Can Black Men Heal Black Women??

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April 18, 2017
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July 10, 2017

Can Black Men Heal Black Women??


For the record, my body count is amazingly high. I’m saying that so you know that I don’t need to pander to black women to get any attention, or cool points. It doesn’t matter what I say, there will always be someone down to fuck me, so this isn’t click bait nor an attention piece. This is real talk, either you can salute it or shoot it, but if you shoot it, you better understand that’s it’s something wrong with you, not me.

Look, a lot of black women aint shit because black men aint shit, period! There has never been a time in modern history that black men have bossed all the way up on white men, so black men have turned that inability to compete into terrorism towards black women. FACTS!

The white man builds sky scrapers, the black man (as a whole) doesn’t even build Lego sets! The white man is splitting atoms, creating new elements, the black man is splitting swisher’s, white owls and dutches! The white man is focused on settling on mars, the black man is just settling, and because of this generational under-achievement, the black man abuses the closes person to him………….” THE BLACK WOMAN


Are some black women ratchet as fuck? Yes! Are some black women terrible mother’s? Yes! Are some black women pieces of shit? HELL YES, but whatever behavior black women have, they got it honest because they are mimicking the black men they seen, FACTS!

What I realized is, black men want no accountability, none! People that accept accountability understand that things need to change, and the first step to change is keeping it all the way fucking real. Black women need healing, and the only person that can do that is black men!



Black women cannot heal by themselves, it’s impossible. The reason they can’t heal is because black men will always be a distraction. Black women cannot take their attention off the wellbeing of black men, history proves this. Whenever black men need support, who does it? Whenever black men need an economic boost, who’s there to give him their income tax? Who’s running the black church? Who’s holding all the dope? Who’s putting money on nigga’s books when he got to go sit down?

And you better not say no white bitch! I’ll keep it real though, there are “some” white girl’s that ride hard for black men, true! But black women ride in a different way. Black women ride culturally and that’s a way different dynamic than white women riding because of swag or great sex.  There is historical evidence that proves black women have black men’s best interest, so please don’t let a few renegade bitches deceive you!

Black women have sold pussy, just so black men can have money in their pockets! Black women have sucked married men’s dick, just so he can have another outlet to relax because it’s so overwhelming at home! Black women have gone against the sister-hood, and fought other black women in the streets, looking like complete animals, just to defend the honor of black men that wouldn’t piss on them in hell to cool them off, so I think it’s fair that black men assist in the healing process, don’t you?

Here are the ways black men can help the healing process.

  • FRIENDSHIP– Most of the time, the biggest hater in a black woman’s life, is the person she’s fucking. Many black men haven’t been a good support system because too many black men are jealous of black women’s achievements. Many black men sub-consciously think that the higher a black woman reaches, her accomplishments diminishes his value, so he sabotages. He goes into self-destruct mode, and he brings her with him. He feels insecure that she has more paper than him. He’s envious of her degree’s. The only way that he can exist in a relationship with her, is if he has an economic edge. His man-hood is based on her lack! The more she has, the less he feels like a man, and that’s fucked up because friends should always want each other to win. Look, marriage isn’t the highest expression of love, friendship is. Marriage is business, friendship is more intimate than that, so it’s very easy for someone to be your enemy and marry you. Black women need friendship.
  • HONESTY– Lorda-mercy I’ve told lies that I didn’t need to tell. I’ve lied about having other women! Lied about my whereabouts, and who I was with, all because I didn’t think someone can handle my truth. I’m not monogamous, never was, never will be! I like women, and that’s not a problem! The problem is not telling my truth to someone, so they can choose to be with the real me, and not the idea they have in their head of me. Choice, and influence are the most powerful forces human beings have. People have a right to choose, even if that means that they can’t handle your truth, and they decide to part ways, fuck it that’s the game. Honesty for a woman, is like water to a plant, it allows them to function at their highest capacity knowing that the person they are with is being transparent. Is honesty hard for black men? Most certainly because many black men are accustom to losing. When a person experiences a culture of losing, it creates an insecurity in them, so they will guard their position even if that means deception. Black men must tell the truth, no matter what it is, and let the chips fall where they may.
  • PROTECTION– Safety is something that black women need to flourish. If black women believe their partners will die to defend their honor, they will submit completely. Black women have been betrayed by males that were supposed to be their protectors. Rape and molestation aren’t the only things that are making black women feel worthless. Often times black men do a piss poor job at defending black women’s image and essence. Anyone can say and do anything to black women, and there is no punishment. If black women can be violated by people from other groups, black men aint shit, sorry. Black men pillow talk to white women all the time about the nature of black women, and white women use that as leverage to throw shade at black women. That’s wrong cause historically black women have defended black men against white people even when black men wouldn’t defend themselves. Oh, I got receipts




I’m not a trick, nor am I nigga thirsty for pussy, cause trust me, I could do everything wrong and there will be a black woman with that’s down to fuck me, so miss me with any sideways talk, I’m being real about simpin. Nigga get a life..




Black women are the first teachers, and the reason why the children are coming out the way they do is because black women have wounded wombs! The primary reason black woman’s wombs are wounded is because black men have destroyed black women’s mind. The music hasn’t given black women any self-worth, neither has the popular narratives that black women are difficult, angry, loud, and out-of-pocket. Yes, some of that shit is true, but it’s only true because many black women have never been around a solid guy before. If black woman have seen the example of a man standing on his square, and she isn’t inspired by that, then she aint shit, and she should be left alone, because she is damaged goods. In my opinion though, the masses of black women aren’t just some out-of-pocket bitches dying to be renegades, nah! They pay attention to details, so if they see a GOD among them, they will fall right inline, but you wouldn’t know my nigga, cause you aint a god!





Every nigga isn’t going to be rich, every nigga isn’t going to own a Bentley, I understand that. At the end of the day, the value of a man isn’t anything physical, value is intrinsic. Many black men are so caught up in the cost of something, that they don’t know the value of a thing. It’s not about being super-nigga, running to save every black woman in sight, fuck no that’s un-realistic. However, it is about manning your space, and doing what you can, because everything black men do influences the children directly or in-directly because black women are a black child’s first teacher.










Ken Brisbon
Ken Brisbon
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