Kevin Durant Is Smarter Than You: It’s Bigger Than Basketball

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July 12, 2016
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Kevin Durant Is Smarter Than You: It’s Bigger Than Basketball

If the only thing in life you have to look forward to is watching sports, well “YOU SHOULD KILL YOURSELF”. I mean it, just put a pistol in your mouth and blow your brains out, cause that means your parents did you a disservice. They didn’t create any opportunities for you, an like a dumb ass, you didn’t decide to not do anything about it.



You’re bored out of your mind so you think you have a right to own an athlete! You think they owe you something, but they don’t! They don’t owe you an explanation, they don’t owe you any loyalty! You are a stranger, and you suffer from a sense of entitlement!

Kevin Durant doesn’t owe you anything, nothing at all sorry! He did his job, and he did it very well.

Being in the NBA pays very well, I mean very very well, but let’s not forget though, playing professional basketball is a JOB, so that means Kevin Durant is an employee.

Sports organizations are not loyal, but why should they be? It’s a business and the players are the product, it is what it is. The moment the player becomes damaged goods, the Organization doesn’t need them anymore. It doesn’t matter how many great years the player had with that particular team, life is about “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY”, so how can anyone be upset when players decide their own destiny and take control of their lives?

Kevin Durant has averaged 27.4 points per game for his entire career! He has won an MVP and took a small market team to the NBA finals. He’s the only player in NBA history to record at least 32 points, 10 rebounds, 12 assists, 4 steals, and 4 blocks in a game, one of seven players in NBA history too average at least 28 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists in a single season, One of three players in NBA history to score 25 points or more for 40 straight games in one season, One of fifteen players in NBA history to record 30+ points in 10+ consecutive regular season games, and “CAN PULL UP FROM 30” *STEVEN A. SMITH VOICE*

I can go on and on about Kevin Durant’s numbers, I think you get the point. Based on his resume he doesn’t owe that city a damn thing, he never stole any money, or short-changed a fan. He has been nothing less than dominate, so again, he doesn’t owe you anything.



If I offered you a chance to move to a different city that offered you more opportunities, in and out of the work place, do you think you would say no? If you had the chance to make tons of money doing what you love to do, while achieving something you haven’t achieved, with some co-workers you really like, would you take the opportunity?

Isn’t is about winning? Who doesn’t want to win? If you’re ok with not being a winner, would you please do me a favor and hold your breath for 10 minutes straight, if you survive, do you remember that pistol I mentioned earlier? Yea, be my guest

Kevin Durant chose the Golden State Warriors because he wouldn’t have to work as hard, point-blank period! What’s wrong with that though? As we get older shouldn’t things we do get easier?

People are very fake, because they are looking to make the same decisions Kevin Durant made. They want a better job (Golden State Is a Better Job), they want to live in a better City, and they want to put themselves in a position that will allow them to succeed at a higher rate.



When you watch the Golden State Warriors play, they look like they are having a great time. Money doesn’t mean shit if you’re not happy and I think at this point, Kevin Durant wants to have fun. The Bay Area is a very fun place, and I think Kevin was ready to fall in love with game again.

Often times, business kills the organic reasons why we fell in love with our craft, and many times we begin to feel like, the thing we fell in love with has turned into a headache.

We all hit that wall eventually, and we have to do something drastic to remind ourselves why we fell in love with our craft. I really think that’s why Kevin made his decision to go to Golden State. I believe that he wanted to have fun again, and he went to the perfect place. As yourself this question. “WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME, I HAD FUN”






Kevin Durant is a walking quarter billion economy, let me explain way.

The Golden State Warriors are a party team. Their style of basketball is what the casual fan prefers, tons of three’s and dunks.

Michael Jordan had millions of casual fans. These are people who didn’t give a shit about the NBA, they just tuned in to watch him. When he left, the casual fan left, and when they left, they took their money with them.

It’s bigger than basketball, it’s about money, money, and more money.

San Francisco is ranked 7th in the country when it comes to-night life according to the travel report by U.S news, and that is very important when it comes to the casual fan.

The Golden State Warriors aren’t a team that you want to watch in your home alone. Their style of play is designed for a lively atmosphere like, Bars, social clubs, Lounges, and kickbacks.

The Warriors attract female fans, and every establishment will do well if they have female participation. Tons of alcohol sold, and plenty of drunk people. Those drunk people will need Uber drivers. Everyone will eat. Kevin Durant opens up a lane for the little man to get a piece of the action because a person can put together events at their house centered around Warriors games. Potlucks, fantasy leagues, gambling, charging for admissions, are all options the little man can do.

Big moves like this have a trickle-down effect. Sure big time corporations will benefit but so can the people at the bottom, because Kevin is a walking economy and the Golden State Warriors are the greatest show the NBA has to offer.

Coke dealers, weed sellers, and strippers should do great as well, because again, the Warriors don’t just play basketball, they represent a party. The next few years can be an amazing time for all of us. His addition to the team adds to the economy, people will spend money, for the Golden State experience, and if you have something to sell the people, man ole man…….



In 2013 Silicon Valley pulled in $ 100 BILLION in net income and 97.5 BILLION went back to investors. I mean think about that for a second, cause Tech Money isn’t like other money, Tech Money flips fast, especially when it comes to APPS.

By next year (2017) the APP business is projected to be worth 77 BILLION, and if your someone like Kevin Durant, who has money to invest, making the move to the Bay Area is a no brainer.

What would a 10-MILLION-dollar investment look like in an industry where people earn 50 MILLION dollars for APPS that cost less than 100,000$ to make?

Kevin has the chance to become a billionaire if he plays his cards right. What if he invests in the next Zuckerberg? A Stanford drop out who left school because he/she was bored? What if this is the person that can change Kevin’s tax bracket? It’s bigger than basketball, my friends, it’s bigger than basketball




Life is about living by your own rules, on your own terms, even if that hurts other people’s feelings, oh well. People have to worry about their own lives, and their own emotionally well being, and stop looking for outside entities to make them happy.

Kevin Durant is an employee for the national basketball association, and he is just living his life. Key word is *HIS LIFE*

Whose life are you living? Are you in a position to determine your destiny? Are you living the life you want to live?

Those are questions that you want to ask yourself before you get on social media and bash these athletes.

It’s money on the table, athletes should get all of it, wouldn’t you?

It’s big moves that could be made, if you could make them, wouldn’t you?

If you can leave your job, for a better job, a more fun job, wouldn’t you do it?



Listen, no one wants to be Michael Jordan! Who cares what Jordan would or wouldn’t have done. Why is that always the deciding factor when we talk about players? It’s like there is a ceiling, and the ceiling is Michael Jordan, and that’s bullshit.

Jordan has been reduced to the crying face meme anyway, so who the hell cares.

It’s bigger than basketball, the players know it, when will the fans?












Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
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