Having Children Is A Business Decision

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January 28, 2016
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March 28, 2016

Having Children Is A Business Decision


What’s the best thing in your life that you’ve invest in? Was it an education? Was it a car? Was it trip to Dubai? Really think about it for a second, think hard about it, because I guarantee you that your most important investment is something that you haven’t spent much time investing in.

I’m sure that you love your children, but that’s by default, cause your “suppose” to love them, but how do you actually love them, when you invest more into your church, more into your job, more into your social life, than you invest in your children.

Most children spend their child-hood being furniture, getting yelled at, being told to be quiet, sit down, shut up, do your homework, and the list goes on. If the child doesn’t obey the orders of the parent, then the child isn’t allowed to participate in consumerism until, the behavior is corrected. Allowing the child to be a consumer, isn’t investing in the child. Teaching children to be consumers actually handicaps them, making them unconscious slaves. Giving them things that you didn’t have usually means the ability to consume more than you did as a kid, but that isn’t investment.



Investing is addition, meaning you put something in and receive a return, it could be money, it could be time, or it could be resources, but whatever it is you put in, it will increase whatever it is that you invested in. So let’s talk about positive investments that can produce a great child


  • LOVE: Love is the first investment that you can sow into the child, but I’m not just speaking about loving the child while it’s alive, I’m speaking about loving the child before it even gets here, and you do this by creating a child with someone who you actually love and admire. You don’t have to be married, you don’t have to plan on spending the rest of your life with the person either, but it is imperative that the two of you have an amazing bond, because the womb is the first school the child attends. It’s not wise to produce a child with a wounded womb either, cause again this is the first school the child will ever know, so if the womb is wounded, the child starts life wounded, so make sure anyone that you’re interested in procreating with, has an interest in womb repair, since the child is an investment of his as well.
  • ACCESS: Children need access to many things because that’s the way the child will know what resonates him/her. The more things children have access to the better, because it increases awareness. Often times children only have access to television, and television becomes the primary teaching tool. Yes, television can spark imagination, but it will also create a consumer mindset in the child, and the only things the child will have awareness of are products. These are the things that you must give a child access to.


*Alternative forms of education other than public school

*Different cultures

* Events such as festivals, social groups, recreational activities (camping, sports, scavenger hunts)

*Health and Wellness (diet, meditation)

* A global village (a child needs other mothers, other fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, and friends. Children need access to a global village, and this village will grow with child and become the child’s extended family, it also will allow the child to learn information from varies sources, and instill a sense of community and membership in the child)


  • ACCESS TO CAPITAL: This is one of the most important things a child can have access to. Dreams are important, so is imagination, however without access to capital to make these ideas come to fruition, they will just remain idea’s inside of the child’s mind. It’s the parents job to create a financial environment for children, and it’s a form of child abuse if the child becomes 21 years, and there wasn’t a system built to support the child’s desires. You have 21 years to get your shit together, 21 years to help create a vision for your children, so they aren’t stuck on stupid being alive, but no living. Access to capital is the way your child can live, so it’s important that you don’t ruin their credit when they are small. Don’t put things in their name that you can’t pay for. It’s no excuse for a kid to turn 18 years and their credit is jacked up, that’s no fair. Make sure your kids know how to count money, and one of the most important things that you can teach them, is the concept of compound interest (google that) Whether your child wins or loses in life, can be based on how much access to capital they have. If you’re not very financially literate that’s ok, just make sure you attach them to a person that is, so they become your kids financial mentor, and that’s why the global village is necessary, because children need more parents besides you.



MATE CORRECTLY:  The DNA of the child is the most important investment. Who you mate with is key in the develop of the child. Yes, access to capital matters, so does a global village, but all those things comes secondary to the DNA.

You should be trying to produce a super human, so it’s unwise to mate with someone who has a history of mental illness in their family. Does the person have hand eye coordination? Can they read and write? Can they process information quickly? Do they suffer from mommy and daddy issues? These are things that you must know when you are considering mating with someone. This is about investment, and investment is business, your child is a business decision whether you like it or not, so choose carefully when you’re picking a partner





Babies born in love are very important, however it’s not smart to have a baby minus an agenda. You can’t have children “just because”. Mating is a science. You must have something that you plan on hard wiring into the child. You and your mate are business partners, so think business when you are having children.

Don’t have children because you want to fill a void, don’t have children based on an insecurity that you haven’t conquered, heal first before you do that.

You should want to produce a billionaire child, that will benefit you in the long run, that will be a return on investment, you must think like this. Think like a mastermind and pass that down to your children. Write your idea’s in a journal, so it can act as a manual for the children when they get older. Be strategic in your mating process. Mate with intention, and not accidentally. It’s intellectually lazy to create children that become a victim of circumstance, it’s also child abuse.





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