No Such Thing As A Side Chick

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July 31, 2018
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November 20, 2019

No Such Thing As A Side Chick

There is no such thing as a side chick, AT ALL! A man can have a few side freaks, but it’s no way in hell a
man can have a side chick, it’s impossible. People get roles mixed up and that’s why it’s so much
confusion. A freak is not a “SIDE CHICK” …. A freak is just that….” A FREAK”! A “SIDE CHICK” is something completely different. It’s important people know the difference, so they can have a firm understanding of the game and how it works. This isn’t about your feelings, this is about your dealings. Your baby tears, don’t mean shit around here, ok?
Pick up what I’m putting down.

First off, a freak and a “SIDE CHICK” are different.
Secondly, men mate with their eyes, they don’t even know the difference that’s why fellas are taking so
many loses.
No more loses after today, ok? Thank me later

***FREAKS: Freaks are cool chicks, guys like to blow off steam with. Their extremely fun women to
hang out with and have turn up sessions. They can be pretty, or busted it doesn’t really matter about their looks. They can have ambition or they can be losers, that doesn’t matter either. The role
they play in a mans life, is strictly sexual. He doesn’t need to talk to her everyday, or care about
her well-being. If they talk, they talk, if they don’t they don’t no big deal because freaks have
other dick options. This is what makes relationships with freaks so fire, because there’s no
expectations, just a good time. A freak is a chick men call when they have free time, but the best
freaks are out of town freaks because men only see them when they travel. IT’S JUST SEX, no
more no less.

*** SIDE CHICKS: Truthfully, there is no such thing as a side chick that’s why a man can never have one, because she is more than that . That’s a term girlfriends and wives use to insult another woman. Side chick is a new term, but the proper term is “MISTRESS”. A mistress is different from a freak because she plays the role of a second wife. The only difference between a wife and a mistress is, the man knew the wife longer. Men divulge personal information to mistresses. Information that can damage a lot of people’s lives is shared to mistresses, why? Because men love their so-called “SIDE CHICKS”. If a man has a “SIDE CHICK” then it’s just not a sexual relationship, it’s an emotional one.
OK, that was a brief break down on the differences between a side chick and a freak. Now I can get into the game….

-Here is the Etymology Of The Word Mistress

mistress (n.)

c. 1300, “female teacher, governess; supervisor of novices in a convent,” from Old French maistresse “mistress (lover); housekeeper; governess, female teacher” (Modern French maîtresse), fem. of maistre “master,” from Latin magister “chief, head, director, teacher” (see master (n.)).Sense of “a woman who employs others or has authority over a household and servants” is from early 15c. Meaning “woman who has mastered an art or branch of study” is from mid-15c. Sense of “kept woman of a married man” is from early 15c. As a polite form of address to a woman, mid-15c. Meaning “woman who is beloved and courted, one who has command over a lover’s heart” is from c. 1500.

People make the mistake of assuming marriage automatically means monogamy. It can mean that, but
monogamy isn’t the default relationship dynamic. It’s many different types of relationship and each persons marriage is different. Marriage isn’t one thing, it’s many things and it means whatever the
parties involved say it means. With that being said, MISTRESSES…are part of marriages whether people
like it not. Mistresses automatically come with marriages, why? ANSWER: because they’re extremely necessary to balance out one of the hardest jobs in the world……” MARRIAGE”
There are many men that will say “I’M SATISIFIED WITH ONE WOMAN” and I believe men when they say that. I believe these men are being completely honest, I believe they are “SATISIFIED WITH ONE
WOMAN”, but I also believe those same men are satisfied, because they sleep with other men!

Yes, I said what I said…..

Men that aren’t interested in having a mistress, only feel like that because they sleep with other men.
It’s either that, or they don’t have an option to have a mistress cause no women are checking for bruh…
PERIOD MF, I Said what I said…..don’t @me

The problem is men don’t know the difference between a freak and a mistress. Men mate with their  eyes, that’s why lines are blurred. Men fall in love with their freaks, especially if she nasty. If the freak is real nasty, men make the mistake of attaching their emotions to places it doesn’t belong. Sexual moments are just that, *MOMENTS*. Once the moment is done, so is everything. Men and freaks should go their separate ways after that until next time. It doesn’t work like that with mistresses.


There’s a flaw in women, it’s called “ SPECIAL TRAUMA”. Women have a need to feel special, instead of
just being special. Look, if you’re special you’re special, with a man or without. A man is extra, not a
fucking goal! The only thing a man can do, is be confirmation to something you already know. If a man
makes you feel special, you aint shit without him, period.
The reason women love to refer to other women as the, “SIDE CHICK” is because “main” women need to
feel special. It’s a way for wives to pull rank, as if being a wife actually means something, IT DOESN’T!
Being a wife is just another thing that humans do, no more no less and it’s a huge mistake to assume
your man’s “SIDE CHICK” is lesser than you. Whelp, let’s put things into context..

  • 1. Marriage doesn’t come from “GOD”. It actually comes from the mind of humans, just like
    everything else. It’s not mystical, it’s not divine, it’s not deep, in hindsight it’s nothing more than
    2. The primary benefit of being married is resources. Being married to a man with means, puts a
    woman in a good position in terms of lifestyle and if he dies she’ll inherit tons of
    goodies….BUT…The wife also inherits his bad health, and flaws. Women that are married often
    times look dried the fuck up, especially after children. Marriage doesn’t usually make a woman
    more beautiful, in fact it does the opposite.
    3. The so-called side chick experiences a better version of your man. She doesn’t have to deal with the day to day life shit , like you do. When she’s with him, it’s a breath of fresh air, everything is

“SIDE CHICKS” make a critical error though. They let the man off the hook too much. They allow men to take their foot off the gas, while the wife has to deal with a lot of bullshit. Look if a side chick is going to be in a relationship with another woman’s man, I believe the so-called side chick should keep him under pressure. If the wife has expectations, side chicks/mistresses should have those same expectations, or even more. Often times side chicks, deal with the man exclusively. That’s another difference between side chicks and freaks. Freaks have other men, side chicks/mistresses usually don’t. Since this is the case,“side chicks” can’t allow a man to be in LA-LA land in her presence. She can’t allow him to be on some lovey-dovey shit, while he’s slacking. Exclusive pussy is designed for exceptional MEN, not slackers.


How can a woman be a side chick, if your man is consistently cup caking with her? How can a woman be
a side chick, if your man is fucking her raw, licking pussy and ass? He gives her money, and ask about her children. She knows his business, and information about you. She isn’t a secret, you just don’t know her, but bet a couple of his friends do. She isn’t a side chick at all, she is a main chick. If a man is investing into another woman, she isn’t a SIDE nothing! She’s a main course meal, he eats at a different time.


For some odd reason people have a weird idea when it comes to “self worth” and “self-esteem”, as if
coming first in someone’s life means something for real. I mean, life is about perks and incentives. If
coming first in someone’s life doesn’t have perks and incentives then what the fuck does it coming first
actually mean?

Main Chick Perks.

  • 1. Life insurance and pension perks, (but truthfully most Americans are a working poor class, so there isn’t much equity in a relationships)
    2. In house dick ( most American men are out of shape, so the in-house dick doesn’t mean anything, it’s just something to do, and most women never have an orgasm anyway)
    3. Bragging rights. ( Marriage makes women feel good, a ring is a trophy but it doesn’t take skills to get married, anyone can do it…..hell a human can marry a Dog…)
    4. Having children with the same man. ( HONESTLY THIS IS THE ONLY PERK) 
  • Main Chicks Cons.          
    1. Day to day life. ( many people get married because of romance, but romance is just a moment in time that comes and goes. Day to day life is what’s most common and it’s a bunch of bullshit, filled with bills, deaths in the family, children that act retarded, and endless monotony)
    2. Familiarity Breeds Contempt. ( it’s very hard to enjoy something you have always have access to. There no urgency and people tend to under value things that are predictable. Seeing the same
    person every single day, even when their at their worst isn’t a good thing. People trick themselves into believing that type of life is everything, but it’s a lie people tell themselves to keep up appearances.)
    3. Boring bitch Energy. ( main chicks have boring bitch energy. A man already seen all your sex moves, already seen your best pair of panties, already knows your favorite restaurant, already knows everything about you, and honestly this is only good when men have retired. Not from a job, retired from the game of life. Boring bitch energy is great when a man is ready to DIE..)

Side Chick/Mistress Perks.

  • 1. FreshMan FreshWoman .( If a woman doesn’t have to see a man every day it’s great for both him and her. It’s great for her because, she has the space to grow and focus on her self. She can be in a relationship when she FEELS like it, and opt out when she FEELS like it. There’s no contempt or resentment, just newness. There no obligation, so when the two of them get together they bring their best. They are together because they want to be.)
    2. Hard Pussy and Bubble Gum.  ( Yes many side chicks/mistresses are  committed exclusively to the man, but that’s by choice, but they still leave their options open. They don’t have to stick around if he falls off, or gets sick , or goes through a midlife crisis. He isn’t required to solve all her problems, she
    can find solutions outside of him. At the end of the day, she got “HARD PUSSY AND BUBBLE GUM “ for him, and everything is good….until it’s not.)
    3. Wives work hard, Side Chicks have fun . ( While wives and main chicks are bragging about being first, they are also working hard as hell. They are also out of shape! They also have given up their dreams! They also have completely lost themselves in the idea of being a wife, that they don’t even remember their own name. Side chicks/Mistresses on the other hand, don’t got to deal with none of that mess. Most of the time the man is sponsoring something she has going on,
    and she really doesn’t have to change anything about her self to be with him. If she decides not to take his money, she keeps autonomy. They have fun with your man, while your working hard to keep him.)
  • Side Chick/Mistress Cons
    1. The only con is, side women don’t have a pot to pull from when the man dies, BUT there’s a
    solution for that. These women should create an account with the man, and go dollar for dollar
    every month. She put in $20.00 and he match her. If she puts in $100.00 then he has to match
    that. This account is strictly for her! It’s a great way for her to build a pot along with the other
    things she has going on.


What am I saying? I’m saying that life is going to happen and men and women will always be attracted
to you each other. You’re stupid as hell if you think for one second, that marriage means more than it
does it. At the end of the day, if you’re a woman that’s married or in a relationship, it’s important to
know the difference between a freak and a mistress.
It’s important for women to remove this idea of being special because truthfully most women are only
married because their husbands wanted to slow them down!

Yea that part! He didn’t want anyone else fucking you so he married you! He didn’t want you to pivot
more into your career, so he got you pregnant…….TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. Dick and marriage are two
dangerous weapons men have at their disposal. Time will rob a woman of their beauty, but dick and
marriage will rob a woman of her freedom.

The Game 4.0

Men need to know the difference between a freak and mistress just like women do. A freak is just a
fuck, but mistresses are a wife and she isn’t going anywhere. So….you got two choices ladies…
1. Get along with the bitch
2. Just be a hoe and live your best life







Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
I said what I said....


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