Donald Trump Won And Black People Are Acting Like A Bunch Of Pussy’s

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November 8, 2016
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November 22, 2016

Donald Trump Won And Black People Are Acting Like A Bunch Of Pussy’s

Well, black America deserves another L, not because Donald Trump is the president, no that isn’t the reason at all and I’m not petty, but I am objective. The reason why black America deserves a Shaquille O’Neal size L is because of the way black people acted after Donald Trump was elected, shit is sad.


Black people cried, black people vented about how afraid they are, and truthfully the behavior is sickening honestly. We always seem emotionally weak, suffering from low self-esteem, as if we haven’t quite arrived yet. I guess we haven’t learned that Christ is a concept, not a historical person. It’s an energy inside each of us, that can elevate us anytime we desire an upgrade, but we must feed it, our ability to concentrate is the secret to unlocking Christ consciousness accessing limitless awareness.


I’m making that point because A.)  Black People aren’t self-aware. B) Black people have an emotionally weak immune system. C) Black people aren’t brave enough to save themselves, so they need a savior and D) Black people love Hoeing for white America.


Hasn’t anyone told these niggaz that they’re in charge of their own life? Hasn’t anyone informed black America that they must live on purpose, and there are no short cuts to health and wellness? Don’t they know to truly be great, it requires unbreakable self-confidence? Are black people afraid to really boss up? Is it fear? Black people lack collective self-esteem, maybe that’s why the average negro sees him/herself as a victim of circumstance, and that mentality gets passed down to the children, and they too begin to see themselves as individuals that need leadership, ruler-ship, and governing.


They will cry when they vote for someone, and their candidate doesn’t win, they will feel exhausted when white America doesn’t acknowledge their accomplishments. They will feel inadequate when other people don’t give them special consideration, and this thinking puts them on a destination to nowhere, they’ll be stuck living on “POST TRAMATIC SLAVE STRESS BOULAVARD”


Black America doesn’t have a deity that empowers them, instead it just enables black people to have a high pain tolerance, but the love black people have for Jesus, won’t stimulate anything inside of the black mind to think differently. Black people will never look at themselves as an apex predator, superior to everyone else, capable of achieving historic things people once thought was impossible. Black America’s belief in Jesus is emotional not intellectual, that’s why black people respond emotionally to every situation. Instead of weighing and measuring the issue, black people would rather pray, cry, complain and have temper tantrums, hoping that the problems disappears or a sky GOD steps in to correct the errors of man.


The reaction to Donald Trump is just the latest sad movie black people seem to love starring in.


If Donald Trump is a racist, so what? Why not just counter his racism, with Racism? Fact is America needs black people to participate in Americanism, so that makes black people very powerful, they’re just unaware of it. Are black people capable of seeing the world through the same lens as white people? I think the answer is yes, but black people refuse to, because of hard-wired debt thinking. It appears black people always operate from a trespass perspective, not knowing how to process information in a way that will benefit black people.


If black people started their own political party, a party that addresses the concerns and needs of black people, Donald Trump would be irrelevant. Black problems in America are unique, so it would be wise to form a party that addresses the uniqueness of black life, but for that to happen, black people would need to see themselves as more than a slave, more than an African-American, black people would need to see their cause as something divine, and see themselves as people who are chosen.


It’s based on the power of belief! Black people as a collective, don’t truly believe in themselves, that’s why Trump makes these niggaz feel so insecure. Black people have no clue if Hillary Clinton was a righteous woman, but she made black people feel comfortable, because of her political rhetoric. She made black people feel included, connected to the rest of world. Sadly, it takes a white woman, to give black people a self-esteem boost, because black people don’t need validation, all we got is us, so instead of us living in fear, crying, snotting, praying that the lord protect us from “MR GRAB EM BY THE PUSSY” we could just lean on each and solve our own problems.




It’s embarrassing watching black people behave sometimes; I don’t understand it. White America has a mental strong hold on black people making them very passive, and unsure of themselves. Black people are very religious yet, very scared at the same time, but I always thought people couldn’t serve two masters? You either going to be afraid or be empowered, but you can’t do both. Trump scares the shit out of black people because he doesn’t represent free shit.


Black people have grown accustomed to people making special consideration for them. Niggaz need the hook up, a discount, a lighter load, an easier path, and comfortability to flourish properly, but when it looks like niggaz must compete, then it’s a problem. When it looks like niggaz got to police themselves, it’s a problem. If niggaz must feed and teach their own children it’s a problem, and to me that’s corny, because we should do that any way, but it takes opposition to create an atmosphere that will make us design the best version of ourselves.



I think it’s a great time for black folks to become more arrogant, more intense, and more emotionally aggressive. It’s time for black people to stop using their emotions to navigate through the world, and it replace that with logic, reason, and problem solving skills. If black people seen themselves as bosses, then they would look at Donald Trump totally differently. They would see him as an employee that works to serve the needs of the people, instead of the other way around, cause this crocodile tear cry baby shit isn’t wise.




Sorry, but a lot of these older black people just need to die the fuck off, they are to fucking scary, and passive. They hurt the movement because their ideas are rooted in fear and a savior’s complex that’s on steroids. They will never let the younger generation mature because these old niggaz pump fear into them. Look if Donald Trump can ruin your life, your life wasn’t shit in the first place, and if Hillary can fix it, well you’re a lost cause.



Ancestors didn’t die for your right to vote, they died for you to have the option to.





Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
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