black people in America don’t have to know each other, but nigger behavior is the behavior the collective identifies with. The dominant book in black society is the bible, but the average black American doesn’t read it, and if they do read it, the don’t comprehend what their reading.



Cry me a river motha-fucking, cry me a river…….

Black people have a retarded moral compass. Millions of black people are under the “good person” illusion! They have an illusion that if they’re good people, then maybe life will open up more. They think good behavior will some how some way, bridge the economic gap between whites and blacks. Maybe the police will stop killing niggaz, if niggaz start carrying themselves better! Black people think maybe if they pray harder the lord will get the monkey of their back. Black people think about making all types of change except the most important change that can be made…….” EMOTIONAL CHANGE”.  The problem black folks have is their feelings. Their feelings about life, is what’s killing them. If they knew that their Dealings, would solve their problems, I highly doubt they would continuously make the emotional moves that keep undermining their self-interest.

If black people were in their dealings, maybe they wouldn’t vote for democrats just because. Maybe black people would educate themselves on the three branches of government and how they work. If black people were in their dealings instead of their feelings maybe wouldn’t pray to a GOD that keeps leaving them hanging, decade after decade. Maybe black people wouldn’t march, or vent on social media about life being unfair. Maybe black people wouldn’t cry so much about the system being rigged. NEWS FLASH….you’re suppose to rig the system, so you and your kind can win….DUH…

This game is about money, power, position, politics and bloodline. It’s not about feelings. The universe is mental, not emotional! Black Americans whole idea of karma is backwards.

The more aggressive you are, the more nature supports you. The more you dominate others the more nature supports you. The richer you get; the more nature protects you! Sorry but victims don’t write history! Victims never get to tell their story! Honestly no one cares about victims either. Platforms will use the story of victims for ratings, but at the end of the day, no one cares about anyone playing defense. The crowd wants to see touch downs, home runs, dunks and three pointers. Sadly, all black people do is play defense and until black Americans get serious about real fucking agenda’s, like MONEY nothing will never change.













Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
I said what I said....


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