Please Explain talking White, Acting BLack

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July 17, 2015
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July 20, 2015

Please Explain talking White, Acting BLack

What does talking white, And acting black actually mean???

Ok we family right? So we can have an open dialogue objectively with no feelings involved right? Nobody’s feelings will be hurt, and no one is going to take anything personally right? Because we all family and I got you, don’t worry

I need someone to answer some very serious questions that I have, because I’m very curious, very! What the hell does talking white mean? How does a person achieve that? What are the necessary steps taken to properly sound white?


I wasn’t aware Caucasian people had a monopoly on pronunciation. That’s interesting, so if a person can talk white, then does that mean they can whistle white as well?


Is there such thing as a red neck whistling technique? Ok Ok OK, what about umm, ugh, a white way to lick your lips? I mean seriously, if a person can talk white, then why stop there? It has to be a way to lick your lips like a white person! There has to be a college on this planet that I can learn to whistle like a redneck.e86cfcec21d3c08f2599ce7a8cab0045

How dare people insult a black person’s intelligence by attaching their mastery of the English language with whiteness? The sad thing is, it’s niggers that label each other like this, and yes I said NIGGERS, because there are some among us who behave in a NIGGERISH manner, as if talking with articulation is a birth right exclusive to white skin.

Somewhere in America right now, a black child is purposefully dumbing themselves down to fit in, ashamed that they are smart. Let’s analyze that for a second!

When you grow up in the hood, retarded behavior is not only condoned, it’s advised, rewarded, and celebrated, so the intellectually gifted black children are made to feel like outsiders. They hide the fact that they are intelligent, because being smart makes them an outcast, so they pretend they can’t read, and they pretend to hate school. In reality they love being students, they are eager to learn, but they can’t cause other black children marginalize them.

Listen, we family right, so don’t get mad when I say this, your brother is just keeping it real.

A lot you parents are raising black animals, your children are the shooters, your children are the ones going into these schools harassing the children that want to learn, and their behavior is your fault. You’ve tricked them into thinking, that education is a white thing! You have conditioned them into thinking that keeping it hood is badge of honor, well I have a question.

What does the hood have to offer? What are the incentives?

If a person masters the dynamics of the hood, what are the benefits? Does going to college have more to offer than the ghetto? If the answer is yes, then how is that a white thing?


Just because a black man or woman makes a wise decision doesn’t mean they are acting white. Someone being white does not make them pre-coded for brilliance, so why do a lot of black people think that? When black people say someone is talking white, what they really mean is, that person is talking smart, so basically they are attaching brains with whiteness, think about that!42530188d138616ad28d88ebbf961d6f

So now, how does someone act black?

What does it mean to act black, how does a person go about that? Is everything about black life, one size fits all? If it isn’t then how can someone non-black act black? When a white person is “ACTING BLACK”, what kind of behavior are they acting out? They are usually speaking with slang, dressing very sloppy, acting very careless, basically “MALIBU’S MOST WANTED’.




Now the same way the world attached being smart with being white, the world equally equates being ignorant with being black.


When a white girl is twerking, it’s look at as a black thing, as if Liz Taylor didn’t have 7 marriages, as if Marilyn Monroe wasn’t letting men spray cum in her face. Please, since when did being sexual become exclusive to any nationality of women?


People have brought into that bullshit narrative. When it’s black, it’s something cheap, something less valuable, something at a lower standard, but when it’s white, it’s something pristine, upper echelon, and high quality.  I have to blame black people for perpetuating this.

If I’m in the hood, why will a person throw trash on the ground, and it’s a garbage can right next to them, but if I take them to a more affluent, predominately white area, their behavior will change, < ALL OF A SUDDEN, THIS NEGRO WANTS TO START RECYCLING>  explain that

We are willing to elevate whiteness to the highest standard, while simultaneously devaluing ourselves because of fear, and we do it voluntarily. Listen, the secret is black people are afraid. We are afraid to stop the nigger shit, it makes us high, it’s a crutch we lean on to justify being unsuccessful. We wrap our identity around lack-of, it isolates us, purposefully shielding us away from ever-growing the fuck up


How come conscious rappers biggest fan bases are whites? Artist with more substance in their music don’t really penetrate the masses of black audiences. Artist like Lupe Fiasco, and Mos Def survive off the white dollar, with sprinkles of black support here and there. It seems as if many black hip-hop fans turn away from the smart rapper.

Did you no 2chainz went to college? How come a college educated man, would spit nursery rhymes? Because he knows, these silly niggas aren’t going to support him anymore if he raps with more substance in his music, so I can’t blame him, it’s a business.

White men are known for their brains, and black men are known for their penis, but big penises don’t get the bills paid, big brains do.

From now on acting black has to be synonymous, with great things, so if someone says that a white kid is acting black, they are saying it because he is running a computer company. Acting black has to be attached to the best things in life, not the worst.

Education doesn’t mean white, and ignorance doesn’t mean black, knowledge belongs to those that reach for it

I’m setting the rules; this is what acting black means from now on!

1.) Acting black means, you won’t settle for less
2.) Acting black means, you know how to do great business, if it cost 10 dollars, then we are going to pay full price, no shorts!
3.) Acting black means you love to read
4.) Acting black means you like to go camping
5.) Acting black means you love to smile

Feel me? Anytime a white person is acting foolish, he isn’t acting black, he/she is acting like a nigger.

And if a black person is talking like they got some sense, they not talking like they’re white, they are talking like they are a” GOD”is (38)









Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
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