Friday, May 26, 2017
The Game Is Sold Not Told

White Girl Explains Why She Likes Black Men


I think people finding love is great if that’s what their looking, but most of the time it isn’t about finding love, it’s about participating in fuckery. In my personal opinion when white women like black men, it’s for swallow ass reasons. I never hear,,,”OH I LIKE BLACK MEN CAUSE THEIR SMART” or ” HARD WORKING”.  Nah, it’s usually something dumb like swag, or dick size. (both of those things have their time and place, I guess)

At the end of the day though I can’t hate on what people like. People have a right to do them at all times, I can’t be mad. People are going to attract their own kind, and that’s deeper than anything racial. It’s all about energy, so fuck it….. Let people do what they do. Mind your business and get out of their way.


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