Can A Black Man Have A Drink Of Lemonade Please?

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April 16, 2016
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May 3, 2016

Can A Black Man Have A Drink Of Lemonade Please?

(I didn’t mention anything about rape and physical abuse women face . I acknowledge it but I didn’t discuss it because im gaining more information  about the subject)

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Beyoncé represents the highest level of femininity that we have seen on the main stream, and for that we should be eager to pay homage. We can no longer be afraid of great women! We can no longer see amazing women as a threat to us, we must take the hand cuffs off their creativity and allow them to be GODS! Their freedom, is the key to our freedom, and the sooner we understand that, the sooner we will experience a quality of life we have never imagined.


First things first, what does LEMONADE actually mean? Well it depends on who you ask. You’ll get different answers based on where everyone is at in their life. Some people are culturally deep, other’s stay on the surface with their knowledge, and some people are fucking haters, so the things she does will always be subjective, so I can only tell you what LEMONADE means to me.


I’m a black man with many flaws, so LEMONADE represents the effect me and other black men have had on the women in our lives. Our mothers, sisters, wives, and all the women that have come and made an attempt at trying to love on us, is the soundtrack to LEMONADE.


LEMONADE is a phenomenon, because it allows men to feel the plight of women. Loving a man isn’t easy, and this body of work is just highlighting the female experience and that should be ok. As men, we have no clue what’s it’s like putting our life on hold to take care of a child and support someone else’s dream. Very few men can relate to the women we love, falling in love with other men, but many women live with the experience, of their man falling in love with other women and they take it on the chin, and keep it moving. Many women have watched other women they love, go through massive amounts of bullshit with men. If it’s not other bitches, it’s niggaz getting locked up, coming home just to violate parole in a few months, and that woman is expected to wait. Some men chase careers, other chase power, but the majority of men truly never become what they are supposed to become, so millions of women are stuck at a stand still, caught in the cycle of dating potential.


We are men! We are savage, we are wretched! We are designed to create and destroy, that’s just who we are, but while we are being who we are, the women in our lives are effected.


I think it’s fair to apologize to our women every now and then because we are going to put them through bullshit by default because we are man. Even the most sophisticated man, is a savage at heart, and his pursuit may look different from other men, but every man must have a pursuit and a purpose that supersedes his woman, and because of that, we should always apologize for who we are. Apologize, but don’t be sorry, there is a difference.


The greater the man, the greater the pain, but the flip side to that is, the lack of greatness in the man, also produces an equally intensified pain, so women are caught in a lose-lose situation. Based on that, I think we should always look them in the eyes and apologize, and sometimes thats all a woman wants.

Women in America have a right to free press, and freedom of speech so when we are listening to Beyoncé, we are also listening to women all around the world who don’t have a voice, because of the politics that govern that country, or province. We should listen to her voice because it will teach us something about ourselves, and that will enable us to make corrections. Self-improvement is the only improvement; we shouldn’t make the mistake of running from that.


Listen, asking a woman to control her emotions, is like asking a shark to become a vegan, IT’S NOT HAPPENING, and it shouldn’t, cause that’s her nature and a man asking a woman to control that is disrespectful. Instead of asking them to control their emotions, we should ask them to critically think more, but if they become emotionless, well then now we have transformed them into us. We already intellectually put them in a prison, then we put them into an emotional prison, so when we have the opportunity to witness something monumental like LEMONADE, we should release our ego, and salute it, and not be so quick to dismiss their feelings.



There isn’t a man-hood manual, but we actually need one cause being a man is a skill that we learn. Being a man isn’t something we become, it’s a choice we must make, and its levels to that choice. The first stages of man-hood are accountability, respect, self-esteem, awareness, and confidence. The last stage of man-hood is warfare, and everything in between consist of business, responsibility, mentorship, rites-of-passage among other things. Women assume we are men for legal reasons. Being over 21 doesn’t mean a male has graduated to man-hood, because man-hood, is a process! It’s a skill that must be learned. The stages of man-hood are a pilgrimage every initiate must go on, and those walking that path must except that it’s a journey that can’t be mastered. Every man will die incomplete, his journey unfinished, because it wasn’t meant to be finished, it’s meant to keep the man reaching for a better version of himself.


Many women don’t actually know what a man is, so it’s our job to conduct ourselves like a man at all times, so it gives women a frame of reference. We must always be brutally honest, and we must give a woman an option to accept our truth. Even if they leave you because of your truth, at least they will leave with respect in-tact and that’s priceless.


A man must know himself, and be true to that at all times. If you are not monogamous, tell her! If you want power, tell her! If you hustle, tell her! If you are married, tell her! If you’re not all the way on your feet, and really need her to help you get on, tell her! Whatever is your issue, you should tell her. Not just for her, do it for you, so you’ll always be living your authentic life. When you lie, it fucks up your vibration. Self-belief is important, when you lie to women, you actually lie to yourself, so to have maximum belief in yourself, you must always tell the truth to the women that love you, even if it hurts. Trust me, she will be able to handle it.




How’s the relationship between Beyoncé and Jay-Z? Do you actually care?  What do you care about more, their day-to-day or the platform she created to start dialogue? Do you care about Jay-z side bitch or do you care about black women standing in solidarity? Are you concerned with the fact  Beyoncé may actually go through real life issues, or do you care about the fact that LEMONADE is an amazing body work, that came out of an amazing mind? Are you the type of person that finds pleasure when a super hero loses their power just so you can feel important, while simultaneously missing the change that their vulnerability has created. Beyoncé has changed the landscape of music, because now people will demand genuine art and transparency from their artist. Beyoncé also empowers the feminine principle at its highest level, a principle, that has been overly suppressed, by dogma, and watered down spirituality. hi-jacked by fraternal groups with an agenda that only benefits them.


Beyoncé may have also killed the concept of CD’s. I will not be surprised, if visual albums are the norm in a few years. I’m sure she isn’t the first person to do it, but she is the most important person to do it. She is doing things her way, and that influence trickles down to the rest of us. We should pay more attention to the jewels instead of focusing on the personality.


Do black men need to acknowledge what our women go through, fuck yes! Do black men owe our women an apology, fuck yes! Don’t be sorry, just acknowledge the fact that you are a man, and you’re going to evolve while she is loving you. Is it going to be hard, hell yea, but just because it’s hard, don’t mean it has to come with disrespect, cause that’s something extra.


Let me break this shit down really quick so everyone understands this.

70% of men either want to, or actively deal with multiple women

15% of men are not in a position to have multiple women, because he isn’t up to par. He may be over weight (not that, that matters, but it can), he may be broke and can’t play the game like he wants to, so he feels insecure. Many men don’t even have other women checking for him like that, so that’s why he is in the 15% of men that are faithful. He has no options, so he is faithful by default. These 15 % are actually lucky to have a woman in the first place, cause truthfully most likely he is a guy a woman had to clean up, but still lacking in swag.

10% Of men really don’t even come in contact with other women, that are doing better than his wife or girlfriend. If she is a 7, the odds of him running into something better than her is very low especially if all he does is work and go home. He is faithful because his lifestyle requires him to be. He really doesn’t have the time to entertain another woman. This man’s life is very predictable. His wife knows what time he will come and go, she knows all his friends, maybe even has the passwords to his social media accounts. Based on his routine, he won’t even have time to get any pussy. He may be very attractive, and doing well for himself, but again, his structure won’t allow him to entertain anything, but he would deal with another woman, if his routine became less hectic.


5% Of men are actually faithful. These are men that are totally fine with having one woman. It doesn’t matter if he has time on his hands or not, he will always be with her and no one else. Is this guy special or better than the other guys? No not at all, people are who they are.


The reason why I broke this down, is because this is a LEMONADE conversation about men, and the women that love us. Every man belongs to this % group, and we owe the women that love us the truth. Marriage doesn’t curve that man being a man, and religious beliefs doesn’t curve a man’s science either. A man is a man, and that’s his curse and women love us despite that, and that’s their curse!


I totally embodied what LEMONADE was about. Yes, it was totally about the female experience loving men, while still trying to find time to grow as a woman, mother, and daughter, going through complex levels of naiveté and awareness, yes I get that. This is also an opportunity for black men to look at themselves in the mirror, taking a detox from the matrix, to really delve into the way we have been hard-wired.


Women want to be loved, and we should love them, but the best way to do that, is through our authenticity. Our honesty can be an amazing blanket they use to cover themselves in cold weather.

This isn’t about men having other women, no! This is about women being in relationships with beings they assumed were men. How can a person give you something they don’t have? She wants him to be a man, but he doesn’t know what that is yet. So I apologize to all the black women in the world, because you are truly cursed, because he is cursed. His man-hood is a journey, be prepared to create your own version of LEMONADE, if you haven’t yet, you will, so i’ll apologize for him, cause he may not ever do it.








Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
I want to thank you for stopping by even if you don't agree with the things I say. I don't write for people to agree, I write to offer a different perspective, so If I got you to consider a thought you never considered before, then I've done my job.


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