Black People Will Turn On Cam Newton: Group Think

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January 28, 2016
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March 3, 2016

Black People Will Turn On Cam Newton: Group Think

I love Cam Newton, I loved him in college, but I love winners so of course I love him. I don’t love winners from a fans perspective though, because fan is short for fanatic, I love winners because I understand what it takes to be a winner. It’s very hard, and it is a road that is least traveled.


It is very difficult to push your body and your mind, every day of your life to try to achieve something that few will ever achieve. Often times no one else can see the vision you have, so the motivation that you’re looking for must come from your own will. It’s a lot of pressure that comes with being successful, sure you feel bad if you let other people down, but it hurts more when you fail yourself. When you win, people around you enjoy it more than you do, but when you lose it’s something that you must deal with internally, and no one will be around you, just you and the focus that got you there. It’s going to take everything in your soul, to get up try again, and put the same pressure on your shoulders, just to risk failure one more time. Yes I love winners, because I respect the process.



I look at Cam Newton different from the way most black people look at him; I don’t want to own him. I don’t feel like he belongs to me, he doesn’t owe me shit either. If Cam win’s, then I think that’s an accomplishment for Cam, it has nothing to do with me. If Cam loses, that also has nothing to do with me. If the media hates Cam, and they think he is a thug, or immature, well it’s something that comes with the territory, Cam must figure that out.


I don’t know Cam, so I’m not emotionally invested into his life, his life is his life and my life is mine. I like Cam Newton the football ball player, anything other than football, is not my concern. I don’t care if Cam dates a white woman, because what Cam does with his dick is his business. I don’t care if Cam bleaches his skin, because it’s Cam’s life and he could do whatever the fuck he wants. If Cam decides to trick off his whole NFL salary for a year, on strippers, well once again that’s Cam’s business. I don’t need Cam for my ego, so you’ll never hear me call Cam a sell-out or a coon, or an uncle tom, but black America needs Cam and that’s why they will turn on him.


Cam Newton embraces black culture, and that’s dope. I think it’s very admirable that he isn’t interested in conforming to be like the typical white quarter backs. It would be way more profitable and smarter if he did though, but the fact that he doesn’t is why I respect him, however there is another side to the coin that can back fire on him.


Cam Newton is unapologetically black, and black people love him for that, because at the moment, black people control Cam. Everything will change once Cam doesn’t participate in group think anymore, and then you’ll see the same black people who love him, hate him.



As long as Cam is Christian, everything will be ok, as long as Cam mates with black women everything will be ok, as long as Cam does the latest hip-hop dances, everything will be ok, because black people are controlling his narrative. As soon as Cam decides to make a decision in his life that black people don’t approve of, Cam will no longer be black people’s golden boy.

Black people don’t really love Cam, black people love what Cam does for their ego, but the moment Cam doesn’t aid to black people’s ego anymore, everyone will turn on him. He could win 10 super bowls, but if he isn’t married to a black woman, it won’t matter. Cam could feed 5 million people in Africa, and build infrastructure in the inner city that benefits the community, but if Cam endorses a republican running for president, all those things he does won’t matter. Niggas love him, only because they can control him, and that’s not fair




Getting love from black people feels amazing, but the love isn’t conditional, it’s based on ego. People will stop loving Cam Newton just because they disagree with something that he says or does. It doesn’t even have to be anything illegal, it can be something minor like, having white friends, lol.


Black people have to control what Cam eats, control his friends, control his dick, control his spiritual and political beliefs, and as long as they feel like they have the power, everything is good.




When you are black it’s an un-written law that you must live inside the realms of group think. You’re really not allowed to push the envelope in terms of your own individuality. The love the community has for you will inevitably become a prison that you can’t escape from. Everything becomes a lose-lose scenario.


If you keep appealing to other people’s ego, then you’ll always feel like you have a void in your life. If you don’t appeal to their ego, the love you once relied on may not be there anymore. Even though you’ll quench your own creative thirst, it will come at the expense of “letting the people down” There really isn’t any win, because our doom and glory run parallel.


The only way that you can make it through this is to develop a “SORRY NOT SORRY” mentality because every decision that you make is going to upset someone else. If you pick others over yourself, you’ll live with regret, and if you pick yourself over others, you’ll be crucified, so it’s up to the individual to decide, what is best for them.


Black life comes with hand cuffs. The white world cuffs your social position and the black world cuffs your creativity, seems like there is no win.


In hindsight there really isn’t a win, you just have to make choices and let the chips fall where they may, because at the end of the day, it’s really not love, it just seems like it. It can never be really love, because it’s NO CHURCH IN THE WILD.


I wish Cam luck, I think he’s dope, and I hope he can live a life that he desires for himself, and still retain the love the people have for him. It’s wishful thinking though, because everyone wants to cut the black man’s nuts off, including black people.









Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
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