The Sister-Hood Rules

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May 3, 2016
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May 25, 2016

The Sister-Hood Rules




Cash, credit, and connections is what this game is about! Many people want to tackle this huge world all by themselves, but that’s a suicide mission, especially when there is a smarter way.

The smarter way is to build your own tribe, and I believe women are best at this because of the innate ability women have to pay attention to detail. Building a tribe takes a very meticulous mind, the details matter.

Instead of calling it a tribe, lets call it a sister-hood because that’s more intimate. Everyone woman needs a sister-hood to belong to. The system has taught women to compete with each other over trivial shit, like hair, skin tone, gossip, men, and the everyday he-said-she-said drama, so it’s not surprising if a woman is apprehensive to the sister hood concept, the problem is the average girl has never seen a successful sister-hood.

The average female, has never seen a group of women winning. When young girls begin to mature, the only frame of reference they have for women is usually something “messy”. A lot of women say they don’t even hang with other women, and that’s based on that frame of reference, that’s because sister-hood is a science and being messy isn’t, so it’s easier to accomplish.



Women are thinking differently now, and empowerment is the number 1 priority. Not just self-empowerment, VAGINA EMPOWERMENT as a collective.

Sister-Hood needs rules though, a blueprint each woman can adhere to, that holds themselves, as well as all other group members accountable.

No woman is above the group, the mission will always supersede the personality. Follow these rules, structure your tribe for success, Good luck



Sister-hood should represent freedom, no sister should hand cuff, judge, or undermine another sister’s individuality, but there must be boundaries. Each women represents the group, so it’s important that no sister puts herself in positions that could bring shame, embarrassment, loss of wages, injury, or anything compromising to the tribe.

The code of conduct are principles and laws that the group abides by at all times. The principles and laws should be voted on by all group members.

The code of conduct should be put into a physical manuscript as well as a PDF to allow the reader to access it whenever they want to re fresh their mind, on group expectations. Some people like analogue reading, others prefer downloadable files, everyone’s preference should be accommodated.

The code of conduct is the constitution for the group, set up by its members, and can only be changed by voting.

It’s impossible to establish a collective identity without codes and conduct



Sister-Hood has many perks like safety, mentorship, fellowship, comradery, acceptance, family, and access to resources. This is priceless because, not many people have opportunities to be aligned with a support system. A sister-hood has mother’s, daughters, wives, friends, women that are single, women involved with non-traditional forms of intimacy, elders, young women, business owners, professionals, intellectuals, and so much more.  All you have to do is love yourself, because all other needs will be met, your sisters are all you need.

A sister hood has so much value, so if a woman wants to be down, she must prove herself. All sister-hoods should have some form of initiation. A woman must prove herself to be worthy.

The group should create an environment, that would require initiates to problem solve. For her to enjoy the comforts of the group, she must go through some form of group decided un-comfortability

The sister hood is a luxury that must be earned.

It’s not wise to forge relationships based on ego. Being a woman isn’t a enough to be affiliated with a sister-hood, it’s more to it. She must have qualities that set her apart from other women and men. She must possess a quality that can take the group to another level. Initiation will combine her to the group on a subconscious level. A sister-hood is a success group, but it isn’t free, initiates must pay with their devotion.



It’s bigger than just getting together once a week sharing war stories. You can’t build an empire based on hurt. Past pain can’t be the glue that’s holding the tribe together. Each member must bring resources to the table. Sister-hood is a business, it needs a facility to meet up in, it can start off at someone’s home, but eventually the fellowship must evolve into a social lounge, storefront, or office building. The sister-hood should be a 501c3, LLC, or Corporation.

For the sister-hood to participate in charitable local events, which is important because it gives the tribe equity in the community, the group must have a way to generate money.

Every member must pay a monthly tax, to take care of all administration issues, facility maintenance, as well an emergency fund. The bulk of the tax will go to an emergency fund, that will assist any member during a crisis. The money will go into a “SISTERS IN NEED ACCOUNT”.  The account is transparent, everyone has access to the books, to check all transaction history. For a sister to receive funds, it must be MAJORITY VOTE.

Every one must contribute their resources so the sister-hood can build a business that benefits the sister-hood. Everyone can keep their 9 to 5 jobs, while building a business with the sisters. The job will keep each member with steady income, while having ownership in a business. Ownership for all members, everyone eats.



  • Thou shall not fuck another members Husband, Ex, Baby Daddy, or love interest, without her consent
  • Thou shall never talk behind another sister’s back
  • Thou shall never disagree with a sister in front of a non- member
  • Thou shall not choose a man, over her sisters
  • Thou shall not knowingly let another sister participate in an abusive relationship
  • Thou shall not hate, be jealous, envious, or plan to sabotage another sister
  • Thou shall not share club business with any person that’s not a club member, and leaking club business to other clubs will result in your termination from the tribe, and further punishment will depend on the offense.
  • Thou shall not under-achieve, you must strive for greatness, that’s law
  • Thou shall not be a victim
  • Thou shall not ever look at another sisters children like they are not her own, children of the woman belong to the tribe. All the children will have multiple mothers



I promise to heal

I praise to express gratitude

I promise to apologize to myself first

I promise to be healthy

I promise to always give the best parts of myself

I promise to use my imagination

I promise to be the change I want to see

I promise that no one will ever owe me anything

I promise that I will never owe anyone anything

I promise to be present

I promise to choose myself



Team work makes the dream work obviously, but the thing that separate winning teams from losing teams, is the culture. Every team needs codes, and parameters, boundaries that heighten the possibility for the team to excel.

Many women are missing a support system, a sister-hood can fill that void. Often times women need more support than a man can give cause a man may have a blind spot when it comes to the needs of his woman, but a sister-hood can address everything a woman may be missing.

This is important cause life is about forging strategic alliances, cultivating relationships for long durations, then passing those relationships down to your children. Sister-hood means life partnerships, it means vulnerability, it means transparency and no judgment, but most importantly it means WOMAN-HOOD.

There is no empowerment being disconnected with other women, and it’s not smart.












Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
I want to thank you for stopping by even if you don't agree with the things I say. I don't write for people to agree, I write to offer a different perspective, so If I got you to consider a thought you never considered before, then I've done my job.


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