Men Spend Their Entire Lives Trickin On Women

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November 20, 2019

Men Spend Their Entire Lives Trickin On Women

ella byworth

Confidence is something most guys don’t have. The problem starts during childhood, boys aren’t told their a prize. Yes, they’re coddled, even over protected, and called princes and kings but their not
told that their important. What they are told is, females have more value than them and their sole
purpose in life is to protect and provide for a woman, THAT’S IT!
“Study hard, work hard, give up your body for your country and women” is what men are told, but they are never told what the rewards will be. Instead males are pressured into being crash dummies, because they believe it’s their GOD given assignment to give, and expect nothing in return. The woman is the end all, to be all, and that mindset creates the spirit of tricking.


The worst thing on earth a man can be is a trick, why? Because a trick believes that his hard labor means
nothing unless pussy validates it. A tricks lack of confidence devalues their path of success! It makes
everything involved in the process of achievement mean absolutely nothing, because pussy is not a
reward but tricks think it is. Pussy is cheap, but career achievement cost a lot, in fact men pay a higher
price in the market trying to win, then they do for pussy but a trick doesn’t see it that way. Tricks don’t
see it that way because they don’t believe they are worth more than the pussy they’re chasing.
Twenty years to be an overnight success just to sell their soul for an hour with a woman that doesn’t
even give a fuck about him! It’s deeper than pussy, this has everything to do with men not having value
for their dick. Tricks believe it’s their job to make a woman happy and supply them with everything they
need, even if it means giving up the air in his lungs. Tricks don’t believe women need to prove themselves to them, so they can have access to his money and his most prized possession, HIS BALLS. Tricks don’t require much, and that’s why women never have to be shit in life because there will always be men that gives them a pass, because of their beauty.


The confident man will never look at a woman as a prize just because she has a pussy. Her being valuable
is based on her hard work, and the way she attacks the market. The confident man values himself, and
doesn’t mind making a woman jump through hoops to get next to him. Confident men aren’t just
confident because of a belief system they have, NO! They’re confident because of ACTION! They’re
willing to do things other men aren’t willing to do to complete a mission. They’re willing to focus when
everyone is distracted! They willing to stay up and study when everyone else is tired! They’re willing to
plot, plan, and strategize in order to complete a task other people said was impossible. Confident men
don’t want it easy, nor do they want handouts! They aren’t making excuses, instead their finding
solutions. Pussy means nothing to a confident man because his mind is on bigger things. Confident men
understand that the more he wins, gains and achieves, women come with it, but if he does
nothing he can still get pussy just from his confidence alone. Basically, if he wins…he gets pussy…and if
he loses,,,all he needs is confidence and swag, so why trick then? Pussy means nothing because it
comes when a man is high…or low……this is why confident men don’t place value on pussy!


When a man finds a woman, most likely she isn’t a virgin so it’s important that he looks at her in the
correct way. It’s just his turn to fuck her, so he shouldn’t place value in her sexual capabilities unless he
can make some money off it. The value of a woman isn’t in her vagina, it’s in her mind. Men never look
for the most intelligent woman, instead men target the most beautiful women, and those women end
up being liabilities. If her beauty doesn’t make the man money, then what exactly is her beauty worth to
him? Her beauty only has value when he’s fucking her, and this is the problem! Men can be high status
individuals and still see the basic waitress as having the same value as him, even though she hasn’t done
the things he’s done. Why do men think this way? Well the answer to that question is, men believe that
their manhood  is connected to pussy, but that mindset is backwards. Pussy has no value, it’s just a body part, the value is in the results women can produce. It’s not the money, or titles , or awards that make a man high status, it’s the process he went through to get to that position that makes him high status. If a woman hasn’t done the same things to achieve that a man has done, then she’s only valuable to a trick.


A lot of men master many things. Some have mastered politics and finances, others have mastered
military science and architecture. Some men have even mastered the language of mathematics,
algorithms and a plethora of other complex fields of higher learning. Strangely though, with all that
mastery men achieve, they still can’t master women. That is very odd to me.


What is it about pussy that makes men kill other men? What is it about pussy that men kill
themselves for? Men will work extremely hard just to give his money away to a woman that doesn’t
even read books. The woman doesn’t have to know about fine dining, or excerpts from the constitution
of the United States! She doesn’t have to know world history, or the difference between capitalism or
socialism, and she doesn’t need to listen to jazz. All she needs is a cute face, and the high status man will
lay down with a low status women, but why?


Men have conquered the entire planet, the next challenge is to dominate different planets and
whatever life lives there. Men dominate the air, the seas, animals, and each other but the final frontier
is self-mastery. Self mastery is the only thing left for men to commit themselves completely too. Mastery of biological urges is the only thing left that man hasn’t conquered. The thirst for pussy has always been man’s weakness. We spend more time focused on splitting atoms, and less time trying to overcome our limitations. “PUSSY WEAKNESS”

Space exploration isn’t a need, neither is talking robots! Man doesn’t need that but we pursue those things because our intelligence is beginning to get too big for our brains. Oddly though, as advanced as we our technologically, we’re still very much primitive when it comes to our lower nature. Maybe our lower nature is really who we are! Maybe these innovations in science and technology is nothing more than a lie we tell ourselves to hide the fact, pussy is in control of a man’s life. I’m not sure, but what I am sure about is, there is no point in creating artificial intelligence if men can’t shift their thinking when it comes to his self-value. If we haven’t gotten to a point in our development where we look at ourselves as a prize women need to earn, then the idea of men being leaders by nature is a fucking lie….



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