The Curse Of Kanye West

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November 10, 2016
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The Curse Of Kanye West




I remember when I brought Kanye’s second album “LATE REGISTRATION”, I thought to myself, “wow this guy is honest”. I didn’t really listen to college dropout (the first album) because his music didn’t have enough pain. At that time, I wanted to hear stories about black American trauma. I wanted to hear songs about the struggle, crack selling, and dysfunctional homes performed by artist that had a death wish. I was angry, hurt, and broken and the music I listened to was the fuel that kept me in that space. Here’s an example


Kanye represented something different, so I took a chance on him and I thought, “he’s amazing”. I played that album so much! That album gave me the opportunity to take a break from the trauma. It allowed me to really enjoy hip-hop for what it truly is, “ART”. He was very transparent, open and honest, and that was new to me because his transparency was different than DMX. Kanye’s transparency was more of a human transparency, and not a broken transparency. 90’s hip-hop wasn’t very transparent in terms of humanity. Yes, artist like Jay-z gave the world a glimpse into street life, and I guess some people would say what he provided was a form of transparency too, but transparency has layers,the things Jay-z touched on was just the surface because he still feels like a stranger after all these years and Kanye doesn’t.


Over the years, Kanye has taken musical directions that I don’t agree with, but I’m not surprised, because after all, THIS IS KANYE right?. This isn’t a person slave to tradition, or eager to conform, there is no ceiling for people like Kanye, so because of that dynamic, I believe Kanye’s decisions and words confuse many people who love him. It’s not Kanye’s fault though, it wouldn’t be fair to blame him, instead I’m going to put the blame on Kanye’s supporters, for lacking the ability to decipher who he really is. All this time, people never truly knew what they were looking at, so know he is rubbing people the wrong way because they don’t know how to receive his position, because their position hasn’t changed. It’s very tragic that fan’s don’t evolve at the same pace as the artist they love. Most Kanye fans are probably still the same people they were, when they first heard him. They probably live in the same city, thinking the same thoughts, doing the same shit, and that’s not Kanye’s fault.



Most people live in fear, Kanye doesn’t! Most people abandoned their dreams, Kanye didn’t! Most people aren’t able to step away from group think and unlearn then relearn, Kanye is! Most people don’t have the confidence, to 100% believe in themselves, Kanye does, and this is the problem.


The freedom Kanye has creates insecurity in others, because they don’t have the privilege to live their truth. Kanye’s authenticity has many holes in it, because his authenticity is real. When something or someone is real, there will always be something wrong! There will always be flaws, but that’s understandable because real things age, real things break, and real things need to be upgraded and fixed from time to time.


We live in a world where nothing is real and nobody is authentic. The asses are fake, the pictures have filters on them, girls have ten pounds of make-up their face, and the guys are taking pictures on Instagram with other people’s jewelry and money. People are being fake pretending to be authentic, being politically correct, but Kanye doesn’t have to do that. Millions of people being fake trying to get attention, but Kanye gets attention running away from being a fraud.






Kanye has a childlike naivety about him because he looks at the world with so much optimism and curiosity. He really has massive amounts of hope and that’s very dangerous because eventually hope turns into heart-break. He really feels like he can make a change, but the problem is, those that cause change to occur, don’t reap the rewards of their work in their life time, and Kanye would like to experience the change he’s attempting to cause, but the world doesn’t work like that. Maybe he doesn’t think that we got to die first before we can get to heaven.


If Kanye was born twenty or thirty years from now, I believe the world would be ready for him because I believe the world is changing, it’s slow change but it’s change. I believe people want to be more open-minded, more curious, more ambitions, and less traditional. I believe in the future Kanye’s way of thinking will be the norm, but for that to happen, Kanye must self-destruct. Kanye must fall for him to be compared to the people that he’s inspired by like Walt Disney, and Ralph Lauren. Kanye’s flaw is, he thinks that people can accept greatness in front of them, but they can’t. Truth is majority of the world is average or below, and greatness is a threat to an average person’s comfortability. His ambition to do things people told him were impossible is clouding his judgement. His love for people, art, and being creative is chipping away at his legacy because there is no mystery around him, his transparency has become annoying, especially since millions of people are struggling, so now his honesty sounds like entitlement. Kanye should be working behind the scenes now, writing books, producing movies, or not making any public appearances because as of right now, Kanye has allowed people to get to close to him, and the closer we are to something, the less we see it, and that’s what’s happening to Kanye right now.





I have never heard anyone say that Kanye West is a liar! Kanye West is known for telling truth, the problem is people don’t like the truth. The matrix provides comfort, plenty of it, and Kanye ruins that comfort. People want Kanye to focus on rap songs, not rants, but how can a person like Kanye just focus on rap songs when his mind is moving at a different pace than everyone else’s. His rants are part of his creativity! It’s an artist job to provoke thought, and he’s doing it, so what’s the problem? Is it a problem because he’s talking about Beyoncé?  So, what! Beyoncé is great, but Beyoncé isn’t provoking thought! She isn’t creating material that is sparking people to do better. She’s an entertainer, a great one, but nothing more, same with Jay-z. They are both good at what they do, but they aren’t Kanye. Jay-z and Beyoncé are corporate, corporate can’t be authentic!




Jay-z wishes he had the freedom Kanye had, but he doesn’t! Jay-z has the money, but that’s it! Don’t get me wrong, money is fucking important, but it comes second to legacy and changing lives. The only thing that counts when we die is what people thought about us, and I believe people will miss Kanye when he is gone because, he says things that need to be said.




As long as people like Kanye West exist, people will sleep really good at night because the world needs someone to point their finger at. The world needs someone to call crazy, so normalcy doesn’t look erroneous. The world needs someone to have a mental melt down so they can compare themselves to the “outcast” the “wierdo” “the lost” and “confused”. Kanye West’s “instability” is what the matrix needs to keep going, it’s good for ratings, and it also conditions people to stay stuck in group think, cause after all…” WE DON’T WANT TO END UP LIKE KANYE DO WE”?




I don’t care who Kanye married and you shouldn’t either! Why police his dick? We shouldn’t bail on people that inspired us. Give him, yourself and others room to grow. People must go all the way through their metamorphosis, there are no short cuts, none so don’t look for anyway.











Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
I want to thank you for stopping by even if you don't agree with the things I say. I don't write for people to agree, I write to offer a different perspective, so If I got you to consider a thought you never considered before, then I've done my job.


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