The Black Supremacy Codes: Part 1

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November 20, 2015
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The Black Supremacy Codes: Part 1


It’s counterproductive to talk about being oppressed without talking about a collective response. People must either evolve, or brainstorm together to problem solve effectively. The ability to solve problems is a science, it is either taught through evolution (nature) or it’s taught in the classroom. The class room that teaches black people isn’t a class room that has the masses of black people’s best interest, so the ability to problem solve will forever be an elusive concept to us unless we are eager to do the dirty work. Change isn’t comfortable, in fact it’s very painful, exhausting, and the process can break you if your will isn’t strong enough.






The first step to problem solving is of course, identifying the problem. America has a class system, so based on that system; all black people don’t have the same issue. There must be a collective consciousness for any type of movement to really happen. The people must agree that they are the same; they must agree on a history, they must agree on the problem and the agenda.  One group of people cannot have food, clothes, and shelter, will the other group of people lack the basic life necessities. Everyone must be starving, or everyone must be full, there can be no middle. A lot of times in warfare, the battle is lost because the middle is weak. The American middle class is the reason there isn’t any collective consciousness, cause those in the middle want to live the lives of those at the top, while simultaneously, feeling vitriol for the people at the bottom.


Black people who want change must come to terms with the concept of warfare. In times of war, you must slaughter your own; you must destroy anything that represents idea’s other than the main agenda, which is BLACK SUPREMACY. There can no middle; the people must be one, one idea, one language, one aim, one purpose, one consciousness. Everyone starves or everyone eats.








The people must be politically mature, and design a constitution that everyone adheres too. Contracts must be signed, and mailed to the BLACK SUPREMACY headquarters (it should be located in a city where black people are the majority)

Those that don’t sign the black supremacy contract are not necessarily an enemy, but they aren’t under the protection of black supremacy. They must do for themselves, independent of black supremacy assistance. They will not receive the benefits of black supremacy law enforcement, the black supremacy treasury, black supremacy farming, or black supremacy industry and institution.

The black supremacy political party is a party that deals with the needs, concerns, and human rights of black Americans. The party’s first concern is black America, but it’s not limited to the global plights of the entire black world.

It’s impossible to liberate black people elsewhere, while black people in America are being mistreated.

The black supremacy party will assist any black people globally in exchange for land rights and citizenship in that country for black Americans.

The black supremacy treasury is a bank that will be transparent. All black supremacy citizens will receive monthly bank statements so they are aware of the banks progress. The treasury will handle loans, shipping and exporting, military training, medical needs, and education and land development.

There is no class system in black supremacy. Capitalism will be used when trading with other groups outside of black supremacy jurisdiction, but those inside of black supremacy adhere to socialist and communist ways of life. The citizens will have a vote every five years to determine what system best benefits the whole. If it doesn’t benefit the whole, then it will not become law.

Anything over 75% represents the whole. Those that represent the 25% (the sum) are to be assisted by the 75% in all matters. There can be no middle ground

The women are the law givers, young men are for war, and elders for counsel. Everyone that is of working age (13years old for boys & 16 years old for girls) can vote.  No one can lose voting rights, not even because of crime. Everyone’s vote will count, but it will be based on degrees. Lesser votes and High votes will be based on if an individual is in good standing. A lesser vote will be considered half a vote, high votes are whole. Lesser votes are votes from people who are not in good standing, they are not in good standing because of community infractions such as debt, un-regulated fighting, greed, jealousy, and behaviors that mimic white society.

If the individual gets in good standing, then they win their whole vote back.




Third Step


The people must agree that they are same people. It’s been a major issue for black people to have collective consciousness because there were always social divisions.

The Revolutionary war created a division that still exists. The blacks (fought with the patriots) other blacks (fight with the British).   Both side promised freedom to runaway slaves, even free blacks fought, but there can be none of that within the black supremacy ideology.  Everyone must represent the same ideas. A person’s individuality will flourish in the arts, but when it comes to the consciousness of the people, everyone will be on the same page.

A promise to one side must be the same promise made to another side. Everyone will be free, or everyone will be a slave, everyone will eat, or everyone will starve, housing for everyone or everyone will freeze to death.

Everyone must agree that they are the same; black supremacy is only as good as its weakest link.

There can be no division; any divisions must be settled, with the pen or the sword



  • No black women is allowed to do any manual labor. They are not allowed to lift or carry anything. If any man allows a woman in his presence to carry any heavy load, then that man isn’t in good standing. Punishment for this offense, is running a mile, if the man is a repeat offender then the length of the distance doubles.
  • Every black supremacy citizen must be trained in business, war, and technology by the age of 18.
  • Every citizen must pay a 10 % tax to his neighbor. It’s the people who take care of each other
  • The treasury gets its yield from trading with other nations. The people don’t pay a tax to the treasury; the treasury will sustain itself based on gross domestic product.
  • No one is allowed to marry, or have children with a person that is not under the contract of black supremacy.
  • If a man/woman marries or has children with an outsider, than that outsider must sign a contract for black supremacy citizenry, or the black supremacist citizen must relinquish their citizenship
  • If you commit unlawful murder then you are subject to peonage. You become property of the victim’s family. You must produce 10x the value of the victim’s life.
  • Men may not have children without training in warfare, business or technology
  • Women choose the men she wants.
  • Homosexual citizens cannot show homosexuality outside of their home
  • No one is allowed to be single. polyandry and Polygyny will be strongly enforced on those that are in need of mates.
  • White people aren’t the enemy, they are the competition
  • Any act of treason, is death
  • Every 21-year-old male child must do one year of self-improvement, in a self-improvement facility. He will study law, math, and science, psychology, politics, economics, and self-control. He will be away from his family for 12months. He can only leave the self-improvement facility when his father approves of his growth
  • Every female child will do 6 six months in a self-improvement facility. She will learn astrology, agriculture, numerology, how to deliver children, and food prep. She must learn tangible and applicable skills to take care of her mother
  • Men must stay with the women that he has children with
  • Black women must pledge their lives to black men
  • Black men must be happy to die for the advancement of black women
  • Black supremacy cannot follow any eastern deities, black supremacy must develop their own culture, their own spiritual systems, and identity
  • Black supremacy must adhere to a code of secrecy. Never talk about black supremacy matters with non-citizens
  • Citizens earn money from trade. Citizens are trained to produce and manufacture goods based on skills they have. People that sow, make pants to sell. Those with farming skills sell crops.
  • Citizens buy and sell using a currency that’s agreed upon within the community, but uses the currency relatable to the people depending on the region. (Dollars for Americans,   Sterling’s, for Europeans, etc.)
  • If the police, or any persons outside of the black supremacy community, kills a citizens, then the black supremacist militia must take up arms.





I believe it’s extremely counterproductive to spread the narrative of white supremacy, cause it psychology ruins black people’s self-esteem; instead we should talk about us more, live by strict and firm guidelines.

We also have to accept that we will not see the change in our life time. Everything we do is for people that aren’t born you yet.











Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
I want to thank you for stopping by even if you don't agree with the things I say. I don't write for people to agree, I write to offer a different perspective, so If I got you to consider a thought you never considered before, then I've done my job.


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