Guard Your Game : NEVER ACT FREE

August 21, 2017
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July 31, 2018

Guard Your Game : NEVER ACT FREE

How did you get your GAME? Did you pay for it with money, or did you acquire it from trial and error? Either way, it cost you so if you give away your GAME for free, you’re making a huge mistake.


Life is full of twist and turns, up’s and downs, and extremely dark insecure moments! Sometimes you question your purpose, other times you’ve probably thought about taking your own life. One minute you’re ok, the next minute you’re having a hard time getting out the bed in the morning. Our energy tends to fluctuate based on the results were experiencing. Lack of results produces a lack of energy and maximum results produces maximum energy. Sounds simple right? Hell no, it’s not that simple and shit doesn’t work like that. Results are based on GAME! You either paid for the GAME or it came from trial and error. Paying for the GAME or experiencing un-comfortability for the GAME, means you’re not a civilian anymore and you’re not on the same level as common folk. If you’re a student of the game, and you’re experiencing results that are un-favorable due to your lack of energy, there’s a reason for that. READ THIS CLEARLY………



Somebody robbed your ass plain and simple! How else do you explain having a lack of energy? You put in the work remember? You paid for the GAME with your money and with your time, so please explain to me why your results are shitty, and your energy is in the toilet! How is it possible someone like “YOU” keeps coming up short, but your more advanced than everyone around you? Think long and hard about this because at this point in your life, you should be way further than you are but you’re not. Why? The reason is, people are robbing but it’s not their fault because your letting them. Here’s the reason why….

  • YOUR IN LOVE WITH THE BOTTOM – No matter how great you think you are, there are still some flaws in your character that you haven’t fixed. Even though you’ve achieved some great things, you’re not going to go very far. Eventually you’ll hit your head on a creative, or career ceiling because of your relationship with the bottom. The bottom is the hood you come from, or the trauma you experienced. The bottom is the dysfunctional relationships you’re used to and the excuses you make to justify them. The bottom is also the cultural identity that you subscribed to, that doesn’t benefit you but you buy into the narrative anyway just to remain relatable. You have an addiction to the bottom! No matter how great you become in life, you’ll always crash out because the bottom is actually where you’re the most comfortable at.
  • SURVIVORS GUILT- Every time you out perform others, or exceed expectations, the moment is short-lived because you feel guilty about your accomplishments. You have a hard time accepting that your amazing! You have anxiety because your family and peer group are under-achievers, so you purposely dumb yourself down just so they’ll love you. You can be way further, but you take your foot of the gas because your overly concerned about the production gap that exist between them and you. Every year it keeps widening, and every year you feel guiltier.
  • YOU LOVE HOEING- Nothing wrong with hoeing, hey do you! But make sure you get paid when you hoe at least. What I mean by this is, the reason your results are terrible and your energy is low is because your working for free. Your giving out too much of your knowledge for free and that’s not a good look. This is draining you. Don’t forget you paid the price for the info that you have so why would you give it up for free, especially if the person you’re talking to is swine. Make people earn the GAME, cause if you don’t, you’re the one that’s going to take a loss in the end. Never give up free game, unless you’re going to get it back. It doesn’t have to come back in the form that you gave it, but as long as you receive value back based on the game you gave, I consider that ethical. Never let anyone fuck you for free….


Energy is important. As we mature in age, it seems like things get harder because we don’t have the energy to complete anything. It’s hard to be self-motivated, later in life cause all of your energy was used in your younger years letting people rob you. You should have a defense system around your GAME!  You need a method that keeps you and those thirsting for your game separate. There must be a hardcore philosophy that you adhere too, that keeps you and them at a distance. If you don’t have a hardcore philosophy, then it’s highly possible they’ll be able to finesse your sympathy. Let’s talk about philosophies you can implement to keep your game safe, away from the un-derserving bottom feeders.

  • MONEY ON THE WOOD MENTALITY – Money is a language many people don’t speak, as soon as you start speaking it all of a sudden, the conversation stops. People start stuttering like their retarded! What the hell happen? Everything was all good before you started talking about money, but now the person isn’t as interested as they were yesterday. Why? It’s because money forces people to come correct. Money calls people’s bluff, and it shows how serious a person is. People would love to peel you for your game without paying for it. Honestly, it’s not the game they’re after, NAH! They’re really looking for someone’s time to waste. Their motivation is really to drain you for your energy, and the game you possess is icing on the cake. Be about your money from the beginning and stand firm on that. Operate with a valuable aura, so later down the line, you’ll never have to check a motha-fucka about your business. Your game aint free, be clear about that.
  • ELITIST MENTALITY – It’s not wrong to feel like you’re better than people because what if it’s true? What if you truly are better than people, why would you dumb yourself down to their level? Look fuck the whole we are one concept, “LET’S ALL COME TOGETHER JIVE” BLAH BLAH MOTHA-FUCKIN- BLAH! If you have put in the work, made painful sacrifices and put things on the line that you can’t get back, it would be a huge mistake for you to consider yourself an equal to people who have done nothing! They should pay you for even picking up the phone when they call. When they were doing nothing, you were doing everything! When they were making excuses, you were making progress! When they decided to be comfortable, you decided that comfort now, was an enemy to you moving forward, so you curved instant gratification in exchange for wins later.
  • I OWE MYSELF MORE THAN I OWE YOU MENTALITY – Think about everything you came from. Think about how long it took you to get where you’re at now, and think about how long it’s going to take you to complete your mission. Think about that, then ask yourself….” WHAT DO I OWE THESE PEOPLE??” Your answer should be…. “NOTHING A GOD DAMN THING” You owe yourself first, anything you do for other people is extra. If you do feel like you owe people, make sure it’s the people who have directly seeded into you. You owe the mentors you’ve had, and the people who donated their time and energy to assist your path. The newcomers are customers, and so are the losers from the past that stood on the sideline watching as you struggled to put your plan together. DO NOT let them be part of your new season. You owe it to yourself to live abundantly, and if people want to eat off your game, make sure you charge for it……FULL PRICE…



                People have a free lunch mentality! They feel like their entitled to shit and maybe they are. Maybe there are things in life that they can get for FREE.99 but your game isn’t one of them. You aren’t part of their easy path. Make people earn your perspective. People must be worthy to receive your wisdom, why? You been through a lot, right? You went through the pain, the adversity, embarrassment and the humiliation to become who you are. You studied, you struggled, asked the right question, and invested in yourself to be greater so why would you not take yourself seriously enough to put a price tag on your life.











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