Black Men Are The Number 1 Threat To Black Women

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May 25, 2016
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June 1, 2016

Black Men Are The Number 1 Threat To Black Women

Brute honesty hurts, it doesn’t feel good at all, but the truth most be told, regardless of the back lash, regardless of who’s feelings get hurt, it doesn’t matter, cause the truth must be told.

The truth is Black Men are the number one threat to Black Women, plain and simple. The black man has been conditioned to destroy everything in his path. Is it all black men? Of course not, but most black men. Well how many is most? W.E.B Dubious once talked about the talented tenth, being the group of elite black people who will thrust the culture forward. This elite group makes up only 10 % of the population of black America. According to BLACK DEMOGRAPHIC.COM, as of 2013 it’s 21.5 million black men in America, so 10 % of that would 2,150,000 million black men that are part of the 10 % so that leaves 19 million black men that are nothing short of terrorist.




I will differ in DuBois’s assertion though, because I don’t think the talented tenth, just consist of professionals, academics, business moguls, artist, and industrialist. I think there are some black men that are amazing fathers that just go to work every day. They may not be part of the solution per say but they aren’t adding to the problem either. The fact, that they are taking care of their children, is commendable, and for that they should be included inside of the talented tenth. I wanted to make that clear, so I don’t sound elitist when it comes to the 10 % that Dubious was referring too.

Now with that said, the majority of black men are nothing less than terrorist! Yes, terrorist, trained to hunt down innocence and snatch it out of every body that it lives in. The black man is a maniac, a destroyer, a heartless robot that has no empathy for the environment, himself or for human beings that look like him, but his number one victim is the black woman. I can’t remember a time when I seen black men stand up for black women, black women are pretty much left to fend for themselves. If black women treated black men this way, it wouldn’t be a problem, but black women usually want to help a black man fight a battle, and often times fight the battle for him.





The black man actually has the mind of a white man, so when we are looking at the condition of the black man, we must look at it critically and un-emotionally. The black man has been program to behave with the characteristics of a cave man, savage, un-civilized, toxic, and is utterly useless unless it consists of making babies, but he didn’t get like that on his own though, he was wired that way.
Talking about slavery is seriously played out unless we are talking about it from a psychological stand point. It wasn’t just about free labor, no! It wasn’t just about capitalism, no! It wasn’t just about the thirteen colonies, trying to gain total independence from British rule, no! It’s much deeper than that, it’s actually hyper dimensional.


The purpose of the slave experience was to create a new type of human being, one that was wired, with all the negative traits of the programmer. The black man has the worst parts of the white man. The African-American male is a science experiment and the plantation was the laboratory. The experiment was based on an exchange of consciousness. The white man took the consciousness of the black man, which consisted of astrology, mathematics, chemistry, creation, rites of passage, MAN-HOOD, building, being self-sufficient and an asset to his country and family and replaced it with dysfunction. These concepts were inside every black man, even if he didn’t know how to access it, now the black man has the mentality of an animal, an energy vampire, an abuser, a predator, a snake, a deceiver, a devil, an oppressor. Everything that existed inside the white male subconscious, now exist inside of the black man, and it’s the black woman who suffers.




Let’s be honest for a second!  Mothers are afraid to let their children play outside because the environment is violent, but it’s black males involved with the violence. Black males are shooting up the playgrounds where the kids are playing. Bullets are flying through windows, bouncing off brick walls hitting innocent people, and the shooter is always a black male.

Who is raping black women? Who is molesting black children? Who is killing the culture? Who is a threat to the advancement of black people as a whole? It’s the black male, and at this point we can’t use the white man as a scapegoat considering that we’ve had master teachers to come and wake us up.

Each generation has produced remarkable people who came on behalf of the black man to help him gain awareness. Amazing men and women have come to help the black man not be parasitic, not be a liability, not be toxic, but nothing has worked. Elijah Muhammad came, Marcus Garvey came, Frances Cress Welsing came, Noble Drew Ali came, and plethora of others came to deliver messages to the black man, but nothing has really made a difference cause the black man is still a terrorist.

The black man’s dysfunction is deeper than anyone can imagine, and maybe that’s why the problems still exist. Maybe no one really knows how deep the rabbit hole goes, and maybe people really don’t want to know.

Maybe people have begun excepting the abusive relationship between black men and the black women. I guess when something seems normal, it begins to seem natural, I guess it’s overwhelming, and that would explain why the black woman is shell-shocked.

The black man is the problem, nothing gets fixed if he doesn’t get fixed. Nothing will ever be right if he is never right. The black man represents death, it’s like a second skin at this point, and everything that comes in contact with him, crumbles. He is unlucky, the white man’s Frankenstein.







Because of the black man’s dysfunction, the black woman has PTSD. She has seen her brothers locked up on a consistent basis, seen her father abuse her mother, had toxic relationships with lovers, and all this has made the black woman put a guard up when it comes to dealing with a black man.

There is no trust there, and it’s sad the black woman rather trusts the white man for companionship, over the black man, and the white man is the reason for the black man’s current psyche.

Hindsight is 20/20 so honestly I can’t blame black women for choosing to mate with white men, I also can’t blame black women, for any controversial narratives they have when it comes to thoughts on a black man. For the most part black women have remained loyal, and the shade for black men happened late in the game, years after black men destroyed black women in music, in the house hold, in the streets, and with hurtful narratives dealing with beauty comparisons with other women.

I don’t know of any song, that has shitted on a white girl, but I know plenty of albums that have drug black women through the mud, so again, I can’t blame any black woman who turns her back on the black male, I totally understand, why fuck with someone who doesn’t fuck with you?




I’m not a fool, I understand the effects of propaganda, and what the system has done to the black man, hell I’m a black man myself, but at some point we have to figure out how to overpower this shit. We have all the available tools to heal ourselves but the healing isn’t happening fast enough.

There have been days that I have woke up with nothing but destruction on my mind, and who or what is the closest thing that I can destroy? THE BLACK WOMAN.    I’ve destroyed enough in my day, and I’ve been a terrorist to myself and others, and in the past I blamed my issues on my mother, and the lack of my father’s participation, but those are all excuses, and they won’t work anymore.

I had to have the courage to fix myself, and realize that I’m toxic. I had to realize that I was an active participate in death culture, I had to realize that I’m spreading cancer to people who love me, and some people don’t get fixed from being broken.

There are some black women that really do hate black men with a passion and at first I didn’t get it, but now I do. They have been through something traumatic with a black man and that has caused them to be completely turned off by the sight, or even the thought of a man with black skin.

Some black women will only date white men, and like I said I totally get it. Is the white man a better catch?  Well depends on who you ask. The system addresses white males differently than it does black males, so it’s possible that white males may come with lesser headaches, but just cause that’s possible doesn’t mean that white males, don’t have their own unique dysfunction, so everything is a case by case study and not an absolute fact.



Is there a solution, well yes and no. I say yes because everyone can be redeemed, but I say no because, most black males aren’t redeemable, they will die the way they are cause that’s the plan right? A lot of these black males come from mother’s that aren’t shit, and that adds to the hard wiring that’s already deep inside of him, and those women mated with a man, that wasn’t qualified to have children, and they produced a black animal.

The solution starts with mating though, broken people shouldn’t have children. We shouldn’t take that risk any longer because we already see what has been done. We can’t gamble any more, we must heal first before have babies. We can’t just wing it.

The black man has been raped and molested, but he must be transparent and heal. The black woman has always been raped and molested, and she must heal as well, but even through her trauma she has managed to still love the black man. The matrix attacks us in different ways, and even though the attack is different, and the results differ, we must never lose sight that it’s still an attack.

The black man is killing his woman, his neighborhood, his family and his self, and if we don’t press the reset button soon, won’t be anything left.



The black man has been hunted in America, and every time the black man hurts, the black woman comes to put Band-Aids on the black man’s wounds, so it’s time for the black man to acknowledge the black woman’s pain and do something about it or not…











Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
I said what I said....


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