What’s Your End Game: See your plan to the end

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October 7, 2015
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What’s Your End Game: See your plan to the end

I spent a large portion of my life doing things just to do them. Honestly instant gratification was fueling my decision-making, so I was getting results that were in hindsight, mediocre. Chasing my own shadow, trying to feel important by staying busy, but my actions weren’t bearing any fruit though, why?


I had no plan of action, I was just winging it, and that’s ok while you’re young, but it’s a bad habit to take with you into your 30’s. When we’re young we have a certain level of naivety when it comes to the world. We start out so  innocent,we dive head first into things, but then the world gives us a reality check and we soon find out that the world is harsh. It kills our innocence, then we become bitter afraid to take another risk again. Screenshot_2015-10-15-22-43-18-1

I wasn’t wrong diving headfirst into things, neither were you; the problem was we didn’t have parents that taught us about end game.

My Mother was sort of game-goofy, like millions of mothers. She got caught up in the matrix of paying bills, putting utility bills in my name, fucking up my credit, not thinking about how that would harm me in the long run, but I can’t blame her, she didn’t have a concept of end game, because if she did, I highly doubt she would have had children with the men she did (that’s a different post though).

So let’s talk about end game, let’s keep it raw and real.

MATING/End Game: Let’s be honest, most babies aren’t born in love, they are just BORN! People have babies with total strangers, not knowing if the person can even read or write. Does the person come from a family of mental illness? Is it possible that he or she may have a cancer gene?  If you don’t know than you shouldn’t have a baby with them.  A baby should be born in love, if not than abortion should be an option, why?  Because love has to be the foundation of life, if it isn’t there, you’ll give birth to a hollow child. Basically you’ll just be winging it trying to figure it out as you go. Abortion is harsh, but it isn’t crueler than having children with no plan, giving birth to animals, who grow up to terrorize other human beings, which isn’t fair. You should have an end game when it comes to children. If you don’t have a plan for a child, then you’re not qualified to have one. A child must become something, it’s your job to put them on their course, it’s not fair if they have to figure it out themselves. Mating is the ultimate business decision. Yes love is the foundation of life, but if love is the foundation, then business is the ceiling. Have an end game with the person you are sleeping with, have an end game in mind for your children before they come to this planet.





RELIGION/End Game: Are you Christian just because Big Momma was? Are you a Muslim just because you heard a Malcolm X speech? Are you an atheist, just because you wanted to rebel against dogma?  Well that isn’t enough honestly, your religion should be based on the quality of life you want to live. Your religion isn’t a fact; it’s a belief, so it must work for you. All world religions deal with concepts and principles that are told in story form, you’re not supposed to worship the stories though.Screenshot_2015-10-15-22-31-42-1-1

Your belief system should help you become the person that you want to be, but unfortunately it doesn’t usually happen like that.  Religion often times takes the believer off their path and puts them on another. You should walk your path while being a practitioner of the principles learned from your religion. At the end of the day, it’s all about you.If something doesn’t work for you; don’t maintain allegiance to it out of fear. Now and later matter, if it doesn’t work for you now, it won’t work later either. Knowing when it’s time to leave is a skill.

WORKING/End Game: Life isn’t just about going to work every day, but if you have a worker personality, does the work you do now, align with the person you are or planning to become? Things must make sense. Is your job going to thrust you into the places that you want to be? Be honest, are you a robot right now? If so, don’t be ashamed, we’ve all been robots, but you don’t have to die that way though.

You’re investing in your job, but is your job investing you in? That’s what counts! Your job should run parallel with your end game; if it doesn’t then you create a new vision board. Don’t die being someone’s employee, die proud. If you really have a skill at being a worker, that’s awesome, you know yourself better than I do, but it has to be part of your endgame. Ten years go by real quick, don’t have any regrets, it’s never too late to start from scratch.









ENVIRONMENT/End Game: Where you live matters, but so many people never even get the opportunity to leave home. Don’t end up living down the street from where you grew up at. Environment matters because it has an influence on development. People learn through their senses. Different smells, sounds, taste, touch and visions, create who a person becomes. Reaching your ultimate goal depends on your environment.You may start at a certain point, but for you to get to your destination, you’re going to need a scenery change.

FINANCIAL/End Game: How much money do you need to be comfortable? How much does the quality of life that you’d like to live cost?  That’s a question that I think all of us should ask ourselves. What if you outlived your paper? What if?Screenshot_2015-10-15-22-33-08-1

Our youth is such a small percentage of our life, we spend the majority of our years here on earth, being old, and so with that in mind, being old and broke shouldn’t be an option. Are you really getting money?

Again, I’ll ask, are you really getting money? Does the money you make work for you?

Money working for us should be our financial end game. It will take some longer than others but it doesn’t matter, as long as we get it accomplished. Everything on the planet works for us. The ocean works for us, it produces the fish we eat. The wind works for us, it provides us with a breeze to keep us cool.Mineral resources assist us in our overall way of life, everything in the world is here to work for us, so it would be idiotic for us to be born with all this favor, and not be the master over our finances, and let it work for us to.


Whether its comes to education, love life, or something minor like keeping your house clean, everything we do needs an end game. The things we do now, must be beneficial to the life we want to live later. Results are based on a constant chain of events, and no one gets where they end up by accident. What matters though?




All three of these make a huge difference in your life, but in order for us to feel the maximum impact of these variables; we need to get rid of these three things.

  • FEAR

Having vision is a science; you have to know what the hell you’re doing. Work your plan, believe in it and see it through. If you have people around you that aren’t willing to assist you in your end game, either through service or capital investment, than it’s pointless for you to share your thoughts with them.

You either fail to plan, or plan to fail, just remember you’re the author of your own book, make everything count.




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