Some Women Need More Than One Man

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January 19, 2016
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January 21, 2016

Some Women Need More Than One Man

Look, I really suck at being emotional, it’s a flaw of mine that I tried to change, but every time I see someone act emotionally insane, it lets me know that ummm ugh being super emotional is for real weak people. Emotions have their place like everything else, but it takes real maturity to be able to discern when the time is right. Emotions are about timing basically, but that’s not a lesson most women that I’ve encountered probably will never learn in this life time.

Hyper emotional women have trouble seeing the big picture, so because of this they will never climb the social ladder.  The concept of power and emotions cannot exist in the same room with each other, and that’s an issue many women may never learn in this life time also.





I must be honest, the majority of women that I’ve fucked, were very weak. They didn’t transfer any of their power to me, but how could they, if they had none. The only thing that I ever received from them was their emotional baggage and insecurity. If they were truly powerful, it’s a possibility that I may be further in life based on their energy that I consumed, maybe-maybe not.




So yes, it’s a lot of weak whack bitches running around, sorry! It’s true though. A lot of them look amazing, they may even suck and fuck good, but outside of that, they aren’t worth the tampons that they plug their pussy with, BUT………..THERE ARE A FEW EXCEPTIONS


The exceptions that I am speaking of are very under represented, because they move different.  They aren’t too loud, or too quiet. Some are beautiful and very sexy, others aren’t but the thing that they have in common is that they have very powerful minds, and when anyone comes in contact with them, they instantly shape, and mold them. These women have an enormous presence, and there is no fear in them, but if it is, they find pleasure in running towards the fear head on. These women think like Oprah, not like a victim! These women don’t put being a house wife at the top of their wish list, because they are so much more than that. These women are larger than life, and because of that, it’s a possibility that having one man isn’t enough.



Yes women are emotionally draining at times, but even the most emotional woman is still emotionally stronger than a man. Men are hard on the outside, but tissue paper soft on the inside, and many men couldn’t fathom sharing a woman, well that’s because the average man hasn’t dealt with a woman who has a life purpose that supersedes being a man’s cum dumpster.


Men have a problem with idea of not being needed. For some reason, maybe it’s societal, but a lot of men have an issue with not being able to save a woman, I guess it’s good for the male ego. I suffered from the same curse too once upon a time. I thought it was my job to save a woman, and to provide everything she ever needs, not because she actually needed it, it was because I needed to feel important! I wanted the validation of being a provider, but that shit is an illusion and it’s something to massage the male ego.



There are women that don’t need to be saved, and don’t want to be saved either. Some women just want a partner to share the world with, after she conquers it, so if a man is lacking self-esteem, this type of woman will run every man away. Legendary women don’t need a man for the sake of having one; these women need a man for specific reasons. They want a man who has his own unique super powers, because she has her own, and she wants him in her life to be an addition to her already amazing quality of living. Other than that, she doesn’t really need a man.


She has awesome friends, so she doesn’t have those weak moments of being lonely. She has her own money, so if she does feel like she needs company, she will take a trip somewhere around the world, and fuck who ever she pleases, on a beach while water from the high tide splash on her feet, and the wet sand covers her ass. If she has kids cool, if she doesn’t, well that’s cool too. Her mind is on conquering the world, so she isn’t caught up on mainstream family concepts, she’s makes her own rules, and she designs what family looks like to her. It may consist of blood, it may not.


She has a lot of lovers, and if you’re not ok with sharing her, then you’re not fit to be in her life. Her aura is too big for just one man, and the moment any man tries to impose his will on her in terms of his requirements for companionship, she will remove him. She can handle multiple men, and she functions better when she has more than one partner. Instead of trying to limit her movements, a man should just embrace the role she allows him to play in her life. There is no need to be jealous because if she considers you a life partner, then consider yourself very lucky, cause you weren’t the only person that filled out the application. She even has woman who want to be on her team, and guess what, some are! Now if you act right she might invite you over, to really have some fun with her and few of her female lovers. * Wink*





Having control is a masculine trait, but masculinity isn’t something exclusive to men, masculinity is a principle. Some women want control, and some women will get it by any means necessary. If men want to fuck with a great woman, then he must learn to play by her rules, and enjoy the moment. Some women can’t be controlled by men, because her purpose supersedes a man, and since her purpose supersedes a man, she has no problem dealing with more than one at a time because the energy she receives from a man is a means to an end. The difference between her and men that have multiple lovers is, she will never lie to anyone. She is confident in her decisions and her lifestyle choices is something that works for her, so don’t take it personal,  it’s not designed to ruin anyone. If you’re in her life its cause you choose to be and you know what role you play


Many women either got married and became a house wife or had to put their life on hold because they got pregnant while the man was free to follow his dream, and I think those days are over honestly. Men can no longer use women as an ego boost. Men must go inward and manifest his greatness, then bring his talents to the table so he can match a legendary woman. Some women aren’t built for that old school family dynamic, and some are. The ones that are, are very easy to find. When they talk they sound the same as every other woman that’s walking college campuses, and sitting in churches, waiting for prince charming to save them but the women that are great are too busy moving around, and the only way that you’ll even catch up to them, is if your moving to.


Don’t try to tame her, just appreciate her, don’t try to take anything, instead add-on, don’t waste time judging, instead be open to listening, and teach through your influence not your words. You may only be in her life for only a season, but while you’re there, enjoy yourself. She wasn’t meant to be caged, just admire her freedom, and allow yourself to be a student. If she lets you lick her pussy, well there is the ego boost you been looking for, savor the moment, cause she may be gone when you wake up.










Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
I said what I said....


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