Tell The Truth: Is this Poly or another Pu$$y Hustle? Keep It Real Brotha!!!

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July 13, 2017
August 21, 2017

Tell The Truth: Is this Poly or another Pu$$y Hustle? Keep It Real Brotha!!!

Ah yes poly. It’s trendy now. And when things get trendy, they tend to get watered down. First let me briefly explained what poly is.

  • Poly (short for Polyamory) is the act of either sex having multiple partners at one time.  All types of multiple relationships, married or not, open relationships, etc are polyamorous. So when I mention “poly” I am referring to all types of unions where there is more than one partner involved at a time.
  • Polygamy is the act of 1 or both partners who are married forming unions with other married partners. Sometimes this can be seen as a group marriage or how society coins the term, “swingers.”
  • Polygyny is the act of a man having more than one wife (this a term used for those who are married.)
  • Polyandry is the act of a woman having more than one husband (this a term used for those who are married.)

Now I support both men and women having multiple partners if indeed that is their nature. I think we are too close minded in this society thinking relationships only can look one way. But I smell some frauds in the ranks and it is time to set the record straight. The truth is this, a lot of males are not poly, that is just a way to hustle new pussy.

Pussy Hustlers disguised as Poly Men and the lies they tell

Lie 1 “Poly will cut down on cheating”

Say what!? This statement is a red flag. Males who speak this don’t realize that poly is still a RELATIONSHIP. Cheating is a term used for someone breaking an agreement within in a relationship. They aren’t playing fair and you should always play fair with those who you have an imitate arrangement with. If you enter into a monogamous union where you and your partner agree to be sexually exclusive, it is your responsibility to uphold that agreement. If you change your mind later down the line, it is your responsibility to let your partner know so that they can decide whether they want to stay or leave. If you do not disclose that information you are in breach of the arrangement with what was originally agreed upon. Now get this…people cheat in poly unions too! lol
From first hand experience, I have witness men with 2 live in girlfriends and still have “side chicks” the women know nothing about. Why? Because any male that is not ready for a relationship will not honor anything poly or not. He is undisciplined and dishonest. The only thing that will stop cheating is people simply being honest with their intentions at all times.

Lie 2 “There are more women than men so it make sense”

“All the ‘black’ men are gay!” “All the ‘black’ men are locked up!” This is a fear tactic playing on women’s desires to be loved and get married. Here are the facts:

  • Yes in the United States there are slightly more men than women (like 98 men to 100 women)
  • However the OVERALL world population is the complete opposite. The overall population is pretty balance with a slight tilt towards more men than women. (101 men to 100 women). This has a lot to do with some countries preferring a male child over a female child (Patriarchy is something huh?)
  • A lot of countries in the continent Africa (“black” males LOVE romanticizing Africa as a reason to have 2 wives) there are more men than women! So by this logic, maybe women should have more than one husband right?
  • Of course I wouldn’t leave you without a few sources (The Washington Post, Reference, World News Station, and IBT Times.)

All this to say that like in every thing, the Great Mother is pretty balance. So all this fear mongering of shortage of men is pure noise. Now some would make the argument that “black” men should mate with “black” women and I don’t agree nor disagree with that. To each its own. But why do  “Black” American men seem to think they are the ONLY “black” men to exist on the planet! The well-traveled woman knows this is a lie because she sees first hand the abundance of “black” men available to her. And another point to add is this…do “Black” American men limit themselves to just “Black” American women? Not in the least. In fact one could argue they go out their way to try to find women of other countries, races, and nationalities. So why should a “Black” American woman limit her dating pool to a group of men who won’t do the same?

Lie 3: “Monogamy is not natural”

ALL manners of relating to one another is natural. This is not “Dwhight” man’s way.” There is nothing new under the sun. All things come from darkness into the light including all forms of relationships. People say monogamy promotes restriction and jealously. That is not true. INDIVIDUALS promote that. Do you honestly think that jealously and restriction can’t occur in poly arrangements? If the individuals involved are jealously, the union will feed of that. And the more jealous people involved, more that dysfunction will multiply.

Monogamy relationship wise is about having one partner either for a lifetime OR at one given time frame. While I do think it is unrealistic to be with just one person for ever, I also think it’s unrealistic to mate with just for 2 people forever? Check this out…

  • a woman going her entire life mating one partner at a time every 2 years is practicing monogamy.
  • a man married to two women with an agreed arrangement of mating only with them for life  is polygny.
  • Who has more freedom? Who has fewer restrictions?  Who is experiencing more? Who has less stress? See it’s all relative.

Every successful business owner I have talked will give this common advice “focus on one thing first. You have to be monogamous to one business idea and then when it grows, venture off into others ” When I really think about it the true poly people in the world are already monogamous but not to specific person per say … their  more exclusive to their purpose. So all forms of relationships have their place.

Lie 4: It’s about economics and “nation building”

First of all, what the hell is your nation and why do you need to screw multiple women to build it?  You can nation build right now! You can’t shack up with close friends and family members and practice family economics. You can help out a woman you know that has a son and needs a father figure. I find it ironic that a lot of “Black” men want to nation build but tear “Black” women down every chance they get. How can you nation build and not build up the women? You make a “black” woman feel like shit for being a single mother instead of helping her raise this “black” child you claim to care about.

If you really want a group of women and to have your own tribe that’s cool. Tell me the plan? What will be the name of our nation ? What language will we speak? What will be our laws? What will be our diet? Where will we live? How will we acquire land and housing for all these brown babies?  What skills should all of us have to contribute? Building a nation is building a BUSINESS so you have to come with a plan other than your penis. Unless of course the only thing you want to build is more notches on your belt.

Lie 5: Men are naturally poly and women are naturally monogamous

I love this one. Because this is the classic sexual repression in women I was talking about in my last article, Every Woman Should Have Sex With Two Men. I’ve save the best lie for last because this is how you know for a sure a man is not really poly.  A true poly person would not care if their partner had other partners! The entire concept behind poly is to express oneself with more than one partner, so how can someone who claims to be poly try to restrict a woman from her expression? That’s not only a pussy hustle, it’s a weak attempt at pussy control.

The Game

“Conscious brothers” hate “roman antics” (romance) but love romanticizing polyamorous unions without any experience to back it up. Like stated in the beginning, I support poly unions in both men and women. They can be some of the most exciting and beautiful experiences you ever had. And they also can be the most traumatic situations you will ever encounter. It all depends on the individuals. Ladies if you are not poly, do not let these pussy hustlers convince you other wise. Fellas keep it real and be honest. State your nature upfront and find those who are like you. We are out here 😉


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