Why The Hell Is Nas Still Better Than Every One Else??

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September 9, 2016
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September 15, 2016

Why The Hell Is Nas Still Better Than Every One Else??

Do Not Speak To Fools, They Scorn The Wisdom Of Your Words – Nas “GHETTO PRISONERS”


Listen despite what you may think, rapping is a science just like heart surgery. It’s something that must be studied, and it takes much practice to develop your style. To be a rapper you actually have to be smart, and have a command of the English language.

Poor representation will fool the casual listener into believing that to be a rapper, you don’t need to be intelligent, well that’s false. The problem is intelligence isn’t promoted in urban America, so those aspiring rappers and their fans don’t look at rap as an art form. You don’t need to be initiated to be a rapper, and you don’t have to pay any dues. You don’t need to study those that came before you, in fact it’s totally ok if you disrespect a legend. You don’t even need anything to contribute honestly, just be popular, and that’s good enough.

Does anyone know that rap is a profession? Kobe Bryant had to work hard at his craft to be one of the greats. He put his 20,000 hours in, but when it comes to rapping, the consumer doesn’t require their favorite rapper to put the same amount of time in. It’s bad for the art, and it’s bad for business. These albums have the same nutrition as an item on the dollar menu, that’s what makes Nas so important.

After 20 years in the game, shouldn’t he be full already? Shouldn’t Nas approach rap from a lazy, uninspired, uninterested, mindset? I mean he is 20 years in, shouldn’t he be bored? He shouldn’t be hungrier than a kid fresh out the ghetto that hasn’t achieved anything. He should have lost a step by now, but that’s not the case.

He still has the flow, the intelligence, the hunger and he looks like he’s 25 years old, and if I was a new artist, I would look at Nas as a threat, because he’s better, more seasoned, smarter, stable, and he looks young.  Luckily the public is distracted by dumb shit, and is experiencing the most complex form of mind control that has ever existed. The propaganda machine is 24/7 but that’s another story at another time.

I just wanted to take a second and give Nas much praise for what he has done, and what he has in store that has yet to be revealed. I believe he is still focused on getting better, maximizing his full capabilities as an artist.

I appreciate Dj Khaled for having the vision, and providing a platform so all these new niggaz can see the difference between them and a real emcee, salute to Khalid for that. This record felt really good, and the video had tons of melanin in it, they honored the game with this one.







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Ken Brisbon
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