Dream Big Or Die Small

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November 22, 2016
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December 6, 2016

Dream Big Or Die Small

The backward programming that has been so deeply embedded in our minds is to say the least, unfortunate. Misfortune that perpetuates cyclically.

The upside to this misfortune is our ability to dream and visualize a better life for ourselves. I think we all have visions of our future selves at one time or another. The probability in us achieving this vision relies on a few things.

In our day to day lives, we face so many distractions and these interferences are dreamkillers for us. For starters, from young we are taught to not rely on or live in our imaginations. On top of that, we are told that when we dream at night,itś just a dream..it’s not real and has no real-life significance. Instead we are taught to rely on traditional shit such as religion, and in my opinion this is the biggest setback of them all. Then we are surrounded by family who we have known for all our lives and for the most part we feel that we need to please these people. They have guided us from infancy and we rely on their ¨expertise¨, so to speak. We trust them. We look at the people and things around us to gauge how we are supposed to be living our lives.

Looking outside ourselves, we think we must find some religious faith to believe in, ¨secure¨ gainful employment, have a healthy social life, and find someone to fall in love with and marry. Now, while some do this and are seemingly quite happy, there´s still those of us who are not. We do these things for years and still feel this deep void within. We try to ignore it, keeping on with our regularly scheduled programs. With time, this void becomes more and more intense. We are unhappy in most aspects of our lives. We may even start to experience physical pains so we visit our doctors or the ER, but no dice. We are depressed, though many of us don´t seek professional help about our mental and emotional health. We cope with life thru unhealthy attachments that play their own role in our disillusion with life, until we step into that space of evolution, or begin to acknowledge our dreams & visions again.

Some reach this point, most don´t.

Even once we do get to this point, there is a major process that we must endure from old self to new self. Quite often, people are unable to withstand the process. There is too much healing to be done and they just do not wish to do the work. This process involves us taking a deep plunge into our souls. Into our past. Into our minds.

I might say the most challenging part of this process is gaining the ability to turn your back on everything you thought you were. We have to shapeshift, starting with the mind. One woman I admire always says… ¨one-sided loyalty is for suckas¨… and that is the truest fucking statement because in our attempts to stay loyal to people, ideas and concepts, we lose our true selves and no happiness is gained living life that way.  So even if it means distancing yourself from someone you were once very close with, it has to be done. You have to begin to look at life from an objective standpoint. You have to come to grips with the fact that there is no damn karma coming to haunt you as a result of serving YOUR best interest. Learn to live by the number one law of nature, that of self-preservation. As civilized human beings (particularly in western culture), self-preservation exceeds far beyond our basic survival methods of life and death. In america, poverty, dysfunction and disharmonious living IS death.

My purpose here is to stress the importance of relying on the visions you see for yourself. Taking these visions seriously and staying focused on them through the hard times in life will mean the difference in you remaining powerless in your poverty-stricken neighborhood or becoming a rich, power-player in the game..and of course anywhere in between those two stations in life. If you want it, nothing is stopping you from having it… but YOU.

Sidenote: My sonś dad used to always tell me ¨it starts in the mind¨ and even now whenever I think back to those times, I hear Scarface singing ¨you couldn´t have told me nothin´ back then, but now I feel ya¨.

Bottomline: 1. Run as fast as you can from your old self 2. Dream, Act, Believe.. 3. Do that shit over and over again.

We have to play real life like a game of spades, 21…or whatever game…in all cases, the objective is to WIN.

Oh and even when you lose..fuck it..it is a part of the game..chop it up.. you might need to change your strategy but.. you never lose focus of what you´re here for in the first place. To Win!

Until Next Time…Keep moving forward & Never Look Back!


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I am a mother, sister, teacher and student. I view life as an amazing journey and see every day as a new adventure. Though in the beginning life was a series of unfortunate events I´ve always remained optimistic about the future. I spent a stint of time pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, studying a wide-range of topics and traveling to foreign parts of the world. These events have provided me with a very interesting perspective on life. I am the Founder of WeBirth, a non-profit organization aimed at spreading awareness on the importance of mental & emotional health. I am an author, healer, artist, songwriter, visionary and action coach. I enjoys reading, travelling, cars, hiking and almost anything that involves building upon myself. I seek to empower others to escape their pasts and achieve their dreams, no matter how big or small they may seem.


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