Michael Jordan Isn’t Responsible For Your Child!!!

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October 15, 2015
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Michael Jordan Isn’t Responsible For Your Child!!!


“From June 2014 to September 2015 the American sneaker industry made 34 Billion dollars.”


Do you know what capitalism is??


Capitalism is an economic system in which trade, industry, and the means of production are privately owned and operated via profit and loss calculation (price signals) through the price system. [1][2] Central characteristics of capitalism include private property, capital accumulation, wage labor and, in some situations, fully competitive markets. [3][4] In a capitalist economy, the parties to a transaction typically determine the prices at which they exchange assets, goods, and services. [5]


The degree of competition, the role of intervention and regulation, and the scope of state ownership vary across different models of capitalism. [6] Economists, political economists, and historians have adopted different perspectives in their analyses of capitalism and have recognized various forms of it in practice. These include laissez-faire or free market capitalism, welfare capitalism, crony capitalism, corporatism, “third way” social democracy and state capitalism. Each model has employed varying degrees of dependency on free markets, public ownership, obstacles to free competition, and inclusion of state-sanctioned social policies.

The extent to which different markets are free, as well as the rules defining private property, become matters of politics and of policy. Many states have a mixed economy, which combines elements of both capitalism and centrally planned economics.[7] Capitalism has existed under many forms of government, in many different times, places, and cultures.[8] Following the decline of mercantilism, mixed capitalist systems became dominant in the Western world and continue to spread.[9]
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So based on the rules of capitalism, how is Michael Jordan responsible for your child?


We live in a time where things move ultra-fast, and words like “accountability” and “responsibility” are basically going extinct, because whatever happens in your life, that you’re not proud of, you can just simply blame someone else.

It’s very easy, it goes a lil something like this….


YOU My son was a good kid until he started playing those violent video games. We need to ban all violent video games immediately; I don’t want what happen to my child to happen to yours.


But what’s not included in that narrative is the fact that the parents went through a rough divorce, which took a toll on the child. It depressed the child and no one bothered to ask, “WHAT DO YOU THINK, OR ARE YOU OK” So the child shot up a school, thinking that was the only way that he can be heard. Of course the parents won’t blame themselves because it’s much easier to blame video games, just like it’s much easier to blame Michael Jordan for the reason children are committing violent acts over a pair of tennis shoes.


When you gave birth, did you not know what you signed up for or do you live inside of your own head? Did you not know that it was going to be challenges? If you’re not able to adjust to the challenges that life throws at you, than it wouldn’t be wise of you to have children. If you can’t have more influence over your child more than pop culture, you shouldn’t be able to be a parent.
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Just admit you don’t know what you’re doing and you need help instead of pointing the finger at people you or your child has never met. Understand this, your concept of morality, is relative. You can’t push that on other people and expect them to go by the same narrative as you. It’s not a business man’s job to worry about your child, it’s harsh but it’s the truth. A business man’s job is to make money, no more no less, that’s the American way. If you don’t agree with it, maybe you should try a communist country, or a socialist one, but just know that anywhere you go, you’ll still have to be an effective parent.


“Nike’s Jordan Brand is a financial juggernaut. Jordan U.S. shoe sales rose 17% last year to $2.6 billion, according to data compiled by SportScanInfo. Jordan has eight times the sales of the signature shoes for the top active NBA star, LeBron James. Jordan apparel and the international business add more than $1 billion as well. The Jordan Brand commanded 58% market share of the $4.2 billion U.S. basketball shoe market last year, up from 54% in 2013. The Swoosh’s share jumps to 95.5% if you include Nike Basketball. The competition: Adidas (2.6% share), Under Armour UA +1.00% (1%) and Reebok (0.8%)”.   -FORBES






Being a child’s parent is a full-time job, with no days off, and its mandatory overtime. It’s your responsibility to make sure your child doesn’t fail, your responsible for creating a village, and if Michael Jordan isn’t part of that village, then it isn’t his fault if they succeed or not.


If your child gets murdered because he or she is wearing brand new Jordan’s, how can the blame be put towards him? Have we forgotten the concept of survival of the fittest? Maybe the parents should take the blame for putting their children in harm’s way, if you know that those sneakers are a sought after items, why play Russian roulette with your child’s life?


Placing the blame on entertainers, athletes, and people in pop culture is victimization parenting. Instead of stepping your weight up as your children’s guardians, you rather pass the responsibility off to people who aren’t attached to your paradigm. Shame on you for that, because children don’t ask to be here, and if you’re not equip to handle the many complexities that having children brings, you shouldn’t have them, plain and simple





The sole purpose of being in business is to make money, and hopefully lots of it. Unfortunately people make the mistake of blending de facto morality with capitalism, and that will never work. Yes a person can practice conscious capitalism, but they aren’t obligated to, it’s a personal choice, no more, no less.


Junkies and dealers have an inter-dependent relationship, both intertwined with each other. Michael Jordan sneakers feed your children’s consumer appetite, it’s an urge that you as the parent unconsciously taught them, and you feed his pockets! To me, this sounds like fair exchange.



The issue that isn’t being talked about is hyper consumerism. Why do people have a thirst for THINGS?? 

I never understood, why the seller gets so much blame, and the junky gets a pass. The junky is never held accountable for their consumption, but the dealer should always show remorse for taking advantage of the consumer appetite, why?  We live in a time where victims have more power than conquerors, those that dodge accountability get praise, and people that figure out an angle in the game are demonized.

There is nothing unique about stupidity or weakness, so it’s important that we stop giving this behavior a pass.

If you want to provide things for your children that you never had, awesome, but consumption isn’t principles that should be passed down. Children need access and experience; those are the best resources you can provide a child, not sneakers. Millions of parents have spent more money on clothes and trinkets than they have on education and that handicaps a child. It ruins their value system, and hard-wires bad habits in their mind.

Take control of your children. If they have self-esteem and confidence, it won’t matter what they wear to school, because they will treat school like a full-time job instead of a fashion show.


If you’re going to spend money on them, make it count, and unless Michael Jordan got you pregnant, don’t expect him to father your damn child.





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