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July 10, 2017
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July 23, 2018


I’ll fuck up a good thing, if you let me – Jay-Z


Self-preservation is the first law of nature true, but if that’s true, then where would the law of self-sabotage rank? For self-preservation to be a law, it must have an anti-thesis. Self-sabotage and self-preservation are both laws, and there’s a specific behavior associated with both laws people must adhere to, to be successful.

To be successful   at the law of self-preservation, requires commitment, patience, and focus, but so does the law of self-sabotage. Here are 5 things to do if you want to fuck up your life in record time.


  • MOTIVATIONAL NEEDINESS– Being a self-starter is a skill not many people have. Some people have an endless amount of passion, you don’t. Some people have extreme will, but you don’t! Since you don’t, you will always need someone to motivate you and push you. You’ll never have the juice to push through distraction, fear, doubt, and anxiety. Being motivationally needy is a great skill to ruin your life quickly, because eventually the person with motivation that is pushing you will end up leaving you because they will realize you’re not worth the investment and a complete bull-shitter. Motivational neediness is an excellent character flaw to have to be a loser.
  • WHAT IF TYPE OF PERSON– You should always ask what if this, and what if that, when it comes to your career, education, relationships, and overall livelihood. Always wondering what if will keep you at stand still I promise you. If your intentions are to go nowhere fast, then always wondering what if, is a great quality to have. Nothing in nature wonders what if, so if you do, make sure you master that trait so you can melt down effectively. Always question yourself! Never follow through with anything! Just play around in your head all day as time passes by at a quick pace. Commit to this ideology 100% and you’ll be exactly where you need to be in ten years……………….” HOMELESS” …….
  • I’LL DO IT LATER– Procrastination is a straight forward approach to being a bum. It’s straight to the point no corners cut. It’s a mathematical certainty that if you don’t handle business, and priorities now, you’ll suffer the consequences later. Always doing it later will put you behind on everything. You’ll be disorganized, always late when it comes to deadlines, missing appointments, and losing out on major life opportunities because you’ll never be prepared. In hindsight, all we really have is NOW, but doing things now could possible lead to you being successful, so never do things NOW, always do things later. Procrastinate always, to sabotage yourself perfectly.
  • SHOULDA-COULDA-WOULDA– Always talking about what you shoulda did, or what you coulda did, then what you woulda did is an awesome way never to completely evolve. In fact, it’s a form of passive aggressive hate. It’s a smart way never to accomplish anything. Shoulda, coulda, woulda, allows you to live a fantasy lifestyle because it deals with delusion. It makes you feel like you have accomplished things that you really haven’t. Delusion is good though. Thinking you’re worth more than you really are is genius. Always keep yourself in a shoulda, coulda, woulda, paradigm, because it will guarantee that you don’t move forward.
  • FUCK IT ATTITUDE– Having a fuck it attitude is probably the best characteristic to have. Why would you ever take life serious? Don’t ever take life serious, always have a fuck it attitude, be careless, aloof, never accountable, lazy, rebellious, messy, unreliable, and stagnant. Never be the type of person people can depend on. Always make excuses, and never keep your word. Fuck relationships, always be anti-social, and never make yourself available. Motherfuckers aint on your level anyway, so why would you show up at their corny events? Why would you even be around people who are trying to better themselves? Nah, all that shit is fake, you stay real always.



Self sabotage is a science that only works when you commit to it. It’s something that you must be eager to do every day. It doesn’t work if you cut corners, or you’re indecisive. It’s something that you must be completely sure about. To achieve the desired results that you truly want you must, completely undermine yourself. You must do everything wrong, every day of the year, and by the end of the year, all the friends you had should be gone, as well as money and opportunities that were on the table.



Listen, why waste time? If you want to ruin your life, don’t fake it! Don’t be in denial about wanting to give up! No one has time to babysit anyone. Either you want to fuck your life up, or you don’t. If you do, then follow these 5 steps, and don’t ever question yourself again. You’ll know if your successful at your pursuit when your homeless, in jail, broke, or dead. Again, don’t waste time. If you’re going to be a loser, be the best loser you can possibly be. Don’t trick people into thinking that you have potential, when you really don’t. Don’t allow people to help you when you don’t want to help yourself! Be totally self-aware, and don’t waste yours or anyone else’s time by being unsure about who it is that you say you are.



Many people are following these steps unconsciously! Fuck though, why go in slow motion? Speed the process up and do the lords work! If you don’t want to be shit, then move out way, and check out. As long as you’re in the way, someone who really wants to live, won’t have a shot. Instead of that, give them your space, your money, your talent, and your potential, so they can do with it everything you won’t do. Let them live, while you go find the nearest bridge to jump off.







Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
I said what I said....


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