Black Men Can’t Love Black Women Because Of Genetic Memory

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October 3, 2016
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November 10, 2016

Black Men Can’t Love Black Women Because Of Genetic Memory

First Off I really like to thank  Jakira Sarvis Bey for pointing me in the right direction. I really don’t know shit about this field, and she made it way easier for me. She helped me turn my observations into a serious topic. Please support her business   ” MOORNATURALYOU”



What I want to do is spark a conversation, that will allow us to gain more clarity about a unique situation. The situation I’m referring to is unique because it’s not something that happened naturally, it was engineered by humans beings, then I believe evolution had to take over so the species could survive. The unique situation that I am talking about it is, THE RELATIONSHIP DYNAMICS BETWEEN BLACK MEN AND BLACK WOMEN.


Be clear, the black American, isn’t an original person, he and she is a laboratory experiment! Everything about black people is in the image of someone else, from the mating habits, to the marital practices, eating, and religious perspectives. Black people in America are white people’s negative manifestations. It seems like everything white people hated about themselves, they put it inside niggaz, so when were looking at the relationship dynamic black women and men, we shouldn’t be surprised at all! How else do we expect teenagers to act?


Black Americans, are the teenagers of the planet, only a few hundred years old, and it’s a truth many people haven’t excepted yet. We are a scientific experiment, that has yet to self identify, still trying to decide if we’re coming or going, and we show that primarily in our relationships. We don’t exactly know what happen to us, or how the programming went, but I’m going to do my best to at least scratch the surface of the topic and hopefully other people who are much smarter than me, can take it further, I’m just an observer.



What is Genetic Memory???







I didn’t go to school for biology and I didn’t earn any degrees in the field of science. In fact, I’m a high school dropout that has a very tough time spelling words. I’m getting better at it, by just taking my time, but honestly when it comes to school, I was a terrible student. Bluntly put, I hated school, it didn’t appeal to my logic or imagination, but whatever I lacked as a student, I made up for it in other ways. I’m an incredible observer and I’m able to process complex things, and organize them in them in my mind. This just happened the other day when I seen the movie “THE BIRTH OF A NATION”.

I noticed that black male slaves had to become emotionally unavailable because at any given time his wife could be violated, or his children taken from him. When this happens, it creates bad memories, and those memories would get passed down through each generation, creating a species of human incapable of feelings. Before I break down the boy’s mind (black man), I need to fully create a template, so you (the reader) can have a more abstract way of looking at black relationships in America.





When you look at societies that were run by dictatorships, or totalitarian forms of government, you’ll notice that the common person is stressed out daily, from threats of war, disease, famine, and the iron fist rule by those in power. The people on the bottom wouldn’t necessarily have time to focus on love. If they did get married, often times it was arranged and based on goods and services. Marriage wasn’t based on how we view it in America, it wasn’t really built on choice, it was based on religious obligation, or something political.


In more ancient cultures, you find mummies, but no love letters, you’ll find swords but no love letters, you’ll even find jewelry, tools, pottery, and religious relics, but no manuscripts focused on love. Why is that important?   Either the majority of the world was illiterate, because there isn’t much data documented about love in the ancient world, or even the science of love, or the way we love now is a phenomena because of the comforts capitalism provides.


Capitalism, gives people the ability to actually get to know each other. A stable economy gives people “TIME” to date. If you’re born and raised in an environment, that has a food shortage, how would you focus on love? If you live in a police state and those police are instructed to execute law and order extremely, so much so, the smallest offense can lead to destruction of your property, imprisonment, or death, how would you be able to focus on the idea of love.


America isn’t perfect by any means, but people have access to capital, and that access gives them a space to be in love, however it hasn’t given black people that same space because black people have been at the bottom of capitalism. White families normally have a space to focus on love, because there is no push back from the environment. They generally experience no threat outside of natural selection, but there typically isn’t a human threat, and there is no genetic memory that would make them think twice about falling in love.


Even if a black person owns a home, goes to college, has a luxury vehicle and can afford high prices diamonds, in hindsight it doesn’t mean much, they are just experiencing the crumbs of capitalism. The Cosby show lifestyle, is a lifestyle the average white American family had already been living, so by the time a black family experienced it, it doesn’t mean much, because America is so abundant, that if a black man own’s a Bentley, it’s still crumbs.




In the 60’s when black children had two parent households, it may seem like those were the glory years, but that is far from the truth. Black men were under pressure constantly trying to find a job that could support his family. Majority of black men had no education, so the only job he could get was a job that was physical. The working conditions sucked, the community was ruined, and the white man still had his foot on these men’s neck.


The black man terrorized his house hold because of this. Often times he was an alcoholic, or a veteran, so liquor and PTSD were a bad combination. Black men were killing their households without being aware of it by being physically abusive plus being bad communicators. Men didn’t talk about their feelings much back then, so their wives were always left in the dark about what’s bothering their men.

The only form of communication the average black American male understood and understands till this day, is physicality, and that’s based on genetic memory. These men were not experiencing the full benefits of capitalism, they were experiencing genetic trauma, unconsciously. Black women were married to men that were emotionally unavailable, and that effected the whole house. They were married by default, Christian default, cause at that time, if a man got a woman pregnant, he usually had to marry her.


Black people were always fighting something! If they weren’t fighting to be recognized as humans than they were fighting unjust killings by the police departments around the country, if they weren’t fighting that then they were fighting for voting rights, if they weren’t fighting that then they were fighting each other trying to intellectualize the proper approach to address this American matrix. These outside fights carried over into the household. Black women had their own genetic memory they were trying to overcome, but of course the black man was unaware of this, hell they both were. Let’s talk about it though



This article presents evidence that shows male DNA can make it to different parts of a female’s body, including her brain, why is that important?  If this semen has a negative intentional program, and it’s moving around in the body of black women, what exactly is it doing? Black women weren’t just raped, they were re-programmed. The DNA from their captors had an intention! Black women were being controlled from the inside of their body. This shock changed her forever! Remember this, because it’s important as we move along.



This article discusses the potential of another man’s sperm to have an effect on children that is not his! Why is this important? As long as the white man’s semen exist inside of the black women, the children will always be a negative production. Black American’s have a history of bad luck, why? Because it’s in their DNA.

What if the program encoded in black people, only attracts death and destruction? No matter where they are, or what they’re doing, they are 5 minutes away from a calamity . This is important, because you can link this to the black man and women’s relationship dynamic.






When you watch movies based on American slavery it gives you the imagery needed to see how the experience completely ruined black men collectively. Black men’s wives and daughters were the property of another man, and legally the black male slave had no say so on the matter. Think about this for a second. How could a black man get close to a black woman, knowing that at any time she can be taken from him? He would always have to love a woman from a distance, never completely giving himself to her. In order to survive he had to become emotionally unavailable, it was in his best interest. The pain was an extreme emotional shock, that reconfigured the black man’s genes.

These memories were passed down in the semen of black man. In that semen are no positive memories, so when the child is born, the child will continue to improve on that design. He will be more depressed than his father, and more emotionally unavailable. Love in the black man’s eyes, probably looked like death, because every time he tried to love, love brought him pain. Imagine Pavlov’s dog, and think about that in terms of love.

Outside of something physical, when did the black man have the ability to express himself? He couldn’t have an opinion, he couldn’t read so he didn’t have an imagination, but most importantly, he was denied the ability to go to war for his woman. The ability not to be able to protect is in the black man’s memory, but black women remember that more than he does.

( Listen to the link below, and don’t judge them, but that’s genetic memory)






I’ve heard some black men complain that black women are too masculine, well if they are, how did that happen? Based on their experience in America, wouldn’t they evolve into a masculine species to survive? The same way black men developed emotional unavailability to survive, black women also developed certain levels of masculinity for survival purposes.


For generations black women wouldn’t be protected, so this “independent” mindset many of them have right now, is actually right and exact. They had to rely on themselves, to solve their own problems, because a man either wasn’t there, or if he was there he didn’t have the ability to communicate. Black women had to develop higher levels of intelligence because they got stuck with the children, so if she didn’t figure out something quickly the children would starve. Often times black women are more resourceful than black men and I believe it’s because of their genetic memory. Black women couldn’t just think for herself, she had to think for other people, black men didn’t, and you see that play out in real-time now.


White women have a sense of entitlement because white men have killed for her, and died for her. Subconsciously black women don’t have that entitlement because historically (at least in America) black men weren’t killing or dying for his wife and daughters. In the movie “BIRTH OF A NATION”  Nat Turners, wife was gang raped, and he wanted vengeance. Even though the event is historically inaccurate, it was important that, that scene was in there because, again, black men aren’t known for avenging black women.


Many black women have seen black men, do things for white women, he wouldn’t typically do for a black woman, and that too is based on genetic memory. White women owned black men, so if she fell, he picked her up. If she sneezed, he said “god bless you”, if she needed a stepping stone, she used his back, and you see that play out in real-time today. If a white girl can dance, black men give her much praise, if she has a nice body, black men give her much praise, if a white girl can do the same exact things as black women, black men will give her praise that’s unnecessary, because black women can do the same damn thing, and often times they do it better. That un-appreciation is wired into black women’s genetic memory, so of course they have attitudes, because the past is the future, everything that exist then exist now.


White girls don’t suck dick better, are not freakier, and are not more open-minded than black women! The problem is black women usually can’t get into a space sexually with a black man, to be hanging from the chandeliers in GO-GO boots, because black couples are usually caught up in the struggle. HOW CAN YOU FOCUS ON LOVE IF YOUR STRUGGLING?? Of course MethAnn (A TERM USED BY A.O ANDERSON) is letting you fuck her throat all day every day. She doesn’t have any genetic memory that would stop her, plus she experiences the benefits of capitalism, even if she is a poor white chick. She has no threat, black women do!




Hollywood does a great job always casting the hero as a white male, that protects white females. They use imagery to give white women value, putting her into a position that says ” SHE’S WORTHY TO BE SAVED”. The same imagery is used to make it seem like the white male is the ultimate liberator, the knight, the leader, or the genius.

Out for justice, starring Steven Seagal was about him avenging his family. His wife was killed and his son was orphaned! He Character, “MASON STEEL” showed bravery and courage avenging his wife’s death. John Wayne westerns usually was about him saving a white woman from the “barbaric natives”.  Superman, would give up his powers in the name of love for Louis Lane. No matter the story line of the movie, some way some how, the white male and female will always be ultra-humanized, while black people star in corny romances, that doesn’t give the black woman value, or paint the black man as the hero.

The black male is never in a position to defend the honor of the black female, and she is never in the position to be worthy of it. All these images have a direct effect on the genetic memory of black people, and if reinforces the genetic hard wiring.


In his 1998 book, The Mind’s Past, Michael Gazzaniga wrote:

“The baby does not learn trigonometry, but knows it; does not learn how to distinguish figure from ground, but knows it; does not need to learn, but knows, that when one object with mass hits another, it will move the object … The vast human cerebral cortex is chock full of specialized systems ready, willing and able to be used for specific tasks. Moreover, the brain is built under tight genetic control … As soon as the brain is built, it starts to express what it knows, what it comes with from the factory. And the brain comes loaded. The number of special devices that are in place and active is staggering. Everything from perceptual phenomena to intuitive physics to social exchange rules comes with the brain. These things are not learned; they are innately structured. Each device solves a different problem … the multitude of devices we have for doing what we do are factory installed; by the time we know about an action, the devices have already performed it.”








We don’t usually delve into the lives of a slave master. We don’t study their background, or the things they studied. Many of the men where into science, and studied consciousness. They knew full well that the behavior of the negro would last for generations based on what was programmed in their genes.

The “WILLIE LYNCH LETTER” in my opinion isn’t anything physical. It’s a genetic hard wiring that plays itself out in the physical, but it lives in the biological make up of black people. Black Americans have a collective memory, that’s associated with debt, depression, loss, anxiety, fear, doubt, worthlessness, and misplaced identity. Black people know more about “things” and “stuff” but nothing about self, and you know this is true based on how they interface with one another.

If scientist, sociologist, economist, priest, military strategist, occultist, biologist, and all the great minds in the world, put their heads together to create a Frankenstein (black people) it’s going to take equal minds to start removing the debt that’s on black people.




In the movie “HOOK” starring Robin Williams, Peter Pan returned to” NEVER NEVER LAND” all grown up. He didn’t have the abilities that he once had because he lost his imagination. He once had the ability to fly, but he could no longer do it, because he lost his memory. Well, his memory wasn’t totally lost, it was just replaced with bad memories. His bad memories weren’t allowing him to access his imagination, so it was effecting his ability to believe in himself. Once he found his happy thoughts, he was able to access PETER PAN.





Black people must create great memories, and have children . Those children will be born with inspiration based on their parent’s experiences. They won’t be afraid to love, they wont be emotionally unavailable, they’ll have value, perspective, and concrete identity.

It’s power in the memory, on an intellectual level, plus cellular, and that’s the best way in my opinion to start to reverse the love gap between black people.






It’s bigger than what we think it is, this is science, but it’s also magic. It’s power in the words, and we can begin to reshape our condition based on our words, because our words have the ability to change our genetics. Black folks just haven’t known the proper words to use, because they have been trained to call on Jesus as their power source. It is power in the name of Jesus, but not the power black people need to bridge the gap. Jesus hasn’t given black people any great memories, when his name was mentioned, it was usually associated with loss. The people need new memories, high frequency affirmations, and an environment where love is at the forefront, and black men will begin to love black women in a way he didn’t know was possible, well I THINK.












Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
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