Every Woman Needs At Least One Good Trick

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November 10, 2016
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January 16, 2017

Every Woman Needs At Least One Good Trick




Every woman needs at least one trick, yup at least one! A woman needs a man who will follow instructions and do what he’s told, without questioning his assignment. In return, she will give him her presence, and attention, and reassure him, that what he is doing benefits him, more than it does her.


Baby girl listen….


Girls between 18 and 30 have something every man wants, her youth. Younger women can make a man feel alive. Her package is such an ego boost for a man, that it can bring him back from the dead. Many men have lost their urge to compete, but a younger woman can activate his sense of purpose. Between those ages, I mentioned, women are in their physical prime. This is good for a man’s psyche, but the problem is many girls are game-goofy so they don’t know how to play the game.

Women 30-45, are in different stages than younger women, but the same rules still apply. Older women, may have loss some of their physical perks, but they can make up for it in the experience department. Both Older and younger women need trick-ass men on their team, but first we must discuss the type of tricks there are, so women can identify what situation will work for them.


According to the URBAN DICTIONARY……A trick is a man that patronizes prostitutes….


However, you don’t have to be a prostitute to have tricks, all you have to do is provide a service, that a man pays for, whether that’s sex, beauty, cooking, or an ego stroke.







People are under an illusion thinking marriage means something divine, it doesn’t! It’s a business arrangement, nothing more-nothing less. You don’t have to be in love, matter fact two people don’t even have to like each other, they can go to Vegas, get pissy drunk, and tie the knot, so if a woman is in a situation with a married man, you’d be a fool not to milk the situation, because of your remorse, fuck that!

Don’t ruin his life, but make him pay like he weighs. Most married men don’t want to be married anyway, they just did it to shut their nagging ass bitch up! Truth of the matter is, he rather hangs with his home boys, and get drunk after work. Since he mostly likely doesn’t want to be married, it’s a good chance, he doesn’t want an extra relationship with you either, but he would like to get his dick sucked every now-an-again, so any woman in this situation must be aware of this.

You represent a good time! When he comes over, he wants to be entertained. Surprisingly though, a lot of  married tricks start to develop feelings quickly. He shows signs that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship, but it’s confusing because he tends to be overly emotional with you. He may have come into the situation just looking for a good time, but he catches feelings.( not all married tricks, but some) It’s more probable though, he just want’s entertainment, because 9-times-out-of-10, he married a boring ass chick, that has gotten more boring after the children, and she just doesn’t do it for his libido.


Guys like this will pay generously for a rush, as long as you can provide excellent service. Married men, are under fucked, remember that! It’s your job to drain his dick and send him home, but make sure he always leaves money on the table.





Divorced tricks are good people to have because they don’t want anything complicated. Usually they are very exhausted, from the marriage. His children are grown, he’s established in his career, and he his entering into his next phase in life.


This phase is unfamiliar to him because he’s been married so long, he is always use to having company. A lot of days he gets  lonely, he enjoys his new found freedom, but would really like to commit his time to something exciting. He isn’t looking for rushes, just good company, good conversation, and maybe good sex here and there, but sex isn’t his primary focus, being busy is.


Since his wife and children are gone, he now has a lot of free time, and this isn’t good for him. He may get anxiety because he isn’t used to not taking care of people, especially if he’s a hands-on type of guy. What you provide is a space for him to be active. Outdoor activities are good for a guy like this, plus he is in a great space to learn hobbies. He wants to laugh and play, but he doesn’t want anything exclusive. He may want to be exclusive sexually, that’s negotiable though, but he really doesn’t want to be exclusive emotionally. Most likely, he wouldn’t have anything left in the tank emotionally anyway, so he may be unavailable in that department and that’s awesome because, he makes an excellent business partner . Remember, he needs things to do, so put all your ideas on the table, and let him cover the expenses. Don’t just settle for getting your rent paid, think bigger than that.





This type of guy is just a fucking freak, but hey no judgement. He is looking for a girl that’s ok with full-filling his needs, and those needs can vary from maybe a hand-job here and there, to you pissing on him. Guys like this usually work in tense environments, and their looking to blow off steam.


He may want to be pegged, dominated, or completely humiliated, depends on the guy. The cool thing about guys like this is, they have no problem paying a high price to full-fill their desire, but the bad thing about guys like this is, they can be super weird, and they aren’t loyal. Their loyalty is only attached to their desire, so if he calls one night, and you’re un-available, you may never see him again, especially if he found someone, that can do what you do. There is no connection, no friendship, no bond.


In this situation, a woman technically is a prostitute, because your providing a sexual service, and that’s it. No convo, no hanging out, no talking, no nothing, pure debauchery.





Baller tricks represent new money. He may be an athlete or an entertainer, but his money is new. He doesn’t come from generational wealth, so he isn’t used to having shit. Since he’s influenced by hip-hop, he’ll have a lot of bad habits, and being frivolous with money, is one of them.


The baller trick is usually young, so he’ll be immature, and may not keep his word often, because he doesn’t have to. He has options, he’s new money, he’s popular, he has a big social media following, he’s the “IT” guy right now, and he only likes bad bitches. He likes girls that do drugs, and has threesomes. He is the type of that wants to fuck your home girl, then when it’s done, he’ll take the two of you shopping.


Problem with the baller trick is, he likes to mess with women that don’t have shit, because they’re easily impressed by him. Since that’s the case, many girls are ok with him giving them crumbs, like purses and shoes. This guy is a millionaire, but many women don’t focus on that, they focus on the fun they have with him and that’s a mistake, because he switches phone often, it’s no guarantee he’ll call you with his new number. He is very temporary, so go for the home run. Fuck purses, and shoes, aim for a substantial lump sum.


It’s a few more types of tricks I’ll talk about at a later date, but these few types that I mentioned here are the primary types of tricks women encounter on a regular.



Young women have youth on their side, and naivety about the world that men find attractive. Men love to be able to teach a younger woman something, and in exchange for that, she can be good eye candy for him, when he’s trying to impress his married friends that are stuck with washed-up wives. Young women must keep their appearance up, and never be dry. Always have something going on, so the guy has a reason to trick. Give him reasons to trick such as


Sex is important, but it’s not as important as your appearance. He is using your appearance, to increase his social worth, so make sure you’re aware of your role. Create an amount monthly that you “EXPECT” from him. I advise you to be a bitch about it too, because if not, he’ll always be in control and penny-pinch you until he finds a better you.




It’s very interesting, because the older woman’s dynamic will be more about sex than the younger woman’s. Younger women, may have a better body, but they aren’t better fucks. Older women don’t really have time for slut shaming, so their ceiling is a little different.


Older women’s tricks, most likely won’t be a man her age, instead it will be a younger guy that likes the comfort of more experienced women. Many younger guys don’t have time for immaturity, so they can’t tolerate the petty baggage of younger chicks. These guys like things a certain way, that’s why they prefer older women.


This is a great relationship because older women that have large sex drives, get everything they want “YOUNG DICK AND MONEY”, and the guy gets a woman that’s nasty as hell, plus has life experience, to me that’s a win win. In hindsight, though, it’s highly probable that the younger guy won’t settle down with an older woman, but their relationship does have potential to last real long, until he is ready to have children. Most likely her tubs are tied, and this gives a young guy comfort, because he can cum in her pussy and nothing will happen (trust me this is a plus) The older woman must give him  reasons to trick. Here’s a few reasons….


Many older women have their shit together, but a lil something extra won’t hurt. Often times older women just want a boy toy that won’t crowd their space. Instead of her being a sugar momma though, the young boy will be doing the tricking.




Listen, the key to a woman living a healthy life, is money. Women have more urgent needs than men. Lack of money ages women, it makes them insecure. I believe every woman in America, needs monthly maintenance. Nails, feet and hair must be done, no if- ands or buts about it, but why spend your own money for it though, when you don’t have to.




Majority of men are tricks by nature! They are hard wired to save women, I guess it’s good for the male ego. When a man can’t save a woman, he feels like he is useless, so women should always play on that. Play on the fact men need to feel important! Play on the fact men need to feel in control, and create demands that need to be met.




Every woman needs at least one trick in her phone, someone that will take care of your bills, and all you got to do is give him a kiss on the cheek. These types of men are sucka’s, and they should be played!




Every woman needs to know which man is a trick, and which man isn’t! Say the wrong shit to the wrong man, and he’ll slap the shit outchu!



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