What That Mouth Do? A Valentine’s Poem For the Lovers

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February 8, 2018
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What That Mouth Do? A Valentine’s Poem For the Lovers

by Gina Marie

He wanna know “what that mouth do”
I said “boy I know you want this mouth to suck the soul out of you”
And while this mouth is capable of bringing you an euphoric release with a tongue lashing and jaw contraction that will make you fall to your knees….
My mouth has the capability to speak life into your deepest dreams

“What this mouth can do” is put the heart back in you
Speak to the King inside of you
Affirming your dreams into reality that the world tried to beat out of you

I know you’re tired of society trying you
With every word they speak they down play you
In the media they show you as thugs, thiefs, liars, and cheaters
But I see fathers, providers, soldiers, and husbands
I see the value in you
So back on the throne is where I wanna put you
“What this mouth can do”
Is feed you the peace you need to be restored inside of you

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Gina Marie
Gina Marie
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