Friday, May 26, 2017
The Game Is Sold Not Told

Money, Money, Money, AND More Money


The worst mistakes I made in my life was fucking women that weren’t about getting money. I didn’t know any better, but when I did know better, I still did the same shit. I guess I was addicted to *POVERTY PUSSY*.
It’s not about the pussy per say, it’s about the mentality of the woman. Pussy is a gate way into her conscious and subconscious mind. The women I was fucking had a mental frequency associated with debt, transferable debt.

They didn’t have any real goals, any real human equity(value) or earning potential. I don’t blame them though, that was totally my fault because I was off my game. I was moving backwards, living in the gutter, and the spell of poverty attached itself to me. I let my guard down, I relaxed, I got careless, I stopped thinking business, and I started thinking like a consumer. Sex, just like everything else in the world, is a contract, a contract based on positive or negative frequency.Orgasms are energy exchange, business is energy exchange, so when I was fucking these girls I was buying into their company. I was an investor; their poverty was my investment, their frequency was my return.





I didn’t make the rules, so I’m not going waste time discussing all the things that I dis-agree with in the world. It is, what it is, at this point. It’s about money at all times, and the sooner everyone accepts that, the sooner you’ll jump tax brackets. It cost to die, and it’s cost for babies to be born.

Life and death are the most natural expressions of creativity this planet shows, and if that can be monetized for profit, then “FUCK YOUPAY ME”, at all times, seriously.

The game is cold but we got to live here. We must base everything we do around business, from the trips we take, things we learn, people we sleep with and relationships we entertain. It’s about money, don’t ever think it’s about anything different.
Sure health is wealth, sure family is important, of course, those are the essentials, but good-health is based on quality of life, and so is family.

Can people live a great life and be healthy without money? Sure they can, but with money it increases the probability of someone being healthier. You can afford doctors that cater to you specifically, that understand your blood type. You can go on spiritual retreats, or trips that help you gain a better understanding of people and life’s mysteries. Having options like that effect your health. Millions of people are suffering from diseases caused by their quality of life.

People aren’t living a good quality of life, and it’s literally killing them, but a poor quality of life can be changed with money.Sometimes love isn’t strong enough to hold a family together, sometimes business potentially has a stronger grip on the family than love. A family that does business together has to be accountable to each other, everyone’s contribution will be measured and weighed. Everyone will keep score, focus on winning, and that will set the tone for the family to have a winning tradition. Health and family need money to flourish. There is always an exception to the rule, but the probability tells a different story.





Is money everything? Well honestly yes, it is, especially when you’re black. People that claim money isn’t everything are lame, they lack imagination. OK maybe I need to explain what I mean when I say money is everything.
I mean the things that money does is everything. Eventually your imagination is going to need something or someone to seed into it to bring idea’s into real time. Your idea’s will eventually need to manifest into something tangible or you’re going to drive yourself mad.

Truthfully imagination is everything, and money brings those ideas to life, but without imagination money means nothing.
If you have no imagination, then you’ll just be a consumer and you’ll begin to notice the things that you own will begin to start owning you. Your possessions will become a prison, so yes, the things money can do is very important but imagination means more though. If you don’t have money in your life, you’re fucked! But if you don’t have imagination you’re not just fucked, you’re not actually alive.




Money is energy, and the reason most people don’t have it is because most people look at money as something purely physical. Millions of people are conditioned to make money instead of attracting money. Money must be attracted, not made.
If a person has a rich mind, they will attract money. The amount that each particular person attracts is subjective. If the mind is rich, the mind will attract the things each person desires. If it’s a rich mind that’s doing the attracting, everything that comes will be beneficial to the person.
Some people will attract dollars, others will attract adventure, some will attract peace of mind. Everything each individual attracts will be abundant.




It’s all about increase! Whatever you consider increase, that’s what you should focus on. Is it more knowledge? Is it love? Is it more free time? It doesn’t matter what it is, just focus on getting more of it. What is money to you? Increase to me is, financial freedom so I say $$$MONEY-MONEY-MONEY-AND MORE MONEY$$$$$$$$
Increase for you can be connections, so you’ll say CONNECTIONS-CONNECTIONS- AND MORE CONNECTIONS, do you get it?









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