Every Woman Should Have Sex With 2 Men At The Same Time!!

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May 13, 2017
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Every Woman Should Have Sex With 2 Men At The Same Time!!


3 Reasons to Experience 2 Men Simultaneously

  1. It’s sexual worship
    Imagine having every inch of your body prayed too. Being kissed and touched by multiple men at the same time. I can image it would be a dopamine boost like no other!
  2.  It’s taboo
    Forbidden fruit always taste the sweetest.  Anything that has you going into that dark unknown, will give you an edge which brings me to my 3rd point…
  3.  It expands your creativity
    Sexual energy is creative energy. In my own experience, the more I’ve allowed myself to fully express my desires, the more I push my boundaries creatively.

3 Common Objections Women Will Have To This Idea

  • Objection #1:”That is NOT my fantasy!” OK cool than what is? Is it being with another woman? BDSM? Sex in public with your partner? “MMF threesome” is not literal (unless that is actually your fantasy) it serves as a metaphor for being OK with exploring your most taboo fantasies. Any untapped sexual desire will be a dopamine fix for YOU. It will be risky for YOU. It will be creatively expansive for YOU.
  • Objection #2:”But I don’t wanna be viewed as a whore!”
    Whores can be saviors tho. The history of whores and prostitutes of the wild west allowed men to express their sexual fantasies in a healthy constructive way which keep a lot of perversions at bay. Besides who will know? Assuming you are sharing your fantasy with a trusted partner (or partners), how would anyone know your business unless you tell them? Another point to consider; fuck other people’s opinions.
  • Objection #3:”MMF Threesomes are NASTY”
    Lol oh OK. You apparently missed the point so I don’t have much else to say but scroll up to Objection #1.  #shrugs

Are you Sexually Disciplined or Sexually Repressed?

Practicing abstinence has it’s time and place and can be beneficial IF it’s not tied to guilt or shame. But keep in mind that someone who is abstinent does not automatically mean they are sexually disciplined. The person who abstains from sex due to shame or guilt is controlled by their lower nature just as much as the person who cannot stop having unproductive, irresponsible sex. Same pole; opposite end. Sexual discipline is about control, not necessarily abstaining. It’s about knowing when to use it, how to use it, and why you’re using it (purpose). Now this will go over many people’s head as all they will hear is “a woman fucking two men at the same time.” But I tend to speak very bluntly and this is my way of promoting healthy sexual expression in mature adult women. Holding yourself back sexually can cause all types of stress in your body and mind. What you repress you will eventually express.

“First, suppressed sex has more interest than expressed sex can ever have. The interest is not direct — it is indirect, it is vicarious, it is cunning; the interest is there, immensely there. If your sex life is normal, un-repressed, uninhibited, the interest cannot be so much, because you will have a kind of satisfaction, a contentment.”- Osho

You ever see a “super spiritual abstinent conscious person” constantly making insults to others referencing sexual acts? It’s like a software glitch with a virus or a piece of hardware that’s overheating. Once this girl on social media (she was an”alkaline conscious vegan”) said that I stick my fingers in “shitty butt holes.” I do not know this woman and she has never been in my bedroom, yet she went on and on for hours in the comment section referencing “booty, dicks, and pussy”. It was extremely odd and honestly a little funny after a while. The truth is she thinks about sex 24/7. But because she is the “clean pure vegan” and certain sex acts and body parts are “nasty and dirty”, that energy came out in a very weird and dysfunctional way.

The Game: This Ain’t For Everybody

This is for the extreme mature, responsible, and non self judgmental crowd of folks. In engaging in such acts you have to be in a state of mind where you’re completely confident in who you are as a woman. This is not something you do to please others. You do it because YOU WANT TO DO IT. Exploring your sexual taboos is for the travelers and explorers. For the people who understand that this is about resources and usage. This is for releasing that stagnant energy so that you can feel lighter, happier, and ready to create. If you do not understand what I am saying, chances are you have not made it this far in the article. If you have made it to the end and still turning up your nose, all that means is this is beyond your level of comprehension. Chances are you already have some stigma ingrained in you about the idea of sex anyway. But for those women who can really see what I’m saying….HAPPY EXPLORING 😉 .

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