You Should Charge For Sex

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November 16, 2015
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November 20, 2015

You Should Charge For Sex


They say the best things in life are free, Eh, that’s a half truth. Sure small things, like laughter, telling, jokes and watching the sun set are free, but technically they are not, that whole theory is very subjective.

I was sitting in a jail cell and I did a lot of laughing to pass the time but ask if me I’d rather be laughing on a private jet with freaks from Brazil, I’d pick the latter. Truthfully nothing is free, every experience we have in life cost something.  Air has a price ( air conditioning) Fire has a price( lighters) Land has a price (real estate) and water has a price ( bottled water), if people can monetize planetary elements, then why not monetize your cock and vagina, I’m just saying.

Think about it, what if you actually got paid for the people you had sex with?  What if you got some form of compensation? It doesn’t always have to be money, but if you came away with more than just a nut?  Let’s talk about it.


57b1f775f891b6a75e00870521fa14e0PEOPLE WITH AMAZING SEX, GET NOTHING IN RETURN

Most likely you been giving people the business since you were in high school, so fucking people’s brains out is nothing new to you, the problem is, you aren’t in high school anymore, your grown now, so your sex game should be strategic.

You could be doing a lot of other things productive in your life except fucking, so why not make sex work for you?




You might thc226b3a6c00b0e50b16d4618fa3585e1ink it’s morally wrong to do something like that huh?  I understand though, you have been taught by stiff ass people, it’s not morally wrong to charge for sex, it’s morally wrong to fuck for free.

If sex is one of your many skills then it’s a travesty that you give away for the free.99!  You should be outraged to let someone cum in your face, for nothing. How dare you eat the booty like groceries and not get any gas money, what the hell is wrong with you, this ends today. Let’s talk payment.






If a person is an amazing cook, then at minimum this should be your compensation. Everyone likes to eat, but don’t settle for a cup of noodles, make their ass break out their best pots and pans, and put a meal together for you like you are the president. People cooking for you shows concern, cooking shows character, and patience, “BUT” don’t eat no bullshit, Fuck no, your head game wasn’t bullshit, so don’t settle for any spam! (That’s some hood shit, for those that are green in the game)

Wait just a second! So you going to let them try and upgrade top ramen? Got you thinking you eating at PF Chang’s, smh   you out here losing!




Umm excuse me, why should Beyoncé be the only one with fly purses? Why should these rap niggaz be the only guys rocking fly European shit? Hell nah, you let these people know that you are trying to get fly this year too, so keep you in mind when they go shopping. It doesn’t matter if they have kids or not, be selfish, have no remorse, fuck it they are just kids anyway, nothing wrong with them wearing payless specials, I mean seriously! If it’s anyone that is going to be wearing 250.00 dollar shoes it should be you.




Last time I checked, a water bill is due every single month, so is rent, so let your lover(s) no that its purse first ass last, ya dig! Not just that, if you have the type of sex game that can really make a person feel like a million bucks, then you should be upgraded based on your performance. You can’t be ok with living in the hood, but you fuck well, nope that’s retarded, your sex should get you at least some decent shit in an environment where your child is safe.




Food, clothes and shelter are life’s basic necessities, that’s a grown person’s starter kit, if you haven’t covered that, then your aren’t grown yet.

Now we can go on to more complex things, like services. Ask yourself, how much does your skills cost?


hqdefaultMen (groceries)

Look, you just can’t be running around tossing salad man, that shit has to cost something, but what is it worth to you? If you’re a good salad tosser than I think a great form of payment for you is a co-signer. Girls should co-sign cars for you, if that’s your skill; she should be willing to do that since you tongue fuck her ass on the regular, that’s fair exchange. She doesn’t have to pay for the car, but she does have to co-sign, you bring the bread, she bring the credit



Women (threesome)


Every man is really turned by from the idea of a threesome, but girls make the mistake of doing it, just because. Don’t have a threesome just because, have a threesome cause he is about to buy you and your home girl a ticket to Dubai, yes that’s fair exchange. Listen, not every man deserves to get his cocked sucked at the same time, but if he wants to play, then he got to pay. If his pockets aren’t that deep, then fuck it, he at least got to trick off on some local shit, like Vegas or Miami, regardless though, threesome = plane tickets. You bring the other girl, he brings the ticket.




b3ed3397c9a0a822ecb992ab2af42e69Men (Good D)


Listen Dude, you know if you have good D or not, but what you don’t know is how to make your D work for you. Not every man has good D, but good D is common, so you can’t really ask for too much, but make sure you get something. Good D should cover the basic necessities, food, clothes and shelter, but if you got some mackin skills you could get other perks, like connections, cash, and other trinkets like Ps4’s and cologne. You know what you need, don’t make good D go to waste playa.



images-7Women (good pussy, swallow and anal)

Lord have his mercy, if you got all three, then whoever you’re fucking is supposed to be your sponsor. In terms of tangible things, your sex game should cover that.  In religion the trinity has value, FATHER-SON-HOLY spirit, but in the streets GOOD PUSSY-SWALLOW-ANAL is just as important, so make sure your day-to-day expenses are covered. You represent the total package, the ultimate freak; make sure you get the ultimate compensation.


a25a83fc4eb6a26879401fcbb969ca50Men (eating pussy)

– Eating pussy is fun sorry, we get nothing for that.

The Game:

There are other things more important in life than sex like friendship, mental and emotional connections, as well as trust, but I’ll save that mushy stuff for another topic, this is about treating your dick and pussy like a business.

You should never go without if your sex is good, you should always leverage the things you are good at for things you need, that’s fair exchange.Technically sex isn’t a need, other than reproducing, it serves no purpose, so if you’re going to fuck, fuck for a reason.

If you like to have sex but don’t really got it in you to make people pay that’s ok, be honest about it, and just know you’re a slut, hoe and a whore, and it’s nothing wrong with that, be happy about it, never in-denial.

It’s your body and your choice, whatever you decide to do, be unapologetic about it, and be happy.

Personally, my dick game is crazy though, and it’s curved, so any girl trying to fuck me, better be cashing out for that Bentley truck.



This picture had absolutely nothing to do with this topic, but I looooooovvved full house

Fuck off! I know what you’re thinking









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Ken Brisbon
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