Please Stop Telling Women They Need To Be Married, It’s Corny

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September 7, 2016
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October 3, 2016

Please Stop Telling Women They Need To Be Married, It’s Corny

There was a time in this country where women couldn’t do much without a man. A women needed a husband, and children to define who she was, if she wasn’t married, her value in society didn’t mean much. A woman needed to be saved, she needed her decisions made for her, she needed her life planned, orchestrated, and developed by a man. It didn’t matter if the man she was with was an awesome planner, it also didn’t matter if the man she was with had an under average I.Q, she was basically at the mercy of his choices.


Many women never had the opportunity to evolve into the best version of themselves because men were the ceiling to their creativity. Whether he was a successful man, or a bum, it didn’t matter because the woman would follow a man to heaven or the pits of hell, and she didn’t have to be accountable because his vision was the end all to be all.

Times have changed now; information is available that can change a woman’s life. Previously women were basically at a disadvantage because men did all the learning for her, so it put women behind the learning curve, but now women are in the know and it’s impossible to keep a person down that has access to information.



History shows us, it would be very stupid of a woman to just want a man to save her! Why allow someone to define your reality for you? As long as someone is in charge of paying your way, you’ll always be the slut in the relationship. I think smart women learned from their grandmothers and aunties though, not to make a man their purpose, while primitive women are thinking idiotic thoughts still operating on beta frequency, hoping Prince charming heroically comes in to save the day. Blah *ONLY IN THE MOVIES*


See, in the movies you don’t even have to be a princess to attract prince charming, all you have to do is have a vagina, but in the real world, you get what you put out. Only lazy women are looking for a man to save them and honestly these women don’t really want a relationship, they just want attention.


Smart women see  life differently, they choose credentials over a man’s attention, which is smarter. There is nothing wrong with attracting a prince charming as long, as you have your own castle too. If that prince has a castle and you don’t, you’re his slut, point-blank period. Your happiness will be based on his moods, your well-being will be based on his achievements, and his ego will be based on your lack. The less you can do for yourself as a woman, the better his testosterone levels will be.


A woman’s life shouldn’t be defined on whether someone marries her or not. Giving birth to children doesn’t mean success, and having none at all doesn’t mean failure. These societal idea’s people have for women only benefit women with no dreams, and men that need control, but what about the women that are idealist? What about women that are smarter than their husbands, but must take a backseat because her intelligence is a threat? What about women that don’t want to be monogamous because it feels like slavery to them, what should these type of women do? What if multiple partners actually help with her creative process? If women don’t fit into an outdated social idea we have for them, should we disregard what works for them just so we can get a chemical boost for being right? Is their voice less important or are we only comfortable with the voices that echo ideas of women being seen a not heard, weak and not strong, humble and not arrogant, dependent and not self-sufficient, clueless and not strategic?


If a woman has children, that’s nice, but she doesn’t have to, and that’s ok because everything isn’t for everybody. If she happens to meet a man she thinks is amazing and decides to marry him, that’s good for her if that’s what she wants, but only if that’s what she wants. Her being married isn’t a good thing if she is doing it because, she thinks that what she’s SUPPOSED  TO DO, no! If it’s good for her, then it is good, end of story, no more no less.


Based on history, many older women are disqualified from giving their opinions on the lives of modern women, because those women inthe past were just someone’s wife, and that’s it. History remembers Husbands, not wives, and I think many women should have a problem with that especially if the achievements of the man are a direct result of her influence.




A lot of these older women are bitter old bitches, upset because their beauty has faded away, and they really have nothing to show for themselves from being married, other than stretch marks, divorce, and ungrateful children, so they are worst women to take advice from. In their defense though, it was a different time, and they made due with the information they had available even though the ideology was backwards.


These days’ women are much smarter, much slicker, and have more confidence than they did before. Many women are finding strength in sister-hoods, instead of finding strength because of a man. Many women aren’t fighting over dick, instead they are fighting for their careers, and their place in history. Many women are putting their purpose ahead of a man, and that is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of talentless women.


There is nothing noble when a woman comes to the table with nothing, but people seem to think it’s ok, but those same people find it offensive when a woman has her own shit, why?


If she has her own shit, she can’t be controlled, she doesn’t have to tolerate things that make her uncomfortable, because she can pay her own way, and since she can pay her own way she has options to leave.


Yes, a woman having her own shit, is something she should be applauded for, but deeper than that, if she has her own mind, she should be respected. Applauds are cool, but it’s nothing like being respected. Just because people give you a hand clap, it doesn’t mean that they respect you. Respect is much different; it means you’re being honored for something people admire.


Not many women have their own mind, free thought is a commodity that is very expensive, and it usually comes with sacrifice. Thinking freely comes with a price, dependency has its rewards, so I respect any woman that is in the world dreaming, and turning those dreams into a reality, you are the MVP











Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
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