The Unproductive Feminist

Black Pussy Can Heal A Broken Black Man
June 1, 2016
July 1, 2016

The Unproductive Feminist

Well, Well, Well, we have come to an interesting time in this country, no doubt. The black feminist is speaking very loudly, and everyone is listening. Yes, they have everyone’s attention, including mine.

Yes, the black feminist has a huge platform, YUP, “THE SOCIAL MEDIA COMMENT SECTION”

The comment section is where the black feminist thrives, it’s where they flourish, it’s where they take full advantage of their free speech. They are masters of statistics, masters of telling you black men aren’t shit, masters of letting the world know that they have degrees, and own homes, and they did it without the help of black men, oh yes, they are truly masters, so please let us all  give them a standing ovation, for their collective dominance in the social media comment sections.



Black feminist are masters of statistics as I mentioned. They can tell you how many black women are raped and molested every year, they can give you every stat related to trauma concerning black women, and that’s admirable cause the black woman is under attack, always has been, BUT, the black feminist rhetoric isn’t based on support for black women, no! It’s rooted in the hatred for black men, let’s be honest.


Let’s break it down.




The divorced feminist is a woman who has had her heart broke by a man she really loved, and since she has experienced this pain, she feels like she is now qualified to give relationship advice, even though she has only been separated from her husband for two weeks.


Her heart-break is an indictment on every black man. All she talks about is don’t do this, and don’t do that, but what she doesn’t tell you, she secretly misses the company of a man, because she really likes the idea of being in a relationship.






Some relationships work, some don’t, that’s life, and some women have experienced some unfortunate situations, like domestic violence, verbal abuse, and overall betrayal from a man.

Some men have emptied bank accounts, and left women with nothing but the clothes on their back. Some men have put women through messy custody battles, putting the children through trauma, and because of these experiences, she may have an urge to rip men apart every chance she gets, and people may feel she is qualified, but I don’t.  For you to give advice on relationships, you have to be objective. You have to give both sides of the coin not just pain body comments. The woman who went through a horrifying marriage, can only give guidance on relationships after she processes her experience or else the narrative will have a blind spot. If the perspective is objective, it’s fair game no matter how harsh her words may be. Real shit is real shit, regardless if it makes people uncomfortable.






I love this woman, I really do. She is the woman who doesn’t bring much to the table, but feels like she is entitled to being with a rich man. These women have never studied politics and power, or generational wealth or how it works. First off, there is no such thing as being wealthy without political power, they go together like a hand in glove. Some women watch too much TV, but they don’t study history so they are clueless about what wealth really is.

Historically wealthy people practice incest just to keep the power within the bloodline(did you know that??), all we have to do to qualify that is study Rome, China, and England, to see how true that is. Money always marries politics.

A lot of women have never even been around a wealthy man before, but they have been around a rich man, and there is a difference. A lot of rich men are tricks, so there is no requirement to being with him. All you have to do is look cute, and suck dick great, but you’re not required to bring anything to the table.

It’s smart for women to squeeze everything they can out of these men, because he gets bored easy, and he’ll  eventually look to date younger, especially if It’s a man who has been divorced, he’s just looking to have fun.

These type of feminist think having a job, and a place to live qualifies them to be with a “wealthy” man, but what do they consider wealth? Is buying things wealth or is ownership wealth? Do these women even know how to act around wealthy men? Do these women  even have a wealthy conversation?

See, I’m not talking about trick ass niggaz, I’m talking about men that aren’t tripping off pussy. I’m talking about men that want you to bring something to the table besides your looks, and if your looks are what you have to offer, you better make it work for you, cause it’s  a new girl turning 18 every day and her body has more value than yours.

A lot of these women don’t have passports,  nor do they speak other languages, nor have they been to a wine tasting, a Broadway play, seen a black and white film, never been to a museum, don’t own libraries, can’t ride a horse, never been fishing or hunting, but think they should date up, and they should. They should date up on their level. If she makes 70k a year, her level is a man making 150k a year.

Let me say this though, there are some amazing women who don’t even own a car. They have amazing personality and bring so much to the table. Only thing they are missing is opportunity. She knows art, she’s a book warm, she’s cultured, she is a dreamer, and one day she is going to stumble on a man, with great means. She wasn’t looking for him, it just happened. He will eventually marry this woman because she is so damn interesting, and she didn’t even own a car, so yea it can happen.

Keep it real though, a lot of girls are looking to be saved, and that’s real, but if you are…fuck it…work your angle





This feminist is annoying as fuck, because she has never left the country to see what systematic oppression really looks like, but she can tell you all about how the black woman is oppressed in america, and it’s some truth in that, BUT all you got to do is pay attention to her social media activity, and you’ll soon see that she drags countless black women through the mud every single day playing the role of an oppressor, oh the irony.

She calls black women mammies, penis panderer, and a bunch of other corny shit.  This feminist is interesting cause she typically wasn’t popular in high school so social media is her outlet to clap back at everyone that didn’t pay attention to her.

Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder true, but these women aren’t the most attractive women in the world, and I’m only mentioning that, cause these women tend to be very disrespectful. They say a lot of foul shit to people, but be really busted in the face.

You’ll never see them anywhere in the world, just on social media. They really don’t have a life besides trolling peoples page.

They are the masters of getting people’s pages deleted, that’s their moral victory, so be careful not to go back and forth with her. She is still upset she didn’t make the cheer-leading squad, be careful of her wrath.





Some women were raped and molested and that’s WHACK, I repeat…THAT’S WHACK. Then as they got older, black men continued to leave a bad taste in their mouth and because of that, they developed a strong dislike for black men, and I can honestly understand.

I’ve met black men that will not date black women at all. He secretly hates black women but will not admit it, so I know it’s black women that feel the same way about black men.

She isn’t really concerned with forming a sister hood, she is just concerned with bringing down any black man that she has the power too. She favors white men. She thinks his farts smell like roses, and will always side with his political idea’s even if his stance is against black culture. These women want the black man to bleed and they hide behind feminism. Feminism is their political ideology but it’s not about black women, it’s more about hatred for black men.




My face book friend list is filled with feminist minded women, and I think they are awesome. The problem is the ones that I think are awesome don’t claim to be feminist, they are just real black women, that love other black women. They don’t know what a mammy is or what penis pandering means, they just embody black female empowerment, without even knowing what a feminist really is.

It’s women in my life that are burying their sons cause of gun violence, they don’t know what feminism is. It’s women in my life that are sending money to their sons in prison, they don’t know what feminism is. When you are living a real life, the only thing you focus on is, ARE YOU REAL OR ARE YOU FAKE, ARE YOU A SUCKA OR ARE YOU A PUNK, period!




Where is your book, your blog, your clothing line, your conference call, your weekly meet up, your movie, your website, your music?   Where is your production?  Dis-agreeing with men, and calling women “mammies” isn’t progress.


You spend so much time disagreeing with people that you’re not even building shit for women, and I thought that is what it means to be a black feminist?  Do you love black women or do you just hate black men, or is it both? What do you actually give black women?  Do you give black women your time? Built anything for them? Do you love on them? Loving on black women has nothing to do with black men, that is actually a separate issue.

Have you even exchanged numbers with a black woman recently? Are the two of you going to hang out and empower each other or just talk about the boyfriend that hurt you?

Are you the type of feminist that disagrees in the comment section, or do you prove your point through your work? Are you an academic feminist or are you a ranter? Please decide soon, because I actually spent money on Bell Hooks books, and i think she is amazing but your annoying as  fuck though.

Leaving comments and quoting statistics isn’t progress, it’s boredom, and you really want attention, so I gave you some.

Sincerely Yours,











Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
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