Going To Work Will Keep You Broke But Work Ethic Can Make You Rich

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July 7, 2016
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August 1, 2016

Going To Work Will Keep You Broke But Work Ethic Can Make You Rich

There is big difference between work and work ethic, the difference between the two are extremely noticeable. Living in a capitalistic society people are required to work in order to have the basic necessities, and there are jobs in America that don’t require very much skill at all, so anyone that wants to work, can .

The difference between work and work ethic, is basically the difference between the haves and the have not’s. I have never met a poor person with an extreme work ethic in America. Having an extreme work ethic living in Mexico may not get you very far, but having that same work ethic in America, honestly the rewards are limitless. Those people living in America that don’t have much, well don’t do much! A lot of people have filet mignon taste, with Oodles and Noodles work ethic


When I think of work ethic I think of Mexicans! Mexicans are taking jobs that Americans think are beneath them, while Americans are worried about food stamps being cut, Mexicans are working! Mexicans are creating their own jobs, they basically have a monopoly on the land scaping business, not just that but they seem to out work everyone else when they are hired for a job. Mexicans come to America looking for work, in 5 years they have a house, in 7 years they own a business, in 10 years they are employing their people, in 15 years their community has voting power!!

It’s very interesting that poor people hate the rich, especially when the majority of people in this country that are rich are entrepreneurs! Why should they give any handouts? Who do they owe? They started company’s, and got lucky, it’s millions of people that tried to start a business and it failed, so why should the people who did things right, bail out the people who did things wrong? Usually the people who had work ethics were looked upon as outcast, while everyone was partying, the person with the work ethic was fixated on the task at hand, Let’s use Mark Zuckerberg for example.


Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t really a chick magnet, wasn’t athletic, wasn’t really socially charismatic, but one thing he did have, was the ability to be hyper focused. His work ethic allowed him to be one of the richest people in the world under 40 years old.

There will always be people willing to just go to work because It’s easy to go to work, all you have to do is do what you’re told, and don’t break anything, and your good! People that go to work, despise people with work ethic because they get promotions way before them. People with work ethic get hired and make the company better, while people who just work are replaceable

It’s not easy to have things, people work really hard to get what they have, but also people work really hard not to have anything at all! If you have a job, you should have things to show for it, can’t just be paying pills, you’re better off living off the grid! If you’re not going to do anything that requires work ethic, then your useless, so whatever results you have, don’t be surprised.

Look at it this way; it requires a lot of work ethic for a woman to be a gold digger, why? I have never seen an out of shape gold digger; gold diggers have to keep themselves together because it’s a lot of competition out there. They understand that in order to get a man with money, they have to put in major work. These women travel to all the events, they know exactly who they are a targeting, and they have something to offer. Usually what they offer is an amazing sexual experience, and they play on the fact that men in high-profile positions like to be seen with arm candy, so they are bringing beauty to the table . The life of a gold digger is very hard because women’s beauty has a shelf life. It’s always a girl turning 18 that can take their place, so next time you see one of these women getting married to an athlete, don’t hate on her especially when you’re not willing to even get on the stair master!


I also noticed that very pretty women have terrible work ethic. Girls that are less attractive usually have more things than attractive women. Bigger women usually have extreme work ethic, also way more confidence then smaller women, because bigger women never looked for a man to save them, while smaller very attractive women thought they could just get ahead being pretty, yea right,that only works in high school with superficial guys, in the real world men will gladly take a big girl with a cute face that has her shit together, bringing something to the table over a pretty slim girl that doesn’t have any worth. If the big girl can lose a little weight, she’ll already have that extreme work ethic to go with her new look, while the pretty slim girl will still be in the same position looking for a hand out.

Everyone in the NBA is good at what they do, but LeBron James keeps winning MVP’s because he works the hardest. His work ethic is off the charts, most players are just happy to be there, LeBron takes it a step further. He plays whole games then goes to the weight room, or rides his bike 25 miles home, after just scoring 35 points in an overtime game. Everyone else is just working, he was work ethic

Usually the people that just work, have a work ethic in a dysfunctional area, like being lazy, alcohol, drugs, being aloof, or boredom. People that just work, are always bored, how is that possible? It’s so much stuff to do, how can a person be bored? All you have to do is switch your energy from work to work ethic, and you’ll see a big difference in your life. If you want more, you’ll do more, plain and simple.



Everyone wants money, but there are levels to the game. The majority of people just want to be comfortable, and keep their headaches to a minimum. They can handle being just “OK” !

There are other people who are wired differently though, it’s bigger than being just ok, it’s about having power,position, and options. To achieve a certain status in life, you must be clever, cunning, and have the ability to tap into being hyper focused.

Work ethic separates amazing people from regular people. People with intense work ethic have success principles that they adhere to, and their time management is what separates them from the average human being. They have something to show for all their hard work. They aren’t waiting to retire at 65, going to sleep with regrets, knowing they could have done better, no! They are pushing life to the limit, allowing their hard work to change their reality.

Some people are just worker bee’s and the world needs that, however worker bee’s live lives that are pre-determined by other people, but people with work ethic, design the life that works for them.




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