Friday, May 26, 2017
The Game Is Sold Not Told

Paul Robeson: Here I Stand Documentary

Paul Robeson Theatre
Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Nikon F
Nikkor 28mm f/2.8
Fuji Neopan Professional 1600


Usually the people we consider hero’s, were given to us. It’s very rare that people discover a hero on their own. Sometimes our heroes are given to us by our parents, but most of the time our hero’s our given to us by society.

There’s a reason that most Americans are so familiar with Dr. Martin Luther King and to a lesser degree, Malcolm X. There’s a reason why big budget films have been made in their honor. There’s a reason why their celebrated every year commercially. Both of those men are great no doubt, both of them are accepted in the mainstream though.

Malcolm’s approach may have been more militant than Martins, and his views on blackness frightened the public, but he still has main stream acceptance. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were amazing men with outstanding legacies, but they are “PROGRAMMED HEROS” .  Both of them are a brand, and whether you like it or not, you’re forced to acknowledge them.

What about Paul Robeson though? How come he’s not a hero? How come one of the most successful artist in American History  is not celebrated? This isn’t just some random guy walking the streets! I’m talking about PAUL——FUCKING———ROBESON.

How can Paul Robeson not be celebrated when it’s possible that Martin Luther King copied his style? Paul came before Martin, and at one point, Paul was the face of black America, I’m sure Martin studied Paul. Listen to Paul Roberson talk than listen to Dr. King.

Paul Robeson accomplish unimaginable things, but America doesn’t know it, I wonder why! Maybe it’s deeper than a popularity contest. Maybe America doesn’t like its blacks to align themselves with communism…….


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